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Doug_W: today is “back to the future day” Oct 21 2015   today at 4:30 PM

Doug_W: very quiet today?

creekside: Happy #BackToFutureDay!

TxBrand: Harry Reid calls Kate’s Law “vile legislation” that “might as well be called the Donald Trump Act”

TxBrand: IMF may offer major loan to Iraq in 2016, official says uk.reuters.com/article/20…  :ermm:


Doug_W: This bill amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to increase penalties applicable to aliens who unlawfully reenter the United States after being removed.

Tootsie: MAY being the keyword ~ also in same my comments, in forum article, for whatever! LOL ~ that the fund may give Iraq a large loan in 2016 to help him achieve financial stability ~~~

“Baghdad is not currently in danger of running out of cash because they can postpone investment projects and rely on central bank financing if necessary” ~~~ “the government needs to develop a clear and comprehensive plan to reform its finances, although the International Monetary Fund program could help in that,” SIGH

Tootsie: IMF plans to send financial monitoring team to Iraq 21-10-2015 | Wednesday 21-10-2015 | 7:15:52 7:15:52 [font]Masood Ahmed Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department of the IMF / said that the Fund is planning to send a team to Iraq next month to negotiate the implementation of financial monitoring, ‘

which may help make way for more aid to the country’s economy which was damaged as a result of falling oil prices and the cost of war program waged against al Daash.[/font] Ahmed added that the fund paves the way for more aid for Iraq,

which is suffering from the consequences of falling oil prices and fight a war against al-Daash stressing that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.

The “Ahmed” – according to the site Alaguetsada- transferred directly to fund the plan will begin in 2016 and then possible to put the foundations on which it will be based on Iraq to submit to IMF financing program for the application at a later time of the year. wealthwatch.world/showthr… . http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=2649

The International Monetary Fund forecast that the economic growth rate in Iraq up through this year to get zero after the contraction in the country’s economy during the year 2014 by 2.1%.


Tootsie: oh, watcha want for Hump Day – hmm Mikey??

Doug_W: I want the RV

Doug_W: ANYBODY what is this

Doug_W: ! Bright House Networks is proud to announce that the SEC Network

Tootsie: ‹@Doug_W› LOL , I just want it to become “legal tender” rate don’t care – that will take care of itself (I am presuming) , just become tradeable

Doug_W: sec (Securities and exchange)?

Tootsie: securities exchange commission?

Doug_W: dunno

Stash: yes just become tradeable

Abraham: As I said many times and been saying it for years the more money Iraq borrows from the IMF the more control of Iraq they give to the IMF.

Abraham: Which may not be a bad thing for us, but the pace of development will be in IMF timing and not Iraq  —  I have seen this play out so many times with so many Countries

Abraham: And I saw this position clearly developing years ago and warned about it.

Abraham: And if we do not address our debt we will be in the same position.

Abraham: Have not been I chat for a long time. Just wanted to stop in and share a little.

TxBrand: Wonder what happen to my Ladies ? Anyone know ?


OOTW: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

OOTW: Committee member Affairs will hold a training session for a number of ladies and gentlemen members of the House of Representatives 21 October 0.2015 [Image: no7211015.jpg]

The Committee on Members Parliamentary Affairs and Development to hold a training course for a number of ladies and gentlemen members of the House of Representatives in collaboration with Democratic Institute (NDI) in Erbil for the period from 18- 10/20/2015 under the title (strategic planning).


OOTW: FROM THE JUDICIARY’S SITE Memoranda to catch accused of laundering money .. and the amounts estimated B69 billion dinars 10/21/2015 09:47:00 [Image: 1185248678.jpg] Baghdad /

JAMC Memoirs judiciary issued arrest warrants for the accused a group of files amounts Akiemha money laundering of up to 69 billion dinars. The court judge said money laundering investigation in Baghdad, Iyad Muhsin ligature in a statement to (Media Center Authority Alqdhaiah- JAMC),

“The court issued arrest warrants for three of the defendants files money laundering.” Ligature and continued that “the amounts that indicate suspicions that she was around to money laundering Akiemha up to 69 billion dinars.” He stressed that “the Court to ensure full legal action taken to arrest the accused,” explaining that “the judicial notes were issued in accordance with Article III of the Anti-Money Laundering Law.”

OOTW: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

TxBrand: lol brainwashing   TxBrand: I like how they warn the accused  lol



TxBrand: Did they every release the bankers ? Shabbis ?


TxBrand: The bankers they put in jail when they accused Shabbi

TxBrand: whem Malikki accused Shab ?


TxBrand: gezzz that’s awful..

TxBrand: didn’t a clergy go around letting people out at one time… hope it was them


TxBrand: ok


OOTW: i cannot find anything on this  – I BET BUTIFLDRM WOULD KNOW

TxBrand: thanks for looking 🙂


chattels: good evening all

BOBBY: Chattels. …. evening sir

chattels: KRG to discuss new oil agreement with Baghdad By RUDAW

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdistan Regional Government spokesperson Safin Dizayee said Tuesday that Kurdistan region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani is scheduled to visit Baghdad next week for talks on oil and budget shares in the 2016 Iraqi budget.

“Baghdad will not send the Kurdistan budget share unless the KRG hands over its oil to the Iraqi State Organization for Marketing Oil (SOMO),” Dizayee told Rudaw. Erbil does not want to use all its trump cards with Baghdad, said Dizayee, who believes the previous Baghdad-Erbil agreements have become part of the past, and “this time both sides will focus on new agreements.”

chattels: According to the Erbil-Baghdad 2015 budget agreement, Baghdad must provide the KRG $10 billion, but only $2 billion dollars has been sent to Erbil so far this year, according to Dizayee. The Kurdistan region sells on average 600,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd), according to Dizayee.

chattels: The Iraqi government held an extraordinary session on Sunday passing the Iraqi budget bill for 2016 with a budget of $91 billion and a deficit of almost $23 billion.

In the bill, the Kurdistan region’s 17 percent budget share has been approved on condition the KRG should export 550,000 bpd though SOMO to the world market, according to a statement by the Iraqi government following the session.

BOBBY: Chattels. ……. did you happen to catch the post on recaps ……. entitled are conditions conductive for an rv?

chattels: Sounds like a repeat of the 2015 budget agreement

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› No sir, just getting home and been covered up with work today

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I will look now

BOBBY: Chattels. …. its a 4 part post……. let me know what you think…….. surprised they printed it

chattels: ” no central authority “decides” the value of the currency. There are open markets where the currency is allowed to trade and the value of the currency is whatever is decided by these markets.”

chattels: ” with the collapse of global oil prices and the cost of fighting ISIL having significant detrimental effects of a deficit balance of trade and a huge deficit in the Iraq government’s budget, we are increasingly of late getting comments that a devaluation of the IQD is being considered ”

chattels: ” This is the exact situation we have seen in-country, where the Street Rate of the IQD is significantly worse than the international rate being defended by the CBI. There cannot long exist a great disparity between in-country street rates and international official exchange rates. ”

chattels: ” the international rate being defended by the CBI. ” = a cost to the CBI / Iraq and drain upon it’s reserves, IMO

chattels: “The combination of the ISIS insurgency and low oil prices are producing an economic shock unprecedented in Iraq’s troubled history. The ongoing conflict will require a sharp rise in security expenditures at the same time that government oil export revenues are collapsing,

forcing the government into deficit spending. This deficit spending, combined with a loss in reserves from the Central Bank of Iraq, calls into question the much-vaunted stability of the Iraqi dinar.

chattels: recent data from the International Monetary Fund support the view that Iraq’s fiscal and monetary situation is deteriorating. At the same time that oil export earnings are declining, GoI security-related dollar imports have increased dramatically.

One effect has been on fiscal reserves held at the DFI, which have fallen from almost $18 billion at the end of 2012, and $6.5 billion at the end of 2013, to about $4 billion at the end of November 2014 (IMF Press Release 14/560, 9 December 2014).

Equally worrisome is the drop in the country’s international reserves. From $77 billion at the end of 2013, the international reserves held by the CBI fell to about $67 billion at the end of November 2014. This is only the second year-over-year fall in international reserves in the last decade.

chattels: Excellent analysis, IMO

BOBBY: Chattels. …. was surprised they printed it

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Very sobering

BOBBY: Chattels. …. not exactly the any day now posting

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I take some satisfaction in noting that the current conditions are centered upon issues that we have trumpeted for some time in this chat room and news forum. Am i wrong ?

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I take some satisfaction in noting that the current conditions are centered upon issues that we have trumpeted for some time in this chat room and news forum. Am i wrong ?

BOBBY: Chattels. ….. i prefer to see it as looking past the nonsense…….. what this site is all about

BOBBY: The news / issues speak for themselves

BOBBY: no amount of fustration can change that

chattels: Official: Peshmerga to take part in battle for Mosul By RUDAW

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A high-ranking Peshmerga official declared Wednesday that the Peshmerga will take part in an anticipated battle for Mosul. “Mosul is the heart of ISIS and it must be taken out,” Jabar Yawar, the chief of staff of the Peshmerga ministry, told Rudaw, saying that the Peshmerga are ready to fight alongside the coalition to push ISIS out of Mosul.

Yawar claimed that “the Kurdistan region has shown its willingness and will participate in the battle for Mosul.” “The liberation of Mosul will have a significant impact for the security of Kurdistan and is also in the interest of the whole Iraq,” he continued.

Without Baghdad, the Kurdistan region will not unilaterally wage war against ISIS in Mosul, therefore “the Kurdistan region will have an agreement with Baghdad on how to launch the assault, and the Peshmerga will coordinate the details of military plans alongside the US-led coalition, tribal militants and Iraqi joint forces,” Yawar explained.

He also rejected claims that the Peshmerga will join the battle for Hawija. “We have no plan to fight ISIS in Hawija, because they are far away from our borders and we have no mutual interests with any party to take part in possible attacks on ISIS in Hawija,” he concluded.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: On Tuesday, Raed Jabouri, the current governor of Salahadin province, announced that Iraqi forces backed by the Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi militia succeeded in recapturing the town of Baiji and the Albu Jawar area from ISIS.

The Shiite militia also claimed that its forces were cleaning up roads in the area of ISIS landmines. The government has claimed victory in Baiji several times in the past months, but the reports have been unfounded. ISIS suicide attacks have halted the advances of Iraqi forces, according to reports.

Baiji, located in Salahadin province and roughly 210 kilometers from Baghdad, fell to ISIS in 2014.   chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…


chattels: The government has claimed victory in Baiji several times in the past months, but the reports have been unfounded.

chattels: Washington DC—The United States considers Masoud Barzani the legitimate President of the Kurdistan Region while discussions continue among Kurdish parties to resolve the issue of the region’s presidency, State Department said Tuesday, answering Rudaw’s Namo Abdulla.

“While these discussions are ongoing, he [Barzani] is still fulfilling that role and so we – he is considered to be the president while this is ongoing,” said State Department Spokesperson John Kirby in a daily briefing. “But ultimately, these are decisions that Kurdish politicians have to work through,” he added.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…

tourman: have you had the opportunity to read the 4 part dissertation laid out by ” Oldwazhisname ” on Dinarrecaps?
chattels: ‹@tourman› Yes sir.

chattels: I commented upon it earlier in the chat. Maybe 20 minutes ago.
tourman: I just go home. will go look at you comments. I found in long winded, but informative to a certain degree

chattels: Can Iraq meet US, Russia halfway? The conflicts in Iraq and Syria are becoming increasingly convoluted by the day. Russia’s engagement has been an additional complication to the overlapping battles. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…


chattels: Very good article.

tourman: The analysis was spot on as far as what I have thought for some time now. The economics of an outright RV maybe in the future and maybe farther out than we all have hoped.

chattels: Iraqi doctors plagued by threats, extortion BAGHDAD — Doctors in Iraq are fleeing threats on their lives and extortion attempts, adding even more danger to a country battling the Islamic State (IS).

In the news and on social media, pictures are surfacing of doctors’ abandoned houses with death threats or demands for blood money scrawled on the walls and doors. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…


chattels: ‹@tourman› You and I have been ” on the same page ” for some time now I think.

tourman: I will keep my day job a few more months me thinks

chattels: ‹@tourman› no retirement for me in the near term it appears

chattels: Iraq’s failing construction projects BAGHDAD — Since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime following the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, there have been hundreds of failed and delayed construction and development projects in the country.

A few months after it was built, the wall of the Imam Al-Hadi elementary school in Husseiniya, in northern Baghdad, collapsed on the night of Feb. 27; in November 2014, the local government in Babil withdrew the al-Tahmaziya street pavement project in southern Hilla from the contracting firm due to delays in the project’s implementation;

and the local government of Dhi Qar province, 375 kilometers (217.5 miles) south of Baghdad, took away the licenses of 50 companies to delay the implementation of projects. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…


tourman: i pray my wet duve attitude is wrong :w00t:  🙁

chattels: Photo of Bismayah ( incomplete ) that many hailed as the proof of Iraq’s ” silent success ” and the imminence of an ” RV ” just weeks ago