Vital Brad

  In Vital Brad

It’s a rally exciting time right now. I’ve been reporting on this for the last four years, been following It for the last ten years and what’s happening and what I think is expected to happen this week is absolutely incredible. I never put a date on what’s going on. I’ve never put a rate on what I think the Iraqi dinar is going to revalue at. But this Easter weekend is something to really be paying attention to. I’m a holder of Iraqi dinar…it’s going to be a currency that revalues at a much higher rate than it is currently at right now.  I will be able to take the Iraqi dinar notes that I have and I believe it’s going to be a higher value…you’ve got to be paying attention to what’s happening. IMO I feel we are going back to the Gold Standard with a gold backed currency. Starting this Friday I am watching for big news. Hopefully about the Global Currency Reset. We should see a debt Jubilee with this redistribution of wealth!