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chattels: ‘ISIS is going to lose’ US envoy tells Erbil panel

chattels: the second day of the MERI Forum 2015 kicked off, although fellow panelists were quick to identify the challenges ahead.

chattels: Panelists from the Kurdistan region and Iraq were more cautious about the threat of ISIS.   chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: Youssef al-Kelabi, security spokesman for the Hashd al-Shaabi, spoke of the militia’s formation at the call from Shiite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and claimed as many as 100,000 fighters are now deployed across Iraq. “Thank God, the Hashd al-Shaabi is a back-up force to the Iraqi military…

​I am not here to defend the acts of the Hashd al-Shaabi, but to assure you we are partners in this war,” Kelabi said, adding that the Kurdish Peshmerga had so far had the biggest role in the fight against ISIS.
chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 8h8 hours ago First he was silent, then late Tue former #Iraq PM Maliki posted a brief FB statement on the death of Ahmad Chalabi www.facebook.com/nourialm… …


chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 42m42 minutes ago #Iraq PM Abadi met some of his strongest critics in the Badr movement Tue. They reportedly pledged continued support pmo.iq/press2015/3-11-201… …


chattels: Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi in his office received on Tuesday a delegation of the Badr Organization. During the meeting, they discussed the situation taking place in the country and the victories achieved on the terrorist Daash political, security,

economic and financial challenges and the importance of unifying efforts gangs to confront them for the sake of the country. He Badr Organization delegation full support for the government and the reforms carried out by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, for the sake of the country and build a state of institutions.

chattels: ” ………… build a state of institutions.”

chattels: took control of the security forces, the Jerashi bridge north of the city of Ramadi, Anbar province. A statement by the cell media war, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of “of the Anbar Operations Command security forces, took control of the bridge Jerashi and raising the Iraqi flag it.”

The statement added that “the security forces arrived at the specified in the special military operation point Jerashi cordoned off the area, to cut supply for terrorists Daash gangs “.

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: Recent reports tell us that Ramadi should be retaken in the next 30 days

Donnie: as far as you know, is Ramadi the last major city to be taken back from Daesh/ISIS?

chattels: Market price rose to 1,220 today www.cbi.iq/documents/C.B….


chattels: ‹@Donnie› Ramadi not retaken as yet. Baiji is the most recent city / place of size / importance retaken.

chattels: Fallujah, Hawija and Mosul remain in the hands of DAESH

Donnie: OK – I thought Fallujah was taken back. my mistake


Donnie: I like this 1122 since Oct

Stash: 1120 now   Stash: on XE

Doug_W: sooo whats happening here today?

TxBrand: cool —> 1122 or 1120

OOTW: thanks donnie

chattels: the Baghdad Operations Command announced a foiled kidnapping attempt, Director General of the Ministry of Oil in the north of the capital.

According to its spokesman Brigadier Saad Maan in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “the security forces managed to free general manager of the North Oil Company oil ministry shortly after he was kidnapped by gunmen in the Sulaikh area.”

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: How safe or stable is security if a high level minister is kidnapped in Baghdad ?

chattels: Vice-President of the Kurdistan region Qubad Talabani stressed the readiness of the region to deal with Baghdad to resolve differences on the oil agreement, on condition of the agreement remain a dead letter.

Talabani said in a press statement on the sidelines of the Forum Middle East Research in Arbil, today, that “the region is ready to deal with Baghdad once showed the brothers in Baghdad ready to receive us, saying that” if we go to Baghdad, should the agreement be suitable It is important that Will you be just ink

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: interesting article I think

chattels: we read from Shia MP’s of an ” agreement “, but the Kurds say otherwise. It is the same ole same ole politics. Shia will say that there is a n agreement and paint the Kurds as obstructionist

chattels: So, the Kurds are not in Baghdad yet to discuss the oil agreement which, IMO, delays any substantive progress on the budget

chattels: Talabani is saying, IMO, we want an agreement, but not just on paper.

chattels: The MERI ( Middle East Research ) conference concludes tomorrow ( Thursday ) I believe, so I do not look for the Kurds in Baghdad until next week assuming that ” the brothers in Baghdad ready to receive ” the Kurdish delegation.

kk1: Gotta love the juggle of what to believe in Iraq news

OOTW: U.S. Partners Conduct 22 Airstrikes in Iraq Syria MENAFN – Saudi Press Agency – 04/11/2015 (MENAFN – Saudi Press Agency) Washington Muharram 22 1437 November 04 2015 SPA — The United States and its coalition partners conducted 15 airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and seven in Syria on Monday the Combined Joint Task Force said.

The airstrikes in Iraq were concentrated around Sinjar Ramadi and Mosul destroying weapons caches buildings two ISIS headquarters and a tunnel system. Other targets were near Baiji al Huwayja Albu Hayat Habbaniya and Kisik the taskforce said in a statement Tuesday.

In Syria the airstrikes destroyed fighting positions three construction vehicles and two cranes the statement said. –SPA 11:22 LOCAL TIME 08:22 GMT



OOTW: information about Central Bank of Iraq The history of the Iraqi Central Bank Monetary Policy Payments System Banknotes and coins Banking laws Iraqi and foreign financial institutions International financial institutions Jobs Resources Government debt Currency Auction Results Auction Central Bank of Iraq Auction Finance Ministry Financial Statements Statistics Publications News & Announcements Banking laws Laws and regulations (in progress) Establish a project to ensure the company bank deposits.

Controls the issuance of letters of guarantee. Help the establishment of branches of Arab and foreign banks and their capital. Help loan guarantee companies. Islamic banking instructions (in the final stages of completion). Islamic law instruments. Central Bank Law


OOTW: www.cbi.iq/index.php


chattels: Abadi, that ” the country is going through challenges and the most important the challenge of terrorism and financial challenge and the value of what we are working and we are calling for in the absence of our response and our victory on terrorism and our heroes are investigating victories and liberated very large areas and we assume security where even better than before and our body clear example of national unity by welcoming all our heroes areas in the armed forces.

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

Doug_W: get the HCL dun that will show unity Abadi

chattels: ” ………. the most important the challenge of terrorism……….. ”

Doug_W: ya get that eradicated too lol

chattels: Abadi seems to think that terrorism ( DAESH ) is an issue, but what does he know compared to anecdotal information and anonymous sources ?

chattels: Perhaps we are to believe parts of what Abadi says and ignore others, eh ?

Doug_W: I bet he knows more than we do “C”

chattels: accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi some quarters [which he did not name] trying to bring the conflict between the authorities in Iraq. Ebadi said in his speech during a meeting with a group of presidents and professors of colleges,
“The separation of powers is important, but not on the basis of organic separation and wrestle them as it was before but on the basis of integration, but some try to bring this conflict we will not allow them” ..

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: A good report on the controversial salary scale wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: Effects of the Cabinet decision to amend the salary scale a sensation because of the contents of paragraphs considered among political and community encroachment on the rights of government employees. Parliamentary Finance Committee rejects the private Cabinet decision to amend the ladder salaries State,

while Other lawmakers threatening not to pass the vote on the law with the presentation to the House of Representatives within sessions next week. and goes deputies others beyond it and prepare decision exceeded frank by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to parliament under the name of reforms.

A member of the Finance Committee MP Majda al-Tamimi Iraqi News / Nina / Iraqi National Agency that “the parliamentary committee was seeking to be handed the new salary bill and not a decision.”

She added that “authorized the House of Representatives to the prime minister reforms does not mean you have to act without the use of the law, the law does not repealed except by law. “She continued,”

We have given authorization for Ebadi implementation of reforms rather than by decisions because there are private salaries laws can not be manipulated. ”

chattels: “. Al-Tamimi and warned of taking similar decisions in other cases also is bypassed parliament, where under the name of reform.” But the other member of the Finance Committee Sarhan Slevana stressed that “the blessings of the new salary has reduced the proportion Alforac among employees to 25% instead of 300% as it was previously.

“He predicted in an interview with the Iraqi News / Nina / The National Agency” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is facing a wave of anger because of the new salary scale. “He explained that” the prime minister will face difficulty in achieving what he wants from the final decision of the new salary scale and therefore will not be easy for Parliament passed similar to the Council of Ministers. ”

chattels: ” the parliamentary finance committee waiting for the arrival of new draft general budget to make some adjustments, transfers, host officials in the financial and oil ministries to discuss its terms. “He said the” parliament will ask the government to send all details of the oil and non-revenues oil, and the money retained from last year until the month of October now, to know the size of the spending and revenue that Stthak in 2016 “. and

chattels: National Alliance MP Ali al-Badri, said his alliance would abstain from voting on the ladder salaries of the new view of the injustice and oppression embodied in law.

chattels: “some MPs blocks National Alliance agreed not to vote on the ladder of the new salary unless it is amended or postpone the presentation to the reading and the vote until a necessary and re-adjusted. ”

chattels: The prime minister Haider al-Abadi said that “the new peace of salaries is in order that there be social justice and reduce disparities between the higher grades and lower.”

He said Abadi he was “not reasonable be given a certain large concessions slice which is doing is not commensurate with the size of these provisions so we with that salaries are fair.

“He said al-Abadi said in a statement to his press office, said that” the general budget and the details that have been approved accurate and realistic and take into account the fiscal revenue of petroleum items and non-oil forecast for 2016 and secure the salaries and wages of civil servants and the armed and security forces and the popular crowd in addition to the reinforcement necessary to meet the Daash terrorist gangs “.

chattels: ” ……….. secure the salaries and wages of civil servants and the armed and security forces and the popular crowd in addition to the reinforcement necessary to meet the Daash terrorist gangs “.

chattels: The war on DAESH is adversely affecting the budget and finances of Iraq.

kk1: has there been any talk on all that was put in the gazzette today?

chattels: ‹@kk1› Nothing in the forum that I have seen.

kk1: The statement added that the number of political parties to ensure law No. (36) for the year 2015, noting that the purpose of the enactment of this Act came in line with the new political life and democratization requirements

kk1: Ensure legal treaties and political parties held The issuance of the new issue of the Gazette of Iraq call (4383) 04/11/2015

kk1: translate.google.com/tran…LINK

chattels: ‹@kk1› thanks for posting

kk1: Parliamentary Finance: next week will read the budget law for 2016

[02:40:50 PM] kk1: translate.google.com/tran…  LINK

kk1: ‹@Doug_W› THAT MEANS WAR

Doug_W: BRING it on  Doug_W: lol

chattels: Why Iraqi Christians are against the establishment of their own autonomous region BAGHDAD — The secretary-general of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and member of the Iraqi parliament, Yonadam Kanna, spoke to Al-Monitor about the unwillingness of Iraqi Christians to establish an autonomous region of their own or call for an administrative or geographic split from Iraq. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…\


chattels: ” …….. grievances concerning the so-called disputed territories between the central government in Baghdad and the one in Erbil hindered moving forward with those plans.

We have inherited an old problem that delayed embarking on many a step, due to Saddam Hussein’s regime Arabizing areas inhabited by Kurds and Turkmens. In truth, all these disputes must be resolved pursuant to Article 140 [of the constitution] — for, if the parties failed to resolve them,

they shall be referred to international arbitration, or to the United Nations if arbitration also failed. We think that this problem must be resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise Iraq’s problems will only be exacerbated and greater conflicts will ensue — which will affect all Iraqis.” wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: ” ……. all these disputes must be resolved pursuant to Article 140 [of the constitution] ………. ”

kk1: Breaking news alert, posted at 3:15 p.m. ET Wednesday] The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate,

kk1: NOW maybe Russia will REALLY GO AFTER ISIS

Shnozzle: I had a feeling that was the case… Too much evidence to dispute it.

Shnozzle: Airbus like Boeing builds a great aircraft…

kk1: “Let the mayhem begin”

Doug_W: ya really   Doug_W: why was tail 3 miles away???

chattels: News from the MERI Forum in Erbil : Baghdad urges Erbil to remain committed to Iraq By Campbell MacDiarmid rudaw.net/english/kurdist…   http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/041120152

chattels: The future of the beleaguered country was once more under scrutiny during a panel discussion between the Iraqi speaker of Parliament Salim Al Jabouri and former KRG prime minister Barham Salih at the 2015 MERI conference on Wednesday.

Recognizing the importance of the KRG in attracting foreign investment and its role in sheltering an estimated 1.5 million internally displaced people (IDPs), Jabouri appealed for the KRG to consider their mutual interests and remain committed to a federal Iraq.

chattels: Despite describing a political process that had recently proceeded by “one step forward and two steps back,” Jabouri insisted that Iraq remains a viable state.

chattels: Salih questioned the ongoing relevance of the constitution, however. “It has become a document that creates disputes rather than resolving them,” he said.

chattels: More than a decade after the fall of former dictator Saddam Hussein, the average Iraqi citizen remains deeply frustrated, Salim noted. What was needed was real dialogue and a new vision for the country.

chattels: Such a vision was within reach, Jabouri insisted. “We’re not the first country to face this kind of challenge and we won’t be the last. There is a desire to reform and there are the requisite economic resources, which, if used properly, will allow us to overcome these difficulties.”

chattels: Whether the Kurdistan region would remain within Iraq was a “purely Kurdish decision,” he said. He added, however, that independence should not be played as a card to pass Kurdish problems along to Baghdad. Regardless of whether the Kurds remain within Iraq or decide to separate, the two regions would remain close neighbours.

chattels: Forum focuses on Iraq’s deep displacement crisis By Arina Moradi

chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


kk1: Parliamentary economy’s “pack” the protection of national industry laws be passed soon

kk1: a number of important economic laws in the coming period, among the purpose of the laws is to protect the national industry in the country.
chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) have been one of the most severe consequences of the war against the Islamic State, or ISIS, and a panel of the MERI Forum 2015 has pointed out that the crisis has caused short-term financial nightmares and has potential for permanent demographic shifts.

kk1: are “on their way toward passing a package of important laws on the protection of the national industry and consumer protection and

kk1: activating the customs tariff

kk1: activating the customs tariff

kk1: and projects related to sovereign funds,” noting that “these laws are in the process of research, preparation and will be future projects to support the economy and investment in Iraq.” .

kk1: The “economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that the advancement of the economic reality of the country need laws that began previously not been implemented so far, implementation,

indicating that the customs tariff and the protection of the national product, consumer protection and the prevention of dumping were not implemented laws Although desperately needed to solve a lot of economic problems that plagued Iraq

kk1: www.mawazin.net/%D8%A7%D9…  LINK

kk1: translate.google.com/tran…  LINK

chattels: Describing Iraq’ political progress as a process that had recently proceeded by “one step forward and two steps back,” seems very apropos. Hopefully we have now progressed to ” two steps forward and one step back “.

chattels: “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” – John 4:48