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National Assembly approves 6% GDP growth target for 2021

The National Assembly (NA) on Wednesday morning passed a resolution on the socio-economic development plan for next year with majority of the delegates agreeing with proposals.

In total, 439 deputies voted – equaling 91 per cent of the total number of NA deputies, of which 430 delegates approved.

The general goals set for next year focuses on effectively implementing COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, people’s health protection, socio-economic recovery and development. The plan also looks at macroeconomic determination, control inflation, ensure major balance to strongly promote economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation, improve productivity, quality, efficiency, autonomy and competitiveness, and strongly develop the domestic market.

Also proposed are plans to speed up the implementation of important projects, promote the role of key economic regions and big urban centers, accelerate digital transformation, develop the digital economy and build a digital society.

Other goals are developing high-quality human resources suitable with science, technology and innovation development, strongly promoting the cultural and intellectual values of Vietnamese people, arousing aspirations for national development and national pride, perform the tasks of cultural and social development, ensure social security, people’s lives, protect the environment, prevent and combat natural disasters, epidemics and adapt to climate change.

In particular, the overall goal of next year is to consolidate defense and security, promote foreign affairs activities and international integration, maintain independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, peaceful and stable environment, building an orderly, disciplined, secure and healthy society, improving the position and prestige of Việt Nam in the international arena.

The resolution has set out a number of major targets. Specifically, to increase the gross domestic product (GDP) to about six per cent.

GDP per capita is about US$3,700 per person. The average consumer price index (CPI) is about four per cent. The proportion of total factor productivity (TFP) to growth is about 45-47 per cent. The growth rate of social labor productivity is about 4.8 per cent.

The number of trained workers is about 66 per cent, in which the number of trained workers with degrees and certificates is about 25.5 per cent. Health insurance coverage is about 91 per cent.

More than 90 per cent of the urban population is provided with clean water through centralised water supply systems. The rate of urban daily-life solid waste collection and treatment is over 87 per cent. The proportion of industrial parks and export processing zones in operation with a centralised wastewater treatment system meeting environmental standards is about 91 per cent. Forest cover is about 42 per cent.

Sustainable growth

To implement the plan, the NA suggested that Government continue to effectively implement measures to prevent and reduce damage from the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases as well as raising awareness of pandemic prevention and control.

The Government and concerned agencies will accelerate research and international cooperation in vaccine production and provide solutions for people to access COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest possible time.

The NA suggested Government synchronously and effectively implement measures to promote export and strongly develop the domestic market, in which to attach importance to stimulating consumer demand, developing the domestic distribution system and promoting trade promotion, proactively exploit opportunities from free trade agreements.

The Government concentrates resources to accelerate the formulation of national, regional and provincial plans for the period 2021 – 30 and submit to competent authorities for approval according to the Planning Law, ensuring timely response investment and development requirements of the new period. — VNS