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*SCZIN11: Iraq announces re-opening of the Trebil border crossing with Jordan

*SCZIN11: Anbar – (dpa) – Iraq announced Saturday re-opening of the Trebil border crossing with Jordan in front of movement of passengers and goods after a shutdown lasted for more than a year because of military operations against the organization of the Islamic state.

He said Suhaib al-Rawi governor of Anbar province in a press release Saturday, “said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi agreed to the opening of Trebil port with Jordan after claims by the local government of Anbar open border crossing in front of movement of citizens and goods because of the economic and commercial importance for the citizens of the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh.”

“It has been fully implemented by the Iraqi and Jordanian sides secure without the presence of gangs Daash and that a large number of families affected by the closure of the port, as well as goods that are still stacked in the Jordanian port of Aqaba and is waiting for its opening in order to enter.”

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has closed the border with Jordan Trebil port on the fifth of July last after information about the presence of the organization Daash on the port.
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*SCZIN11: The Presidium of the parliament prevent the entry of smartphones in the House of Representatives(Reuters) – A parliamentary source said early issuance of an official letter from the Presidency of the parliament to prevent the entry of smart phones to the Council.

The source said, “The decision includes staff, visitors and journalists among them, which was born and resentment among broad categories covered by the” PSC / h


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chattels: WASHINGTON DC—Stability in the Kurdistan Region is important for the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), said the US State Department on Friday, calling on Kurdish political parties to resolve their differences. “I’d say we urge Kurdistan’s – the Kurdistan region’s political parties to work constructively together, to show maximum flexibility, to resolve their differences as quickly as possible…

so that the KRG can focus on the real enemy, which is defeating ISIL,” Deputy Spokesman for the State Dept. Mark Toner told reporters in a daily briefing. Toner said that the US government was concerned by tensions in the Kurdistan Region after violent protests that raged several Kurdish cities last week.

Toner added that US officials were in contact with Kurdish leaders to find a settlement through negotiations. “We continue to be in contact with senior Iraqi Kurdish leaders, frankly, to encourage them to resolve their differences through direct dialogue and through – and in a peaceful manner,” he said.

Demonstrations over delayed payments of civil servants in Sulaimani and surrounding areas last week escalated into attacks on media outlets and offices of the offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

As a result the Kurdish prime minister sacked four cabinet ministers from the Change Movement (Gorran) which is accused by the KDP of orchestrating the violent protests. Toner maintained that any instability will also impact “the very severe humanitarian crisis,” referring to nearly two million Iraqi and Syrian refugees who have taken shelter living in the Kurdish region.  chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: ISIS claims responsibility for Saudi mosque shooting rudaw.net/english/middlee…


chattels: the parliamentary finance committee, rejected the latest resolution on the Council of Ministers to amend the salary scale for state employees “Usually it of” step dictatorship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to bypass Parliament on behalf of the reforms. ” chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: Yes, the reform process is moving at a lighting pace and it is ” huge “, etc. , etc. – what bovine scatology !

chattels: Parliament continues to be arguably dysfunctional and uncooperative.

chattels: said Shawki that” the general amnesty law is now in the inclusion of the Presidential Council, and we gave our opinion the need to read the second reading “, stressing that” there is no legal committee is currently no law broken all of them were sent to the Presidency.

chattels: “The House of Representatives ended on the fifth of July, the first reading of the draft of the amnesty law, while President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri called for political blocs to the need to agree on their differences on the draft law. It is said that several controversial bills are still awaiting parliamentary blocs for approval by consensus, the most prominent of the National Guard and the Federal Court, amnesty and the law of oil and gas,

chattels: ” ……… several controversial bills are still awaiting parliamentary blocs for approval by consensus, the most prominent of the National Guard and the Federal Court, amnesty and the law of oil and gas,”

chattels: ” …….. awaiting parliamentary blocs for approval by consensus …….. ”

Doug_W: Get it DUN Iraq

chattels: Meaning, in my opinion, that these important laws are unlikely to be postured for a vote until the political leadership has agreed upon the content, i.e. a consensus.

chattels: the leader of the popular crowd applicable Hassan said, that the real battle in Anbar province will be launched after the end of the process to pick the second O Messenger of Allah, areas of northern Salahuddin province.

He said in effect, told all of Iraq [where], said that “more troops busy editing the northern Salahuddin, since most went to that region and is busy right now in this large and important battle”, pointing out that “the real battle in Anbar province, will be after the completion of the Beck operations O Messenger of Allah second, since there will be a clear battle in the areas of Anbar.

“He added that” the victories that you get today in Al-Anbar and areas of Baiji, especially northern Salahuddin areas impressive, the fear has crept into the hearts of Aldoaash

There defeat large and refraction in their ranks unexpected. “and the force “We expect that operations will continue for a long time, but now there is a significant progress of the Armed Forces

and the crowd popular large and the collapse of the exchange, the ranks of the terrorists,” adding that “this battle gave evidence and a clear sign that terrorism will end soon.”

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: Nouri: control on the road to Anbar – Mosul supply line with Syria www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: Frankly, the best news these days is related to the progress against DAESH.
chattels: And, since I have stated for about a year now that DAESH is a great impediment to stability and safety in Iraq, I am pleased and encouraged.

chattels: One might read the foregoing and say that my statement is obvious, but there have been many pundits who have dismissed the impact of DAESH and / or the news regarding DAESH as being exaggerated, etc.

chattels: Of course those are mostly the ” RV anytime and everyday ” gang
chattels: Parliamentary Economy: average investment law will open the doors wide to the Iraqi industry    chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul


chattels: the Chairman of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment, Jawad al-Bolani, the need to end the phenomenon of red tape in the government and state institutions for the implementation of the revised No. 13 of 2006 investment law, he stressed.

He said al-Bolani told all of Iraq [where], that “the investment law and the new amendments would open the doors wide to the Iraqi industry if invested well of state institutions, and to Will you be mired in red tape and some administrative procedures which the industry crashes and requirements” likely “the adoption of the amended law in the parliament session Monday next.

chattels: ………….the government and through the Office of the Prime Minister when he began to simplify the procedures in various state institutions are important and good to enter the field of investment, development and construction of an industrial base in Iraq beginning.”

chattels: ” ……….. law if passed by Parliament that would make Iraq “a unique all countries in the world in terms of facilities and encourage investment, from within the granting of loans to investors and their right to international prosecution If there is a dispute in the implementation of the contracts.

“said Mamouri’s [where] the seventh of this month that” the amended investment law would give great facilities to investors, and is required to run 70% of the Iraqi labor in the projects, “he said.” After the law was passed in the House of Representatives

There will be a positive step in the field of investment in various infrastructure projects and achieve the quality of the investment boom, if the law work properly, “.
chattels: ” ………… law if passed by Parliament ……….” and ” …………….. if the law work properly.”

chattels: CAVEAT : A similar ” boon ” was expected with the passage of the 2006 law – remember this is an ” amendment ” to the investment law of 2006 – not a new law.

*SCZIN11: LOOK AT THE RED BELOW…. SAY IT ISNT SO, OVER CAMERA PHONES??? Parliament staff protesting against the decision to prevent the entry of mobiles to the Council and demanding Jubouri intervene dir=ltr][dir=ltr][dir=ltr][Image:

1445085746_12088027_891888210886869_7919…7375_n.jpg] BAGHDAD / Sky Press: protested a number of employees, journalists and media decision to prevent the entry of Mobile holds the camera to the House of Representatives, while the speaker of parliament demanded Saleem al-Jubouri intervene to overturn this decision.

A number of them in the social networking sites, “The decision to cancel the mobile entry to the House of Representatives is unfair right, step to disrupt our work,” threatened to “organize open-ended sit until the cancellation decision.”

He called others, the speaker of parliament to intervene to overturn the decision to prevent the entry of mobiles. The document, published in the social networking sites issued by the House of Representatives today stating prevent the entry of mobiles for staff and members of parliament and journalists.     *SCZIN11: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


*SCZIN11: The decision to cancel the mobile entry to the House of Representatives is unfair right, step to disrupt our work,” threatened to “organize open-ended sit until the cancellation decision.”

TxBrand: Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate · 43m43 minutes ago ISF & Hashed forces secure 1000 Km2 during the past 3 days as Daesh defences are destroyed by Iraqi forces #Iraq twitter.com/IraqLiveUpdat…


TxBrand: Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate · 5h5 hours ago “Don’t fight each over, stop arguing” Daesh intercepted comms shows them falling apart in Baiji battles #Iraq www.youtube.com/watch can anyone tell us what they are saying ? lol

Doug_W: play nice


*SCZIN11: Najiba Najib ruled out the arrival of the budget bill to parliament on Sunday

TxBrand: I think he is saying they have no ammo ——–> Honorloyalty88 20 minutes ago hahahahaha, losers “come on Daush, fire the mortar!!” “you asshole, I have no ammunition!!” “praise god you bastard”, “I am praising god!!, you praise god!!” hahahahahaha Long live Iraq!!

*SCZIN11: [dir=ltr]BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – October / October 17: amid expectations that up the deficit in the public budget in 2016 to 29 trillion dinars, what would be the expenditure value B113 trillion dinars, said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Najiba Najib, on Saturday, it “does not know whether there was an intention to reach a draft budget bill on Sunday to the Council.

” Najib ruled out, “we arrive at the present time, where has not yet been directed by the prime minister for a vote in Parliament in spite of more than a month after the delivery by the Ministry of Finance.”

She said a member of the Finance Committee that “talking about the early budget at this time the details, and it’s in the case reached the parliament there will be talk about the details and modifications that can be made ​​to the draft,” likely not “draft year’s budget law in 2016 to the House of Representatives at its upcoming on Sunday “. Ended O.h .

And it is expected to reach the value of the deficit in the public budget in 2016 to 29 trillion dinars, while expenses will be the value of B113 trillion dinars, also focused on the operational side, and limited their investment allocations into account the financial crisis experienced by the country.  *SCZIN11: wealthwatch.world/showthr..

TxBrand: budget in 2016 to 29 trillion dinars, while expenses will be the value of B113 trillion dinars —– hummm what is that saying ?


TxBrand: not surprised.. just like always,,,snails
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Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate Daesh stash of explosives seized in #Baiji as Shia led Hashed forces secure the town centre and surrounding areas

TxBrand: Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate · 6h6 hours ago Fertilisers plant north Baiji was turned into a ‘car bomb’ factory by Daesh, Now under full control of ISF #Iraq twitter.com/IraqLiveUpdat…


TxBrand: Michael Kaperoni ‏@kaperoni · 8h8 hours ago And that my friends is what will raise the value of the dinar. Hang on a bit longer, times are about to get exciting.

TxBrand: Michael Kaperoni ‏@kaperoni · 8h8 hours ago Well, it was announced today, a special paragraph has been added to the Investment Law now allowing foreign investors to buy land in Iraq.

Tootsie: Checked Parliament calendar, nada blocked out for 18th or 19th, , duh, of course

Tootsie: ‹@Donnie› interesting, investors purchasing land, I have my doubts about that going through/being approved ~~