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After the Declaration of “axis” .. “Reform” is moving quickly to name a single candidate for parliament

The coalition of reform and reconstruction, which includes (Suron – victory – wisdom – national – decision) and other political forces, on Friday, that work is continuing to provide one candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The national axis – a Sunni bloc with more than 50 MPs – announced yesterday that Mohammed al-Halbusi was nominated as the sole candidate for the parliamentary presidency. Who has also nominated Osama al-Nujaifi to fair.

The leader of the coalition, Athil Nujaifi, told Ashqaf News that “work and meetings continue among the leaders of the reform alliance with the aim of selecting one (Sunni) candidate for the post of Speaker of the new Iraqi parliament,” noting that “the reform alliance has more than one candidate for this position, Losing the job and this work continues to nominate only one person. ”

Nujaifi said that “has been put mechanisms and conditions for the purpose of choosing a candidate for the presidency of parliament, and work on that to this moment,” stressing that “the reform alliance will enter the parliament session next Saturday, one candidate for the presidency of the new parliament.”

While the President of the Age in Parliament, Muhammad Ali Zinni, on Thursday, that there is an agreement between the blocks to complete the nomination of the presidency of parliament pointed out that the meeting on Saturday will be decisive.

The new parliament failed to elect a president during the first session, which was held on the third of this month, amid chaos that prevailed as a result of the widespread disagreement on the “parliamentary bloc the most numerous,” which will be charged with forming a new government.

Where the Sunnis take the presidency of parliament, the Kurds the presidency of the republic, and the Shiite prime minister, under a political agreement in place since the overthrow of the regime of Saddam Hussein, in 2003. Source