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Tootsie: 😀 Iraq plans to reduce its dependence from oil by 10% per annum 10/14/2015 BAGHDAD / JD / .. the parliamentary finance committee revealed, for the government to develop a strategy to reduce the country’s dependence from oil plan by 10% annually through the activation of non-oil sectors.

A member of the committee MP Hossam punitive Agency / JD /: “The government and through its reform program works to expand the country’s imports and reduce dependence on oil,” noting that it “has developed a strategic plan to reduce dependence on oil by 10% annually, which means that the budget in 2015 if they rely 95% on oil revenues, the 2016 budget will be adopted by 85%. ”

“The plan includes the granting of loans trillion dinars to support small and medium enterprises, which will reduce unemployment and reduce the proportion of imports of some consumer goods, as well as the granting of the 5 trillion dinars loan by the Central Bank for banks specialized and this in turn will activate the productive sectors of the non-oil” ./ ended wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Tootsie: Government vote on the reform of state employees’ salaries system 10/14/2015 BAGHDAD / JD / .. Council of Ministers decided to vote to approve the reform of state employees’ salaries system by raising the minimum grades to benefit from the reduction of the salaries of the higher grades, including salaries reduce inequality and achieve social justice.

A government statement said the Cabinet decided in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. (22) for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by state officials all and to reduce disparities among them.

He added that the new peace achieves an improvement between the lower and upper levels of the stairs and the reduction of differences of about 6.8 times, as in the peace force to (5.3) visits in the proposed peace and a greater degree of justice. ‘

He continued that the council decided to include all state employees, including the three presidencies, bodies and associated institutions and civil servants in the ministries of defense and interior law salaries of state employees and the public sector staff number (22) for the year 2008 average.

The Council of Ministers canceled the funds provided under the laws, regulations or instructions or special resolutions before the enforcement of this decision, taking into account the amendments made by the Council of Ministers after a presentation to the Prime Minister for approval.

The Council of Ministers reviewed a draft federal budget law for 2016, and made the observations needed it, and decided to hold an extraordinary meeting next week for the purpose of approving the budget once and for all and submit them to the House of Representatives.

The Council also discussed the issue of repair and maintenance of the Mosul Dam, and stressed the need for the use of international expertise and guidance directly calls international companies sober light on the specifications pre

Tootsie: sober light on the specifications prepared in this regard the Council has authorized the President of the Council of Ministers invitations and decision in this regard has expired wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Tootsie: have to divest myself LOL

TxBrand: www.israelvideonetwork.co…

TxBrand: ‹@Doug_W› here is just the youtube www.youtube.com/watch

TxBrand: http://img.youtube.com/vi/8EDW88CBo-8/default.jpg

Donnie: in the video they refer the middle east to just Israel and Palestine. what about all the other countries in the ME. This video is short/one sided.

MichelleL: no, the specify egypt jordan, iraq, iran, syria

Donnie: we know what Iran wants – wipe Israel off the earth

MichelleL: yup, so does everyone in the area, apparently – and our administration prolly feels it would solve a whole load of problems, but they ignore the fact that if there were no israel, the arabs would find something else they want to annihilate

Donnie: if the Muslims are so against Israel being there then why are the Muslims fighting and killing each other ????

MichelleL: as it is, we’re already “there”
MichelleL: arabs fight
MichelleL: they have for thousands of years – only thing they “unite” against is outsiders – infidels

Donnie: ISIS and Daesh are Arab and killing other Arabs???

MichelleL: yup

MichelleL: arabs killing arabs is a 5 thousand year old tradition

TxBrand: Cain and Abel .. they are descendants of cain

Doug_W: interesting vid …thanks Tx

MichelleL: if anyone wants a good background book, check out The Haj by Leon Uris, he really has the mentality down… old book though, maybe 84-85

blossom7454: So i heard things are very slow in iraq that doesn’t surprise me…

Doug_W: more like dead

newbieDA: seems we are at a stand still againe

MichelleL: well, it happens, how long are you hanging in newbie?

newbieDA: I dont know what to look forward to now

MichelleL: 9 years and counting now, i stopped counting around 7 years ago lol

MichelleL: look forward to a new presidential election and more excuses?
MichelleL: to be honest, I’d have more confidence if it had just increased enough to be worth as much as we paid for them lol

newbieDA: actually started researching for family

MichelleL: ‹@newbieDA› my friends are taking just a bit over half what they paid to lessen their holdings

newbieDA: I can imagine that too

MichelleL: not everyone wants to come in and play with us here every day lol

newbieDA: ours where donated, or paid for services
newbieDA: so thats is why I followed

MichelleL: nice

newbieDA: not much, but enough

newbieDA: I was trying to figure what this was all about, still am

MichelleL: i see chattels is here 🙂 tell me please that the 2003 printings are as good as the 2014 printings lol

newbieDA: I mean I know they want to increase value, but they are still pegged
newbieDA: so I am confused as well
newbieDA: talked to chattels on skype while having a beer one day, we are on the same page

MichelleL: to be honest, sometimes I doubt I’ll see a change for the positive in my lifetime, but I’m not exactly letting it stop my life either

newbieDA: I agree, if it is going to happen, it will, if not, oh well

MichelleL: yup – and at that note, i must proceed to something that will happen, like these errands that won’t sit still – most of the time?

MichelleL: talk to you later, newbie 🙂 Tx 🙂 Gg and anyone else live – are you putting in windows 10? think i’m going to remove it

newbieDA: nope. no WIN10 for me, WIN7

MichelleL: i’m going to revert to 7pro – husband did this one morning before i woke up, and i’ve not been happy with it

Doug_W: I have W7 Pro NOT going to 10 till FROCED

Shnozzle: If you have not installed WIN10 then don’t!!! I did and it screwed up everything as well as slowed down a rather fast computer. Their new email in their browser EDGE will not allow you to attach anything. It takes over 10 seconds to open File Explorer, and opening Outlook 2010 emails takes over 10 seconds… I expected things would actually speed up… boy, I was sure wrong.

TxBrand: did yall know albert Einstein died in 1955…  :pinch: I though maybe 1930s… or earlier

Doug_W: all I knew was  he died

lonegunman: Albert Einstien smart guy !

Winnerdinar: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 – 06:00 Kuwait Ready to Cooperate National A senior Kuwaiti official stressed Kuwait is willing to cooperate with Iran in resolving regional problems. Pointing to the latest remarks by Iranian officials welcoming regional collaboration, Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Aljarallah hailed the “positive reaction of Iranian friends”, ISNA reported.

“We are becoming increasingly confident that the Syria problem can only be resolved through political efforts,” he said. On Russian airstrikes against Syrian militants that started Sept. 30, he said Kuwait believes these attacks will further complicate the crisis, but there is always a chance for achieving a peaceful solution. Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah had said last week that members of the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council are open to talks with Iran to build mutual understanding.

Following the remarks, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian welcomed the proposal for holding regional talks, and said Tehran “is always ready for serious negotiations and interaction with the regional countries.” Short Url : financialtribune.com/arti…


Winnerdinar: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

lonegunman: kuwait 64& sunni the rest shia
lonegunman: interesting talk between the two
lonegunman: Iranians !! if their lips are moving their lying…..

Winnerdinar: Persian Gulf largest oil terminal gets ready for post-sanctions era Kharg oil termnal News ID: 2940510 – Wed 14 October 2015 – 12:04 Economy TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – In time with the completion of the overhaul of underground pipelines at Kharg Oil Terminal, the largest terminal in the Persian Gulf has become ready for increased oil production and export by the removal of sanctions.

Managing Director of Kharg Oil Terminal Abbas Asaddooz has described the latest status of repairs and preparation of Kharg Island Oil Terminal facilities; “currently, a portion of the overhaul including the repairing of underground pipes has been accomplished earlier than the envisioned deadline,” he noted.

The official further stressed that being very old and the largest oil terminal in the Persian Gulf, the delicate process of Kharg terminal’s overhaul marked a strategic achievement for the country’s industry.

Deeming the bombing of Kharg island during the Imposed War and the sanctions against Iran as major causes of the delay in overhaul of underground pipes, Asaddooz said,
“restoration of the underground pipelines was put on the agenda after the necessary surveys and technical assessments were carried out and it was successfully completed by the efforts of Iranian experts.”

Seyyed Pirouz Mousavi, Managing Director of Iran’s oil terminals, had recently referred to the increase in the throughput of offshore operations to more than 6 million barrels a day; “at the moment the reconstruction and renovation of facilities, docks and storage tanks have ended,” he announced.

Meanwhile, Roknodin Javadi, Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company, has reported a one-million-barrel increase in Iran’s oil export in 6 months after the the lifting of sanctions. MNA/2940020   Winnerdinar: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Winnerdinar: Economic Achievements Discussed by Iran’s Seif, IMF’s Lagarde October 15, 2015 – 00:20 TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christian Lagarde on Wednesday exchanged views on Iran’s economy.

The meeting held in Lima, Peru, was also attended by Iran’s IMF Envoy Mohammad Jafar Mojarad Valiollah and the CBI delegation. The two sides discussed Iran’s economic achievements and ways to come out of the current recession.

They also talked about giving impetus to the production sector in Iran in a bid to avoid the inflationary effects. The Iranian official, for his part, pointed to the anti-Iran sanctions, and said the sanctions had considerable impacts on economy of both the region and the world.



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Winnerdinar: Norwegian Diplomat: Iran Safest Country in Region for Investment October 14, 2015 – 19:11 TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Norway’s deputy foreign minister hailed Iran as the most secure and stable country in the Middle East region and expressed optimism for closer economic relations between the two countries.

printPrint Unlike crisis-hit countries in the region, Iran is fully secure and “we hope to expand our cooperation with the country as soon as possible,” the senior European diplomat said in a meeting with an Iranian trade delegation here in Tehran.

He further pointed to his talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on various economic and political issues, saying that in the meeting it was decided that a Norwegian trade delegation visit the Islamic Republic in the near future.

The Norwegian deputy foreign minister further hailed the recent nuclear agreement between Tehran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) and praised the two sides for taking steps towards implementation of the deal. When the anti-Iran sanctions are lifted, he stated, the grounds for the development of Tehran-Oslo relations will be further provided.

The remarks come against the backdrop of a new wave of renewed interest in ties with Iran after Tehran and the Group 5+1 on July 14 reached a conclusion over the text of a comprehensive 159-page deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The comprehensive nuclear deal would terminate all nuclear-related sanctions imposed on Iran after coming into force. Experts believe that Iran’s economic growth would rise remarkably after the final nuclear deal takes effect. www.tasnimnews.com/englis…


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TxBrand: Haider Al-Abadi ‏@HaiderAlAbadi · 4h4 hours ago fb.me/6ONsvqgn4 Translated from Arabic by Bing Wrong translation? Prime Minister Dr. Haidar Abadi confirms that the financial budget lines and details with precision and realism. fb.me/6ONsvqgn4


chattels: Internal crisis meeting under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider ubadi which has been allocated to conduct a comprehensive review of the budget for 2016 in preparation for the extraordinary meeting of the council of ministers, which will be held on next Sunday. [ Abadi Facebook Post ]

chattels: Haider Al-Abadi The more present in Mosul do not accept the existence of Daash, but they do not have the ability to get rid of these gangs [ Facebook Post ]

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Following a meeting with Kurdistan region President Masoud Barzani on Monday, officials from Mosul arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday to set “zero hour” for the battle for Mosul, said an official quoting a Nineveh province delegate, Iraqi President Fuad Masoum and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi “To launch a decisive and massive assault against ISIS in Mosul,

the Mosul provincial council delegate met Barzani, and will later meet President Fuad Masoum, Haider al-Abadi and Salim Jabouri, the speaker of the parliament,” Saido Shingali, head of the Brotherhood and Coexistence Faction in the Nineveh provincial council, told Rudaw Wednesday.   chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…


chattels: “We will decide on the time frame to launch the Mosul liberation campaign,” Shingali also told Rudaw.

Winnerdinar: Iraqi troops make significant advances around Ramadi
Winnerdinar: Iraqi forces made significant advances around Ramadi and an operation to retake the city captured by the ISIL terrorist group in May is near, officers said Wednesday. “Great people, the hour of victory against the Daesh criminal gangs [ISIL] has come,” said a statement from the Joint Operations Command for Anbar Province, of which Ramadi is the capital.

“Your heroic forces are advancing steadily from the northern side… they managed to reach Albu Farraj area,” on the northern edge of the city center, it said, AFP reported. The head of the Anbar command, Major General Ismail Mahalawi, said, “Iraqi forces have raised the Iraqi flag on Albu Farraj bridge over the Euphrates.”

Since the start of October, Iraqi forces have been closing in on Ramadi, gaining ground west and north of the city in particular. ISIL terrorists took Ramadi, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Baghdad, in mid-May after a three-day blitz of massive car and truck bomb attacks that forced a disorderly retreat by pro-government troops.

After the most stinging setback suffered by Iraqi forces since they started a counteroffensive to regain the territory lost in mid-2014, officials vowed to swiftly retake Ramadi.

Progress has been sluggish, however, with Iraqi forces blaming a number of factors, including soaring summer temperatures. The US-led coalition’s spokesman in Baghdad, Colonel Steve Warren, conceded two weeks ago there had been an “operational pause” in efforts to retake Ramadi. But on Tuesday he said Iraqi forces were now ready to launch an operation inside the city.

“We now believe that battlefield conditions are set for the ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) to push into the city,” he said, estimating between 600 and 1,000 the number of ISIL terrorists remaining in Ramadi.

Winnerdinar: www.iran-daily.com/News/1…    http://www.iran-daily.com/News/129013.html


Winnerdinar: Iraqi forces preparing for assault on ISIL-held Ramadi (8:24)

Winnerdinar: Iraqi forces closes in on Ramadi as officials praise heroism Iraqi forces closes in on Ramadi as officials praise heroism Iraqi troops and volunteer fighters have made significant gains in their joint operation to retake areas from the Daesh Takfiri group in the western province of Anbar with military officials vowing that victory in the tough battle is very near.

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command for Anbar Province said in a statement on Wednesday that the pro-government forces have further closed in on the provincial capital of Ramadi, retaking a key bridge north of the city.

“Great people, the hour of victory against the Daesh criminal gangs has come,” said the statement, adding, “Your heroic forces are advancing steadily from the northern side… [and] they [have] managed to reach Albu Farraj area.”

Major General Ismail Mahalawi, who serves as the head of the Anbar command, said “Iraqi forces have raised the Iraqi flag on Albu Farraj bridge” over the Euphrates. Over the past two weeks, units of the Iraqi army, backed by popular forces known as the Popular Mobilization Units, have been making advances around Ramadi, a city located 100 kilometers west of the capital Baghdad.

Those gains have been mostly in the west and north of the city with Daesh militants forced back to the central neighborhoods. Military officials have blamed the scorching heat for their sluggish progress to retake the city since the start of October. Meanwhile, in northern Iraq, Iraqi forces launched an operation to retake the town of Baiji and its highly significant refinery facility.

Baiji is located only 150 km (90 miles) away from Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city which is also under the control of Daesh. Military spokesman Colonel Mohammed al-Asadi said Wednesday that Iraqi allied forces have managed to fight their way into the center of Baiji. Iraq has been grappling with a deadly insurgency since the summer of 2014 when Daesh seized control of some territories west and north of the Arab country.    Winnerdinar: www.iran-daily.com/News/1…

Winnerdinar: Chattels there is some amzing news going on in the iranian media about iran and also Iraq

Winnerdinar: there is some really good news disciple check it out if you get a chance
disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› I just did.. Iran is moving right along aren’t they

Winnerdinar: ‹@disciple7› next week is suppose to be pretty big for Iran
Winnerdinar: They apparantly start on the 21st instant visas for international investers

disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› huge.. hopefully Iraq follows their lead

Winnerdinar: I dont know
Winnerdinar: He is very knowlegable in Iran

disciple7: cmon Iraq.. push the button

Winnerdinar: I think Iran and Iraq to push the button at the same time

disciple7: good thinking im starting to see the pattern

Winnerdinar: IMO I have done some research into Iran – they are running alonside each other –  I think a sucessful IRAQ is highly influenced by a sucessful IRAN

disciple7: makes sense. though I thought (but could be wrong of course) there was turmoil with Abadi and Iran?

Winnerdinar: ‹@disciple7› Abadi is trying to reign in Iran influence buit there is still a great influence from Iran

Winnerdinar: I personally beleive that Iran controls a lot of the stability in the region

disciple7: especially with Maliki still on the loose

Winnerdinar: Is he not dead yet lol

disciple7: makes me wonder if M WILL get whats coming to him or not

Winnerdinar: I heard abu bakr is in Turkey
Winnerdinar: the Isil leader

disciple7: I heard and read Iran wants nothing to do with M but don’t believe it

Winnerdinar: He keeps dying

disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› that good or bad?
disciple7: isn’t turkey funding isis

Winnerdinar: I dont know but I do know that ISIS is getting deafeated

disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› agreed im hearing the same

Winnerdinar: Iran is in syrai fighting as well

disciple7: security first

Winnerdinar: exactly

disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› just seen an article on that
Winnerdinar: Iran seems to be very important to the stability of the middle east
Winnerdinar: but I am making an assumption there

disciple7: seems
disciple7: u would never know by the amercan media though
disciple7: American

Winnerdinar: Nope
Winnerdinar: or the Uk media

disciple7: only thing we hear is about the nukes

Winnerdinar: ‹@disciple7› Yes we only hear very bad news

disciple7: and Hillary Clinton  :laughing:

Winnerdinar: I dont know what to say about hillarious

disciple7: hopefully we get some acceleration the the end goal soon

Winnerdinar: lol

disciple7: :laughing:  :laughing:

Winnerdinar: I think we are at a very pivotal point disciple7

disciple7: I agree
disciple7: time to show the hand

Winnerdinar: I hope this time next year we are not saying the same thing I really have had enough of the ride

disciple7: u can say that again
disciple7: have u been on this journey long? disciple7: the dinar journey I mean

Winnerdinar: Its like waiting for a bus that never comes   Winnerdinar: lol
Winnerdinar: 2005  Winnerdinar: i have waited since

disciple7: hahaha
disciple7: WOW!

Winnerdinar: I know one friend of mine who got in this before the war started

disciple7: geez oh man really?

Winnerdinar: yep  he bought his first set of dinar off a site called track and barter

Winnerdinar: before they appeared on ebay

disciple7: :blink:

Winnerdinar: and the dinar dealers came about lol

disciple7: patience is a virtue

Winnerdinar: he told me he would wait another 12 years

Winnerdinar: Im in this till the end

disciple7: then again supposedly this was supposed to happen twice already
disciple7: me too agreed

Winnerdinar: I cant believe it took the powers taht be to allow maliki to get away with what he did for so long

disciple7: unbelievable isn’t it… but then again totally believable.

disciple7: ‹@Winnerdinar› have a great night friend. don’t work too hard. Goodnight

Winnerdinar: ‹@disciple7› Sorry I am at work and had to go I hope you did not think I was being rude but have a goodnight

Donnie: The meeting’s agenda number (29) Thursday 15 October 2015
Donnie: 4 second readings  Donnie: no voting Donnie: www.parliament.iq/details…

Tootsie: ‹@Donnie› just reading the darned thing, in fact , I pulled up, read, left and came back, that is how UGH I feel, rather disappointed – ME am
Tootsie: more than rather ~ place expletive of ones choice after the ~

Donnie: i’m ready to give up 🙁
Tootsie: ‹@Donnie› frigging mess

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› never give up

Winnerdinar: ‹@Tootsie› its a mess but I have faith it will come good in the end

Donnie: ‹@Winnerdinar› The End???? like 10-20 yrs from now? lol

Tootsie: many are returning appx 1/2 of what they are holding, , have to admit I have been toying with the same thought. but goodness me, such a low amount offered. I kicked myself for not turning in 1/2 of my holdings as soon as the first one went down, at least they were offering decent return. Oh well,

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› I will wait that long lol

Tootsie: ‹@Winnerdinar› oh yes, eventually, However ~ I am antique and would like to see some benefit , , but daughter may LOL

Donnie: ‹@Tootsie› ebay is down to $650-750 per million

Tootsie: ‹@Donnie› wow,

Winnerdinar: ‹@Tootsie› I must be the only person who continues to buy although i dont buy huge amounts anymore

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› wow

Donnie: ‹@Winnerdinar› i sure hope you’re not paying over 1000 per million…..

Tootsie: ‹@Winnerdinar› no, I have sold some to a member here, just small holdings, but at very low rate – small quantities. Know them from other sites.

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› i look for bargains on ebay single 25000 notes usually

Tootsie: so, I don’t mind

BOBBY: Winnerdinar….. your not the only one buying

Winnerdinar: ‹@Tootsie› make sure you dont completely sell out

Gg604: dont buy on ebay

Tootsie: 100K amounts –

Winnerdinar: ‹@BOBBY› are you in my club lol

Tootsie: ‹@Winnerdinar› Oh no! I won’t do such, not at all!!

Gg604: buy from registed currency dealer, just in case

Donnie: ‹@Winnerdinar› there are good rates even at 100,000 if you “play” the auction route

Winnerdinar: ‹@Gg604› why not

Gg604: ok, then you have no backing

Donnie: ‹@Gg604› most people on ebay ARE currency dealers

Winnerdinar: ‹@Gg604› most of mine were from banks

Gg604: all mine were from banks or registed currency dealer, not a person from ebay

Gg604: ‹@Donnie› and you have registed proof of that…no

Donnie: mine were from so called currency dealers (we know how that turned out for many of them) and currency dealers that also have a store on ebay

Gg604: so called, i rest my case

BOBBY: i have bought out friends who acted like this is a lottery ticket

Donnie: ‹@Gg604› how can you say “no” to me???

Gg604: i just did

Winnerdinar: mine were from tescos Equivalent of a posher walmart

Tootsie: when I sold to person here – I sent letter of transfer with all info, including original receipt of purchase, current XE exchange figures, etc etc. Totally good for them, will have no problem exchanging when happens

Tootsie: included the certificate of authenticity also

Donnie: ‹@Gg604› ur obviously a child playing games here, u have no respect of others so ur on ignore now. don’t bother responding cause I won’t be able to see it.

Gg604: the only proof that is REAL is proof from sale from a bank or registred dealer/seller
Gg604: no problem at all donnie, good luck, and good bye

Winnerdinar: ‹@Gg604› what if you lost your receipts

Tootsie: Heck, people exchange foreign currency all the time with no receipts ,

Gg604: not sure, but the more you have in backing the better, espeically with this currency
Gg604: ‹@Tootsie› YES, LIVE ONES
Gg604: this is not an internationally live trading currency

Donnie: ‹@Winnerdinar› the purchases i made through ebay came with the same proof of authenticity that Dinar Corp provided. If the ebay purchase was bad then all DC sales are just as bad.

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› look what happened to dinar corp

Winnerdinar: as far as I am concerned its a currency
Winnerdinar: I dont use a receipt to buy stuff from a shop with the british pound

Donnie: ‹@Winnerdinar› my point exactly. any letter from a dealer is just a letter. here today – gone tomorrow.
Dianne777: nothing ever happened to dinar trade or exchange america

Tootsie: As long as it passes the delarue machine , will be fine

Gg604: del la rue machine and all kinds of verification will go down on this one when the times comes i’m sure

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› exactly as long as they are not fakes and can be checked on a del a rue

Gg604: ‹@Dianne777› thats were i bought most of mine way back when

Donnie: ‹@Tootsie› delarue machine is all that is needed to prove authenticity

Tootsie: ‹@Gg604› don’t be so pessimistic ~~ look for the good side, when the time comes be joyous ~~ look for that rather than troubles

Dianne777: ‹@Gg604› bought all mine from them too

Tootsie: me, GID, Sterling, DinarCorp


Dianne777: ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Dianne777› i am more than concerned about these 111k being brought in threw mexico by buses into okla and kansa

Tootsie: ‹@Gg604› don’t anticipate what may not be in the future. Heck if it came in at 9Cents I would cash in a couple mil, get some $$ in bank, hold on the the rest

Gg604: yup

Donnie: ‹@Tootsie› ditto

Gg604: ‹@Tootsie› 9 cents , spare we what happened to the 3.86…olol.lolol’)”>lololol.lolol


Dianne777: military client just told me today that all schedules for them for nuc training disaster has been moved up, in fact they are packing crates this weekend

Tootsie: ‹@Dianne777› are you still driving for Uber?? I saw today they are going to start parcel delivery service, ,  Tootsie: in some cities,don’t remember which ones

BOBBY: Tootsie……. thats strange….. was on the Uber site looking into driving

Tootsie: it came from the rate of another area, 3.22 + x % + .21 cents, I don’t remember the exact figure but that is where the 3.86 came from

Tootsie: ‹@BOBBY› do some research prior ~~ the checks may be good, but the expenses , well ~~ investigate, ,

Tootsie: there was a strike move recently against them, due to financial stuff

Tootsie: not sure if it happened or not, but

Dianne777: ‹@Tootsie› yes still driving have not heard about that
Dianne777: not bad, but they have dropped rates, less $$$

BOBBY: Dianne777 …. there is nothing out here around us, no trasportation what so ever

Tootsie: Actually, I have a friend, who was, is, in a group — many times all excited, group flew to New York, turned over dinar for great rate ~ Wire transfer will be in bank by Tuesday – Yeh, sure ~~ full of excuses when never showed, so on, and on

Tootsie: sorry, was on phone
Donnie: ‹@Tootsie› when did that happen?
Tootsie: ‹@Donnie› appx year ago , maybe 18 mo

Donnie: Dalia Al-Aqidi ‏@dalia30 As of today, ISIS controls 80% of Syria’s oil production and 10% of Iraq’s production, according to the Terrorism Analysis Center.

Tootsie: ok kiddos ~~ time to call it a day ~ need to watch my recorded soap and hit the pillow soon. Take care, we are all hanging in there, , till the end I am sure, which ever way that will be ~~ Night!!

Dianne777: ‹@BOBBY› ‹@BOBBY› well if uber offers in your area then jump on it

chattels: Vivian Salama ‏@vmsalama Oct 7 #Iraq’s Green Zone: 2 days after a few streets opened to the public, security heavier than before. Lots of checkpoints, congestion, detours.