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Parliamentary policy reveals the allocation of a meeting on Sunday to complete the Iraqi government

MP Mohammed Shiaa Sudanese on Saturday for the allocation of the House of Representatives for Sunday to complete the federal government headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The House of Representatives raised the meeting today to noon tomorrow without the allocation of a subject.

Al-Sudani said in a statement on social networking platforms “Twitter” that “tomorrow is our date with (imposition or rejection) or with voice and wisdom and get out of the circles of conflicts to the space of Iraq and the interest of its people.”

The Iraqi parliament on Tuesday failed to vote for vacant cabinet posts in the current federal government.

The session of the House of Representatives, which was scheduled to witness the vote on the remaining ministers of chaos and verbal quarrels between the parties to the conflict on those ministries.

The Ministry of Education and Culture: Abdel-Amir Al-Hamdani, Ministry of Immigration and Displaced: Hana Emmanuel Korakis, Minister of Higher Education, Ministry of Justice: Judge Dara Noureddine, Ministry of Planning: Nouri Sabah Hameed Abtan Al-Dulaimi, Ministry of Interior: Mr. Faleh Fahad Faisal Al Fayadh, Ministry of Defense: Faisal Fener Al-Faisal Al-Jarba.

Abdul Mahdi said in a press conference on Tuesday that “a state of chaos got in the House of Representatives prevented the completion of the ministerial lineup,” adding, “We expect the House of Representatives to set a date for the completion of the ministries after the agreement reached between its members.”

“We will not provide additional lists of ministers, and we look forward to a parliamentary agreement to vote on the list of current names or any other list,” he said. “Acting ministers will not create an administrative vacuum and this is repeated by previous governments.” Source