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Gold prices go up on local market

Gold prices continued to rise in the local market on the last day of July, reaching near VNĐ58 million (US$2,532) per tael (1.2 ounces). Prices in other markets followed the same trend.

On July 31, Saigon Gold and Jewelry Company listed each tael of SJC gold at VNĐ56.60 million for buying and VNĐ57.90 million for selling.

While Phú Quý Group rated its buying price at VNĐ56.50 million with a sales price of VNĐ57.60 million per tael, Doji Group and Bảo Tín Minh Châu Gold Firm listed the buying prices of each tael VNĐ56.50 million and VNĐ56.45 million respectively while they sold gold at the rates of VNĐ57.58 million and VNĐ57.65 million per tael.

The prices of each tael of the yellow metal were up more than VNĐ3 million from last week’s rate.

On the global gold exchange Kitco, the prices soared to another high at $1,969 ($2,372 per tael) on the gold exchange Kitco. — VNS