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Abadi allied with Maliki’s opponents to isolate him politically

Being Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi intensive dialogues and meetings to hold a consensus and alliances directly and indirectly with opponents of his predecessor and leader of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki in order to politically isolate him, after he began the last rigid stance of refusing to cancel his post as deputy president of the Republic of Iraq, taking advantage of the great support received by From Iran to return to him.

The Abadi -oms Sbt- first tour of the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, where he met a number of Shiite men, including Mohammed al-Yacoubi, who heads the party Alvdalh- -zeim Moqtada al-Sadr and the Sadrist movement, which has a large fan power in Iraq and the number of of the other characters, after he refused a meeting with top cleric Ali al-Sistani.

Perhaps produces meetings and movement witnessed in the political process in Iraq alliances may soon announce the formation of ‘reform bloc’, support Abadi, in what is known B’alaslahat ‘announced in the face of the political blocs, which refuses to some of the popular movement in the country and warns the prime minister to make any reform move that could affect them.According to what I said network-Jazeera.

A source within the National Alliance (Shiite) that ‘there is a great mobility within the coalition between the two groups in favor of one-Abbadi and other al-Maliki, but who supports the current prime minister is the largest in the presence of the Sadrists and the Supreme Council which are considered the most prominent opponents of Maliki During his governance in the country.

“He added that the Badr bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri is that stands within the alliance with al-Maliki as the umbrella of the coalition of state law, while the other blocks are teetering between the two parties, but they are certainly waiting for who will be the strongest in the coming days and will join him.

The source, who declined to be Asmh- that there is a great opportunity to Ebadi to earn Maliki’s opponents, especially the meeting, which gathered Saturday leader Moqtada al-Sadr, may yield results challenge from al-Maliki movement has separate him politically in the presence of splits within the Dawa party.

On the other hand, he said the head of the Iraqi party of the future constitutional Entifadh Qanbar, said al-Abadi still has the greatest opportunity to stay in power, and especially on the Shiite level political maneuvers and closer than some anti-owners Kaltaar rib parties is tantamount to creating a political lobbies strengthen its political position with some Alamtaadat here and there, but without creating runners or pour oil on the fire.

He added that al-Abadi managed to walk this winding and difficult road, I think it will succeed in the end because there are aware of a potential for everyone and even from Maliki’s allies that the elimination of al-Abadi in these circumstances will lead to political disaster in Iraq outweigh the competition for power paths, because they may therefore lead to a split but a handful Iraq will not be anything worth conflict for him remains.

For his part, Iraqi writer and journalist Falah Torch, The Abadi acting half will and not the launch of decision-making by the al-Maliki knots and the concentration of his followers in many but the majority of the joints of the government decision and action, hence the fact that ran the thinking and the will of the Abadi is not necessary to lift these barriers unloading al-Maliki, the ability of the decision and the post first and then isolating his followers actors government or win them over to his side.

He pointed the torch to the high frequency of conflict and beatings between the camps of al-Abadi and Maliki , but, according to indicators, the Abadi gain round, because the power of the act and of belonging be to his power.

Spin behind-the-scenes conversations about the presence of replacements from within the Islamic call to the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi party, but regional interventions and support of the masses were opposed to al-Maliki is a barrier to it , fearing the assumption by a person close to the former head of the government or under his governance in the country.

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