In Ninja 

This is the site owner’s daughter. Unfortunately my father, my mother and I got covid weeks ago. While we are all still sick, my dad has suffered the worse case and is in need of a miracle to save his life at this point. He has been in the ICU and on the vent for about a week now. Two days ago his left lung partially collapsed. They are struggling to get him enough oxygen because of that but are unable to put in a chest tube to reinflate due to the stress it would cause to move him for that procedure, he wouldn’t survive it. Because of his current state he would not survive any other surgeries either. Thankfully his other organs are holding up so that is a positive. He is still Afib and in the event of heart failure, any efforts to resuscitate would be ineffective. The doctor recommended me talking to an end of life care team because there is a good chance he won’t make it. I, however believe that miracles can happen, so we need everyone who sees this to please pray and send as much healing energy as you can. I will continue to do my best to carry on his work here as I start to recover, but we are praying for a miracle. – Ninja