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​chattels: Search Transport Minister Bayan Jabr with US Ambassador Stuart Jones on Monday, a loan of $ 2 billion for the purchase of Boeing aircraft. Transport Minister meets with US Ambassador to $ 2 billion loan for the purchase of Boeing aircraft www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: Daily Beast US newspaper reported that the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] is preparing to pay financial compensation to the families of the civilian victims who are being killed in Iraq during the American air strikes that have targeted elements of the terrorist organization Daash. US newspaper: Pentagon will pay compensation to the victims of the war in Iraq on Daash www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: That should be expensive for us.   Apparently we are paying billions to prosecute the war and now are responsible for collateral damage(s).

chattels: Pentagon Ready to Pay for the Iraqi Civilians It Kills. Next Step: Admit It Kills Civilians. Some 3,586 airstrikes later, the American military is finally gearing up to compensate the families of Iraqis killed by American bombs in the ISIS war.

The Pentagon is about to get a $5 million fund to pay the Iraqi families of civilians killed by American airstrikes. It’s a big change for the U.S. military, which has yet to publicly acknowledge accidentally killing or wounding any innocents in the country even after 3,586 airstrikes targeting the so-called Islamic State.

Buried deep in the annual defense budget bill, passed by the House Thursday, is $5 million set aside for the Defense Department to use in Iraq if the U.S. military harms a civilian or destroys their property. www.thedailybeast.com/art…


disciple7: XE: IQD 1118.0000

MichelleL: is it going anywhere, disciple?

disciple7: ‹@MichelleL› yes  🙂

Doug_W: where is it going 7 ?

MichelleL: I’m almost ready for my afternoon nap – waiting to be rich is very exhausting…

Doug_W: already DID that M

MichelleL: I saw Doug – we have no secrets lol

disciple7: ‹@Doug_W› down down down

Doug_W: I’d like to see it go to 1

MichelleL: good for us disciple  MichelleL: I’d rather see it go to .28 but I will gladly accept 1

Doug_W: U don’t want much do U ??

MichelleL: nah, apparently I’m easy – they owe me time on this one – figure at least a dollar a minute per year we waiting ROFL – comes to more than we’ll be seeing

Doug_W: a penny a minute is WAYY too high   Doug_W: .00086 cents will work

Doug_W: wait   Doug_W: that is what it is now

MichelleL: ‹@Doug_W› yeah, thats what it is now lol

MichelleL: i’m not here for my health ROFL!~

Doug_W: Nooooooooo comment

Donnie: News of the departure of the central currency auction «gradually» .. and resort to «float the dollar»

Donnie: There are three ways to deal with the central banks of hard currency; the first is made ​​up of “limiting factor” to be adopted by the CBI, which includes a fixed exchange rate to the dollar, and inject dollars into the market to maintain the stability of this price.

The second method is called “float”, and thumb the market is controlled exchange rate, while the third method includes a “floating orbit”, or unrestricted determine the specific price of the dollar, and another represents a maximum him, to let the currency float between these two prices.  Donnie: www.alaalem.com/index.phpLINK

Donnie: 3 ways to change the value of the Dinar and not one of them is for Iraq to RV…. makes you “hmmmm”.

Doug_W: yup sure did

Dianne777: get the wallpaper paste out?


Stash: hhhmmmmmmmm

Doug_W: I make my own from Flour N water

Donnie: i say let it float – let the world markets determine the value.

Dianne777: me too lol

Donnie: sink or swim – it’s better then waiting forever

Donnie: World Bank imposes 11% as the rate of interest on borrowed money November 8, 2015

Donnie: Stressed the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki, the imposition of proportion (11%) on borrowed money to Iraq, adding that “this borrowing of additional debt Sakpl Iraq.”

Maliki said: the budget of the government at present size is estimated at 106 trillion deficit estimated (23-24) trillion Iraqi dinars, because the Iraqi government showed the budget based on $ 45 per barrel compared to 3.6 million barrels, and this is of great returns on the development of country, considering that the low and high prices affect the market situation and the budget.    Donnie: burathanews.com/news/2793…


chattels: The Prime Minister, Dr. Haider ubadi receives leadership in the National Union of Kurdistan Dr Barham Saleh and his delegation. It was during the meeting discussed the general conditions in the country and triumphs achieved on terrorist isis gangs and the challenges facing the country in all sectors, in addition to resolving lạshkạlạt between the centre and the territory of the legal and constitutional. [ Abadi Face Book Post ]

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A Kurdish official claimed Monday there is a risk Mosul Dam—Iraq’s largest dam—might collapse, said the central Iraqi government would be responsible for any damage to the dam and urged it to start maintenance work on the structure.

“It is the Iraqi government’s responsibility to repair sites of the dam that are about to collapse,” Ari Harsin, a Kurdistan Democratic Party MP in the Kurdistan parliament, told Rudaw Monday. The dam annually needs maintenance, but “it has been so long since it has not been worked on and neglected by the Iraqi government,” he claimed.

“To repair the dam’s shortcomings $250 million to $500 million has to be allotted.” He also said the US has recognized the risk to the strategic dam, and looked into finding private contractors to conduct maintenance and repairs. The Islamic State managed to capture the dam in July 2014 when the group seized Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, but the Kurdish Peshmerga reclaimed the dam soon after despite the dam still being in the militants’ hands.

In the case of the dam’s collapse, the resultant flood would be life-threatening to humans, animals and agriculture in the Nineveh, Kirkuk and Salahadin provinces. Mosul Dam, once called Saddam Dam, was constructed in 1983.

It is located on the Tigris River in the western province of Nineveh, upstream from the city of Mosul. It is the fourth-largest reservoir in the Arab world, with a capacity of about 8 billion cubic meters, and provides electricity to 1.7 million residents in Mosul.   chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…


Donnie: Subject: tman23 thinks they HAVE to have a new rate by 2016 Today at 11:22 am

Donnie: Abadi will announce another turn…AGAIN…the next announcement will have to be something to do with the 3 zeros…and this will need a rate…and this will have to come before the start of 2016. They have the AML and Investment Law…But neither is activated…

They have the salary ladder hanging … and there is 2 things we are missing (do not know exactly what they are) for the “five axes” to the reforms… Then Abadi will announce the SECOND PHASE… I am assuming the second announcement will be BIG.

Donnie: “Don’t you love how they try to be so elusive now…. not saying the RV word? CYA all through dinar land.”

Donnie: lol LOL

Doug_W: and I know that is NOT the Catholic Youth Assn Donnie

Donnie: since the Dinar rate dropped to 1125 on Oct 12 it has been between 1125-1118 for the most part.

Doug_W: “”CYA”

Donnie: http://wealthwatch.world/blab/attachments/8fe41e750035d735e9975d4f22f47c03.jpg

Donnie: Cover Your A(butt) 🙂

Doug_W: yes I know

Doug_W: I was being “funny”

Donnie: i know. this was for everyone else who may have not known 🙂

chattels: :: 2015/11/9 23:36 [Baghdad-where] the House of Representatives resumes, on Tuesday, and vote on the freedom of expression and the negative pretend Law and read the first reading of the state budget for 2016. House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on freedom of expression, demonstration and read the budget law in 2016   chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – Media War Cell announced on Monday, that the Iraqi air force had dropped leaflets on areas in Anbar province. The cell said in a statement received by Iraqinews.com, “Iraq Air Force dropped, this evening, millions of leaflets over areas in Anbar province,” indicating that “those areas are Ramadi, Fallujah, Heet, Kabisa and Qaim.”

The statement added, “The leaflets include guidance for a private radio station and a special number to send information in preparation for cleansing all areas of the province.” www.iraqinews.com/feature…


chattels: Qaim is very near the Syrian border and Kabisa is north – northwest of Ramadi. These four cities constitute a wide geographic area of Anbar province.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond said Monday his country had sent large shipments of weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga forces and would continue to do so in the future. Hammond told a Rudaw reporter following a UN Security Council meeting in New York that the UK would extend its airstrikes against ISIS into both Syria and Iraq and continue to arm Kurdish forces fighting ISIS on the ground.

In July 2015, several MPs in the British House of Commons joined forces to back a formal Commons motion calling on the British government to support direct supplies of heavy weapons to the Kurdistan Regional Government and slammed Baghdad’s effective blockade of such supplies. rudaw.net/english/world/0…


chattels: The lack of political will and absence of any consensus continues to plague Iraq. It appears that Abadi is restructuring his political base in an effort to support / pass his re forms. I expect that we will witness a change in the legislative process.

My thinking is that Abadi will abandon the consensus approach and is preparing to legislate by a majority vote. It appears that he will and maybe must establish the necessary political will through a majority. The key will be, IMO , how many Sunni and Kurds he can convince to ally with him. His own party is fractured and at odds with itself.
BOBBY: Chattels. ……. have you seen anything official regarding lower denoms?

BOBBY: Chattels. …… the subject is on some guru posts…… figured it was the normal

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› The latest imaginary harbinger of our event. How do Frank26 and Mtn. Goat know where the lower denoms are or when they may be released ?

chattels: Kap and Enorsste seem to have the only serious analysis of economic possibilities

chattels: I do not pretend to know

chattels: I like to think that I am a good observer of political and military matters, but …………….. ???????????

BOBBY: i hardly consider frank and mtgoat reliable sources….. my opinion only

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› ‹@BOBBY› Each of us have to find our own way with all of this and hope for a happy ending against what seems often times like overwhelming odds against the success of Iraq and our event.

chattels: I remain hopeful, but I am not optimistic in the near(er) term.

chattels: Is it possible ? All things are possible, but ……………………

OOTW: ‹@chattels› imho thier view is skewed by certain trips to visit the market maker and his opinion (the “market maker”) about a very low entry exchange rate has been adopted by Kap and Enorrste’s thoughts on this are at times with Kap or not at all