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chattels: a Party, led by former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki announced his intention to move the lawsuit against Al-Jazeera after less than a week to broadcast a documentary account of the process of life-Maliki.

The party said in a statement, said that it reserves the right to sue Al Jazeera on what was from what he described as charges touched the history of the Islamic Dawa Party, and tried to distort the march leaders and his men, according to a statement.

The Al-Jazeera has aired a few days ago a documentary eating biography Secretary General of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki, revealing film about his involvement out assassinations and bombings, including wide and the Iraqi embassy in Beirut building in the eighties of the last century and the other in Baghdad.
chattels: altaghier.tv/2015/10/28/%… LINK

chattels: According to international laws, there are two legal ways to file a complaint at the ICC. Either the crime should be committed in a country in which the government has already signed the ratification of the establishment of the ICC, or the UN Security Council could officially call on the ICC to review the case.

Iraq is not a participating member of the ICC, making a Security Council referral the only way to pursue a Yezidi genocide case.  chattels: rudaw.net/english/world/2…


chattels: ICC ( International Criminal Court )

chattels: wonder what protection there is for Maliki with / through the Security Council ?

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 3h3 hours ago Amid talk of #Iraq PM Abadi being unseated by his own alliance, worth noting only 45 MPs demand no-confidence vote www.qanon302.net/news/201… … http://www.qanon302.net/news/2015/10/28/73445

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: revealed in the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary member for the prime minister Haider al-Abadi activate the new electricity pricing controversial and endorsed by the Cabinet in April and then wait out.

The committee member said Hussein al-Maliki, told all of Iraq [where] on Wednesday that “the cabinet voted in its session yesterday the request of the Abadi on the pricing of the new electricity which was rejected by the Iraqi street, and religious reference and parliament and political blocs.”

He added that “al-Abadi threatened at the meeting to sack any minister or submit his resignation [the minister] if they objected to this pricing. www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


[10/28/2015 06:19:56 PM] chattels: the President Fuad Masum detection, to reach agreement on the review of the accountability and justice law [de-Baathification. Masum said in an interview, “an agreement was reached to revisit the de-Baathification law,” he said.

“The claim by issuing a general amnesty for detained dissidents setting calls for a study of each one of them separately files to sort of wanted persons to justice on charges of committing murder during the former regime.” chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: ” ………. it is necessary to strengthen the Baghdad revenues to reach an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on oil exports from the northern region. “said Zebari, he was” confident that a delegation from the region will go to Baghdad soon to negotiate a re-activation of the agreement covered by the proposal of the general budget for 2016 “.

“If we were able to re-activate the oil agreement between the Government of the Kurdistan region and Baghdad again and ensure the implementation of the two sides to him, I think that we will be successful this year.”  chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: KRG to discuss new oil agreement with Baghdad By RUDAW 20/10/2015 Nechirvan Barzani. Photo: Rudaw. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdistan Regional Government spokesperson Safin Dizayee said Tuesday that Kurdistan region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani is scheduled to visit Baghdad next week for talks on oil and budget shares in the 2016 Iraqi budget. chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: ” ……….. scheduled to visit Baghdad next week for talks on oil and budget shares in the 2016 Iraqi budget.”

chattels: Next week is THIS week. Also, we were looking for confirmation of the arrival of the budget in Parliament. No news as to either as yet this week.

Winter: ‹@chattels› are you saying it wont happen?

chattels: ‹@Winter› What won’t happen ?

Winter: budget approved in parliment

chattels: NO, just observing where we are and are not according to the news I have read.

Winter: cool

chattels: I have read of two scenarios with the oil agreement / budget – 1 ) 1 billion per month for 550,000 barrels ( last year’s numbers not complied with ) and 2 ) $500 million per month for 150,000 barrels

Winter: thats why news is kinda hard to belive anymore from over there

chattels: We certainly are not going to have a budget agreement by November 1, so Parliament will not recess and will continue through November according to my reading.

chattels: “with the return of the House of Representatives to the capital, Baghdad, on Monday ( past ), the committee will receive a copy of the draft law,” pointing out that “The Council will begin the procedures in approving the budget, so read the first and second readings and then vote on them.”

chattels: ” in the event of a failure to approve the budget during this period, the Council and in accordance with the rules of procedure, will extend the Chapter Legislative for a month in order to complete the adoption of the federal budget law. ”

chattels: MY read / take is that if the budget is not voted upon by the 1st that the recess will be will not start on the 1st and the session extended for 30 days to complete adoption of the budget law. No way it can be done in the next 11 days, IMO, so we are into November if the article is accurate.   chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: We only have one (1) ” working ” day for Parliament left until the 1st of November, tomorrow.

chattels: Two readings and a vote on the budget law cannot be accomplished in one day.

chattels: The Iraqi Parliament / politicians use the media like we do here in the states. Often times the ” news ” is for popular consumption / effect / propaganda.

chattels: Add rumors and errors and Iraqi news analysis is not an exact science 🙂

chattels: “He stressed Jubouri, according to the statement that” the time has come to end all the problems of the Diyala, “noting that” the House of Representatives each mass ready to put it all its capabilities in order to end these problems.

“He continued,” The support of the security forces and strengthening is the only way to stabilize security in the province, as he thanked all the attendance of executive and legislative bodies and the United Nations for having accepted this invitation great interest in Diyala province, the serious and the desire they have displayed in dealing with this file “.

He also called on Speaker of the House” all national parties and religious authorities to support these efforts in order to be a springboard for the liberation of Iraq from Conception terrorism and restore security and stability to its lands. “This was attended by representative of the secretary-world and the United Nations in Iraq,.” chattels:www.alliraqnews.com/modul


chattels: Diyala province ( Governate ) is east – northeast and contiguous to Baghdad www.google.com/maps/place…


chattels: Diyala Governorate extends to the northeast of Baghdad as far as the Iranian border. Its capital is Baqubah. It covers an area of 17,685 square kilometres (6,828 sq mi).

chattels: The population and the ethnic composition of this province has been in a major state of flux since the Coalition invasion of 2003 and the removal of the Sunni Arab government of Saddam Hussein from Baghdad.

That government and those before it, had all been Sunni Arabs and as such, supportive of the Sunni Arab interests at the expenses of all other ethnic and confessional minorities such as the Shia, Kurds and even Iraqi Turkmen.

This changed drastically starting in 2003. It is now the Sunni Arabs that are exposed to expulsion and loss of house and home all over the province.
chattels: Presently, an estimated population of some 1,224,000 people live in this province. Sunni Arabs, once a solid majority until 2003, have been losing their positions due to violence of the Iraqi Civil War (2006–07) and since summer of 2014, due to resurgent Ba’ath in the company of the ISIS.

Nearly half the Sunni Arab population has been pushed out of the province. Presently, they constitute no more than 40 percent of the population of the Diyala Governorate.

In contrast, the Feyli Kurds who were deported from this area from the 1960 to 1990s by various Sunni Arab governments in Baghdad are returning-as have other Kurds. They now dominate the entire Khanaqin district and all others bordering on Iran in this province.

chattels: The influx of the Shia Arabs has been nothing short of a flood. They basically occupy the house and farms of the fleeing Arab Sunnis. Once only about 30% of the provincial total, they now have around half.

The rest of the residents are Iraqi Sunni Turkmen (around 5%) predominantly in Kifri, but in smaller pockets at Jalawla, Saadia, Miqdadiya and other smaller pockets dispersed around the province.

chattels: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diy…

chattels: In December 2011, the governing council in Diyala province declared itself a semi-autonomous region within Iraq.[11] This comes two months after Salahuddin Governorate made a similar declaration.

The council in Diyala, using Article 119 of the Iraqi Constitution as justification, made the declaration because of suspicion of the Shi’a-dominated government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Unlike Salahuddin province however, Diyala province is more ethnically and religiously mixed, and such an announcement led to the outbreak of protests in the province.

chattels: Diyala is likely very important to the Sunni and it will be interesting to observe the mechanics of ” normalization / resettlement ” – perhaps it is / will be a model for other areas of Iraq. Juburri is a Sunni.

Donnie: The meeting’s agenda number (33) Thursday 29 October 2015 29 October 0.2015 The third parliamentary session. www.parliament.iq/details… 2 votes, some second and first readings.


chattels: Twelfth: discuss the subject of the new salary ladder

Winter: ‹@chattels› so what is your take on when parliment will pass this

chattels: ‹@Winter› Pass what ?

Winter: The investmnet law

chattels: No mention of the budget on the agenda for tomorrow.

chattels: ‹@Winter› The second amendment to the 2006 Investment Law was passed by vote of the Parliament on Tuesday.

chattels: ‹@Winter› We are awaiting endorsement of President Masum and publication in the gazette.

Donnie: I thought the investment law was passed in 2006 and Iraq is just amending it.

Donnie: second amendment to the 2006 Investment Law was passed on Tuesday

chattels: ‹@Donnie› You are correct.

BOBBY: Chattels……. did you see the post about launching a new currency?

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› I did

chattels: hopefully it is a clueless MP talking

Donnie: would a new currency leave us out?

chattels: ‹@Donnie› good question

chattels: ‹@Donnie› no answer here, but maybe, maybe not

Donnie: GO METS!!!

chattels: ‹@Donnie› entertaining game last night

Donnie: 19 players on the current Mets team played here in Binghamton NY before they moved up.

chattels: ‹@Donnie› Did Murphy ?

Donnie: www.pressconnects.com/sto…


BOBBY: Chattels. ….. question for you…… what would be the logic behind a new currency?

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› If the IQD has been over printed then the next currency would print less and therefore arguably have more value.

BOBBY: Chattels……… is there a legit number as to whats in circulation or been issued anywhere?

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› not that I can discern with any confidence

BOBBY: definitely an interesting post

Stash: The new currency could be what we have

MichelleL: well, the debate is depressing – how is the ws going?

MichelleL: Donnie are we poor or rich this week?

Donnie: I’m Spiritually rich

Donnie: financially poor – no job

MichelleL: I can’t go through another 11 months of these debates, i’ll wind up voting for no one

MichelleL: with an rv you’d have a change – can’t you and donnie arrange it?

MichelleL: pleeeeeassse? lol

Winter: Maliki’s Bloc Withdraws Support for Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi

Winter: www.voanews.com/content/m…


Winter: Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said his parliamentary bloc of 60 lawmakers is withdrawing support from his rival and successor, current Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, and Abadi’s program to reform Iraq’s bureaucracy.

Winter: Maliki’s attempt to derail Abadi’s political reform program and possibly unseat him, as well, comes at a time of great regional uncertainty, as both the U.S. and Russia remain at loggerheads in the battle against Islamic State militants.

MichelleL: ty winter – never thought of him as particularly supportive to Abadi’s office

Winter: Iran ties Maliki, who has close ties to Iran, is also said to oppose a stronger role for U.S. forces in the battle against the Islamic State group.

Qais al-Khazali, pro-Iranian militia commander and an ally of Maliki, said Tuesday he thought the U.S. was not very useful in combating the Islamic State group and that he preferred Russian help.

Khazali claims the U.S. and its 60 coalition partners often do not hit the most important Islamic State targets and frequently drag their feet with requested airstrikes, while Russia is hitting and destroying IS targets in Syria quickly and efficiently.

Winter: Former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki allegedly siphoned off $500bn in 8 years

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 6h6 hours ago Amid talk of #Iraq PM Abadi being unseated by his own alliance, worth noting only 45 MPs demand no-confidence vote www.qanon302.net/news/201… …


Winter: WikiLeaks reveals Maliki cooperated with Mossad and Iran to get rid of Iraqi scholars

Winter: WikiLeaks reveals Maliki cooperated with Mossad and Iran to get rid of Iraqi scholars

Winter: www.middleeastmonitor.com…

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

BOBBY: Funny how Maliki is not supposed to be a problem according to some

Winter: :silly:

chattels: ‹@Winter› good article – thanks for posting

chattels: Abadi called a meeting of the SLC for this evening – we will see what ” outs ” on tomorrow

Winter: Why have they been unable to get rid of Maliki, will they ever
Winter: ooooh I know….corruption