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Integrity sends a team to investigate the damage of 7 billion dinars and the central bank “facing the problem”

“The snowball” related to the crisis of the Central Bank of Iraq rolling, and the bank and its administration are required to prove failure to manage the file of Iraqi funds in light of the continuing accusations against him, and hold it responsible for the loss of 7 billion Iraqi dinars had been announced by the governor on the relations before the House of Representatives More than a week ago.

Despite the bank’s announcement that the incident occurred during the time of the former governor Abdul Basit Turki in 2013, and his confirmation that the process of currency destruction is a routine issue of the bank from time to time, and that the money lost by the country equivalent to the value of reprinting and not the amount of the amount, And do not rule out observers that the governor of the bank go to the victim and his removal from office. Over the accusations of mismanagement and causing the loss of $ 7 billion, began within the last two days, parliamentary and political bodies to question the amount of money allocated by the bank to finance the new building designed by the late Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

In the meantime, the Iraqi Integrity Commission entered the crisis line of the Central Bank, and a source in the Authority that “the body will send next Sunday a specialized team to the Central Bank to investigate the damage of funds, and forwarded to the Integrity Investigation Court at the request of the prosecution.” “The case of the 7 billion is in the files of the body since 2013, when the judge Alaa Saadi, the presidency of the body, but for unclear reasons called for the cessation of investigation on the subject on that date.” The source points out that «the bank The central bank may face the problem of its ability to prove that the sum of the money has been destroyed Ah billion dinars.“

Al-Rusafa Court announced yesterday the immediate investigation of the case, while continuing pressure by the Central Bank and Rafidain Bank, responsible for sinking the money that was destroyed after sinking into the rain, led to the issuance of a new statement yesterday, reiterating that “the issue of sinking and damage The seven billion dinars occurred in 2013 at the time of the former Director General Kamal al-Hassani, and was replaced and replaced at the time », noting that« the destruction of this amount came in accordance with the law and instructions of the Central Bank and under the eyes and control of the regulatory organs of the state. He added that “the replacement of damaged and unusable papers is the responsibility of the Central Bank, which is constantly taking these steps, to maintain the sustainability of the local currency.” The statement said the bank “surprised to raise the issue at this time.” Source