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chattels: New detail(s) emerge on the budget provisions. ” [T]he new budget year items in 2016 included a legal additions have been drafted by the parliamentary finance committee and endorsed by parliament passed a vote in approving the budget session”.

“The additions included a bind Kurdistan hand over all oil production revenues outside the roof of 550 thousand barrels per day to the federal government and the central treasury,” noting that the legal text was not authorized within the previous budget and in the budgets of the past years. ”

The budget included also a legal text that the federal government’s debt owed ​​by the province worth $ 22 billion, according to the Audit Court, which has become part of the budget report. “

He pointed out that ” there will be a legal settlement between the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of control in Kurdistan on those debts in the coming period.”

And on the expenditures ruling within Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget in 2016, said al-Jubouri that ” the budget included a provision is subject to the obligation regardless and the allocation of these expenses, to be approved by the Prime Minister.” He said the “the right of the Prime Minister withhold ruling on the Kurdistan expenses if they do not abide by the full oil production ceiling to export Bzmtha, or disposal if delivery revenue. ”

chattels: Baghdad is recognizing a debt owed to Kurdistan in the amount of 22 BILLION DOLLARS !  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: But, all production of oil in excess of 550,000 barrels will go to Baghdad.

chattels: ” there will be a legal settlement between the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and the Office of control in Kurdistan on those debts ( 22 billion dollars ) in the coming period.”

chattels: ” Coming period(s) ” historically mean ” if ever ” in my observation of ” Iraqi time “.

chattels: We shall see whether Abadi, the Shia moderate reformer, can deliver as agreed.

chattels: For now the Kurds may be satisfied that there has been a public and ” lawful ” acknowledgment of the debt.

chattels: Another significant change in the oil / gas provisions of the 2016 budget vs. the 2015 budget is that Abadi will determine whether disbursements will be made to the KRG.

chattels: These provisions within the 2016 budget are operative for the next fiscal year. It is NOT ” THE ” much anticipated HCL. IMO.

chattels: Nor is there a separate HCL bill before the Parliament at this time. Parliament adjourned until January immediately following the budget legislation vote.

chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 1h1 hour ago Iraqi papers full of stories today about US Special Forces troops and Apaches operating in Ramadi

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3439

chattels: Courtesy of sczin11

chattels: MARKET RATE 1220

chattels: A Year After the Islamic State: On Anniversary of Liberation, Northern Iraqi Town Still Deserted, Still A Flashpoint
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr.http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3441

chattels: Good article on the operative dynamics post DAESH liberation of disputed territory.

chattels: ” ………… one of the main problems is the question of who should be allowed to return to Jalawla. The town is part of Iraq’s so-called disputed territories.”

chattels: Iraqi Kurdish military commanders avoid talking about the demolition of houses but they are also clear about the fact that they do not want the Arabs affiliated with the IS group to return to this area.

This is another source of tension between the authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan and the federal government in Baghdad, which believes that Iraq’s Arabs are a part of the society in this area and should be allowed to return. “The Iraqi Kurdish military will never allow the Arabs to return to Jalawla,” senior Iraqi Kurdish military commander, Mahmoud Sankawi, told NIQASH. “Their hands are stained with Kurdish blood.”

chattels: The Iraqi Kurdish military say that they won’t allow any Iraqi military force to enter the area either. “We don’t mind if a combined force is formed,” Sankawi explains. “And we don’t mind if that force reports to both the central government and the Iraqi Kurdish government. But the force must be under our supervision. It is very important for us to supervise this force because above all we want to prevent the security forces from being infiltrated by terrorists.”

chattels: Iraqi Kurdish have also changed the city’s name in a sign of their control of the town; they call it Kolala, which is the Kurdish name for the place.

chattels: “The only thing most Kurds and Arabs alike are really concerned about is when they get to come back home.” Right now, that still looks like a long way away.

chattels: Remember that Barzani declared last year the implementation of Article 140 ( unilaterally, IMO ).

chattels: The Kurds are intent upon accomplishing relocation of the Arab population by preventing the return of the Arab population and resettlement will be by Kurds in an effort to effectuate stage one of Article 140 which is a return of the demographics to a pre – Saddam era scenario.

chattels: Next steps are census and referendum.
chattels: How will the then predominate Kurdish population vote ?
chattels: No mystery there. They will vote to be part of the KRG.

chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 9h9 hours ago Fallujah op started in Jul totally stalled There was no activity for 2 months besides artillery fire Dec op restarted but in periphery

chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 4h4 hours ago Baathists & Fmr Regime Elements still asking for things like blanket amnesty & dissolving govt for new elections that will never happen

chattels: View conversation 1 retweet 1 like Reply Retweet 1 Like 1 More Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 4h4 hours ago Baathists & Fmr Regime Elements proven they wont accept new Iraq & need to suffer consequences of their bad decisions

chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 3h3 hours ago Example of one story saying U.S. involved in Ramadi op www.sotaliraq.com/newsite… …

chattels: ” The US Special Forces carried out combat operations alone without the participation of Iraqi forces with her ​​and Chen military operations to the goals of elected according to intelligence information provided by confidential sources within Ramadi. ”

chattels: For those that insist that news reports are erroneous as to the occupation of Iraq by DAESH and that Iraq is ” safe ” for business. Consider Mr. Abadi’s statement yesterday in China. He was there to ” sell ” investment opportunity in Iraq to the Chinese. If Iraq were completely safe and open for business then whay would he have said anything else ?

chattels: What did he say ?
chattels: Abadi: move forward on Daash and 80% of Iraqi territory is safe.

chattels: Prime Minister Alebadi- Haider, who is visiting China – that the security forces ahead of the Daash terrorist gangs on the battlefield in Iraq announced. The news agency [Xinhua] Chinese news Abadi was quoted as saying on the sidelines of a forum the second Chinese Iraqi economic cooperation, which was held on Wednesday in the capital Beijing, “The Iraqi government has made significant progress in the fight against Daash, and that 80 percent of Iraqi territory safe” .

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: What / where is the 20% ?
chattels: Ramadi, Fallujah and Anbar Province ( including both sides of the Syrian border ) and Mosul in Nineveh Province.

chattels: Mosul is / was the second largest city in Iraq. Pre-DAESH population of 1.5 million people.

chattels: Current estimates of population are 3/4 to one million people still.
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3442

chattels: High Nassif calls for granting Barzani deadline of 6 months for secession, provided the withdrawal of all ministers and officials of the Kurds from Baghdad

chattels: 14:10:52 2015-12-24 | (Voice of Iraq) – High Nassif calls for granting Barzani deadline of 6 months for secession, provided the withdrawal of all ministers and officials of the Kurds from Baghdad demanded high MP Nassif government to agree to invite the President of the Kurdistan region outgoing Massoud Barzani for the secession of the region and give it six months to complete the procedures provided that the withdrawal of all ministers and officials Kurds from Baghdad, showing a hint Barzani secession from time to time is a way to blackmail the government.

chattels: “Every Iraqi national rejects the division of Iraq and stand against all attempts to divide it, but Barzani over the past years take advantage of our rejection of the division in pressure on government and blackmailed by the threat of secession from time to time, and must end the extortion practiced by this partner, who was not faithful to the national interest and conspiracy against the country and the harboring outlaws and stop the general arming of the Iraqi army. ”

chattels: ” The Iraqi government must give notice six months to complete the procedures for the separation of the territory, provided that before the withdrawal of all ministers, agents and officials and general managers of the Kurds and other staff as a first step towards secession of the is appointed in Kurdistan and give them salaries of oil revenues getaway collected several years ago. ”

he continued: “The next step the second is to resort to Iraq to international courts to resolve the issue of the disputed areas after the preparation of documents that prove the ownership of the land of Iraq, then we resort to international courts also to get a settlement on the determination of the ownership of border areas of revenue.”  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: Government confirms Anbar Abadi approve the deployment of US special forces

chattels: 23:30:08 2015-12-23 | (Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad government Abadi silent on assurances of US talks about Iraq’s agreement to the deployment of a special force to carry out operations against Daash. During his visit to Baghdad last week, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced the approval of the Iraqi Prime Minister on the deployment of troops especially in Iraq, US. Carter stressed that the functions and operations of those forces will be linked to the approval of Iraqi authorities, denying at the same time provide Abadi request for post offensive Apache helicopters in the battle to liberate gray.

chattels: ” Usually the Iraqi government denies the statements made ​​by officials Am concerning sensitive issues such as dissemination of combat troops on the ground, but it remained silent this time.”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: Anbar Council: Battle of Ramadi needs time and all that exists in the city a booby-trapped Read more: www.sotaliraq.com/newsite…

chattels: 12-24-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni “it will not unlike this increase is an increase in the sale price of the dollar in the currency auction,” aahhh but it did… They can twist it anyway they like, but the Market Rate did change from about 1212 to 1220 so it adjusted, which means it devalued and the citizens lost 16 dinars to the $1 purchasing power.

It is clear, the hope was they could devalue the dinar, save a little money to cover the budget deficit and hope that the Market Rate would stay within the 2% IMF compliance (about 1214 or less). But it seems to have failed with the dinar Market Rate now at 1220. chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr. http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3439

chattels: Deadly blasts rock Iraqi capital By Rudaw

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Two bomb blasts in Baghdad on Thursday claimed the lives of 16 civilians, said the Iraqi government. “Roadside bombs in the neighborhood of Mahmoudia, in southern Baghdad killed two civilians and wounded eight,” the Iraqi interior ministry told Rudaw, adding that “another blast simultaneously went off in the area of Sab’u Libor, northern Baghdad, killing five persons.”

Security forces and medical teams rushed to the scene and transferred the wounded to the hospital “and the dead to the morgue,” Iraq has seen two of its deadliest months from violent attacks on civilians. Thursday’s blasts come amid a major Iraqi army offensive to retake the western city of Ramadi from Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

Earlier in the day the army reported that it had killed an ISIS bombs and explosives expert in Samarra north of the capital Baghdad.  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: Iraq has seen two of its deadliest months from violent attacks on civilians.
chattels: DAESH is suffering losses on the battlefield and pushing back with violence upon the civilian population.
chattels: Good news and bad news.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Dozens of families have escaped Ramadi and turned to army units that are fighting their way into the city in a fierce battle with Islamic State (ISIS), a local official said. Azal Fahdawi, member of the Anbar provincial council told media that the families fled to Western Ramadi to seek safety with the army.

The recent army advance into the city and pushing back ISIS militants made it possible for the families to get away and avoid the confrontations.   chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…   http://rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/24122015

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 2h2 hours ago #Iraq: Pro-Abadi governor of Salahaddin today reinstated by an administrative legal body after attempts to sack him   LINK 

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 1h1 hour ago #Iraq admin/legal body argues, I think convincingly, due legal procedure not followed when @drraadd was sacked (council met in Baghdad etc).  LINK 

chattels:   LINK 

chattels: can’t get link to work, sorry

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 35m35 minutes ago A reminder patience is needed re #Ramadi ops: Security forces still today working to clear southern outskirts www.alliraqnews.com/modul… … #Iraq

chattels: To this community. May all possible Christmas blessings be yours this season and in the days to come. God bless us every one.   chattels: Gone for the day.
Stash: You all better be good, Santa is coming tonight.