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Hot News!

I’m at the county court building at the law library .. I just heard and talked with head librarian ..

ALL courts will be shout down stating tomorrow. except for emergency reasons. here is the link

Many years ago when I first started my journey in understanding the law – legal system .. I had read that when the judiciary cease to function that the States will become under Marshall Law.. we are under a quasi soft one now. Many years ago I thought that the only reason that the judiciary would cease would be because of economics reasons.. not able to pay the Judges et al.

Is this the reason ?? the change form the Fiat to the asset ? Remember a week ago I told you how the clerks were scanning every thing inventory everything.

Everyone check out your States … this is a huge big deal.

Midwestman ,, chill.. ‘Take it Easy” it’s about to drop.. the Meastro is conducting.

Remember Remember The Fifth of November


this also was post on the entry door to the county court building