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Security of US calls on Iraq on the withdrawal from Syria, the latest with the Ghanami

The chief of staff of the army, Major General Othman al-Ghanmi, received a telephone call from Central Command Central Command General Joseph Fotel.

A Defense Ministry statement said the security situation on the Iraqi-Syrian border and the repercussions of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria were discussed during the meeting. General Fotil explained that the decision to withdraw came within a timetable prepared by the US command.

The statement added that the commander of the US Central Command confirmed during the phone call the commitment and keenness of the United States of America to stand with Iraq by fighting the remaining elements of the organization calling the terrorist.

The Prime Minister of the Armed Forces, General Adel Abdul Mahdi, and President Barham Salih, two phone calls from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed with them the issue of withdrawing his forces from Syria, and assured them that the United States continues to support Iraq in its war against the organization. Source