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The Peshmerga reveals the results of two meetings with American and British delegations on their return to conflict zones

The Secretary General of the Peshmerga Ministry, General Jabbar Yawar, on Tuesday, the meeting of the Ministry, and the Ministry of the Interior of the Territory with two delegations, one American, and the other British, where discussed the joint redeployment in the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, revealing the international coalition’s demand for the return of Peshmerga forces, And the rest of the Kurdish security services to those areas .

“We met last week under the chairmanship of Interior Minister Karim Sinjari with two delegations from the international coalition, one American and the other British separately,” Yawar told a news conference after a meeting with the offices of the Federal High Commission in the provinces of Kurdistan region, That “during the meetings discussed the security situation in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan, and the disputed areas in particular .”

He pointed out that “the two ministries and the coalition delegations have confirmed that the situation in the disputed areas is going to the worst,” stressing the existence of weak security in Kirkuk and areas in Diyala and Tuz Khurmato and the return of an organization calling to exercise its activities and movements in it and carry out kidnappings and killings on the road Kirkuk – Baghdad .

He added that the two roads are closed in the evening, saying that the international coalition asked the ministries of the Peshmerga and the interior of the region to return to those areas, as it was before 2014, as we had with the Iraqi forces joint operations room and joint coordination .

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Peshmerga that the Minister of the Interior in the Kurdistan region Karim Sinjari expressed full readiness to return to those areas, as was the case before 2014, noting that there remained only the approval of the federal government .

“We are going to elections and security must be provided jointly in the disputed areas for the success of the electoral process,” Yawar concluded. “It has been proven that the Peshmerga exit from these areas was a serious mistake committed by the federal government. “He said. Source