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Winter: ‹@chattels› what was your take on the 60 minutes story

chattels: Impressed with the capability and caution being demonstrated by ” our guys ” – you? If we are talking about the same one ?

Winter: the bombing one

chattels: 60 Minutes films live bombing of ISIS target : www.cbsnews.com/news/60-m…


Winter: i called a friend of mine whos brother is station in norfolk and asked him about it, he said they have been pushing out isis and very little of isis left in iraq because of it and they have moved more into seria because they know there being bombed too much in iraq

Winter: and he said the news is so outdated and so are the maps of where they really are and holding

Winter: BUT who knows anymore what the real truth is

chattels: ‹@Winter› I appreciate such input, but have difficulty in reconciling such with the continued occupation of Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul by DAESH ?

Winter: he said also that what they show on the news is only half the real anyways

Winter: dashe and isis

Winter: they even said that in the report

Winter: news does require asprin and alchol when it comes to war and overseas..lol

chattels: I am sure that we know only a portion, but if Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul had been liberated I think that such would be ” big news ” ?

chattels: ‹@Winter› What part of Iraq was he located ?

Winter: I think the true threat of them in iraq has been shrinking because of the bombing

Winter: no no no his brother is in intellengence in norfolk VA

chattels: Well, Fallujah is less than 50 miles from Baghdad and Mosul, second largest city in Iraq, has almost one million people.

Winter: he is organized with the group we saw on 60 minutes who is bombing dashe and isis locations

chattels: But, all I know, or rather think that I know, is what I read, so I could be very wrong.

Winter: wrong is IRAQ and news to us all and what they fead us lol

chattels: Abadi and most every upper level government official talks almost daily about the problems presented by DAESH.

Winter: and like said in the epeisode iraq says not enough is done and need done so who knows

chattels: I can be skeptical, so I know what you are talking about, but if it is a charade then it is an awfully persuasive one to me. 🙂

chattels: Iraq NEVER has enough of anything and complains constantly.

Winter: they complain about dashe/isis and they also said they bomb everyday, for many many months killing thehm, their storage, there living

Winter: who to belive showing bombing daily for many months or those who say they are everywhere and we need help

Winter: is such a game

chattels: An insurgent force mixed with the populace makes for a difficult enemy.

Winter: one says one thing and one says another

Winter: its funny they people say 60 minutes is non sence, but iraq news is not, its all a game they only tell half truths when it comes to war

chattels: ‹@Winter› I will err on the side of the printed media and not anecdotal information for the time being.

Winter: so you think the videos they showed were not real?

chattels: There is a ” spin ” to many articles, but on balance I believe that DAESH is and will be a problem for some months to come.

chattels: ‹@Winter› the 60 minute video ?

Winter: im talking about the videos from bombings and spy planes

Winter: yes

chattels: I do not necessarily doubt that video

chattels: but that whole segment was so limited in it’s scope

Winter: as it should be to not tell too much to the world

chattels: it was a ” day in the life ” , but i gathered no overall commentary on the strength of DAESH

Winter: DAESH is a pita…..pain in the

chattels: ‹@Winter› I am not dismissive of your view, but I am obliged to state and communicate the reasons for my thinking however inadequately. I read a great deal and like to think that I have developed some discernment in my reading.

chattels: I am heavily invested in the outcome of this speculation and I will be very pleased to be wrong and our liquidity event occur sooner rather than later. 🙂

chattels: I have never been in any chat room or internet community and will be happy to disengage from dinarland and fade to black.

TxBrand: Awesome! Due to pressure from Donald Trump Ford is already relocating its $2 billion dollar manufacturing plant to Ohio from Mexico Read more at powderedwigsociety.com/fo…

Winter: ‹@TxBrand› Ford: We’re not canceling Mexican plans despite Trump The Detroit News-2 hours ago

Winter: www.detroitnews.com/story…


Winter: Washington — Ford Motor Co. said Monday it has not changed its plans to invest in Mexico — despite Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump comments suggesting the Dearborn automaker was canceling its expansion plans.

Dianne777: CNN 9:00 tonight Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq

TxBrand: You can’t calm the storm. So stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.

Donnie: http://wealthwatch.world/blab/attachments/4d44ff95da314e89b425668b401c2873.jpg

Donnie: SINCE Oct 12th the exchange rate went from 1188 to 1122. See above chart.

Donnie: Not the CBI rate which is still 1166.