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Ministry of Peshmerga signed on international controls and instructions on fighting and war

The Ministry of Peshmerga on Wednesday signed a set of controls and instructions on fighting with a Swiss organization sponsored by the European Union.

“The organization is concerned with the task of rehabilitating the forces in the countries that have experienced wars and bringing them closer together,” General Jabbar said in a press conference with representatives of the Swiss organization and the European Union in Sulaymaniyah.

He added that “the signing of the controls and instructions set by the organization,” saying that the organization has entered into an agreement with the popular crowd regarding these instructions and will go to Baghdad to hold a general conference for all Iraqi forces, including Peshmerga.

“These instructions belong to the fighting forces, not the fighting forces,” Yawar said. “Peshmerga forces are fighters, not combatants and murderers, as combatants defend rights, lands and countries.”

“We thank the European Union for providing financial support in the implementation of this project,” he said, adding that “we pledge the Swiss organization and the European Union to abide by these regulations and instructions.”

He stressed that the Peshmerga forces had been committed since they were fighting in the mountains to protect the rights of civilians and isolation. Source