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Butifldrm: Hi Bobby How are you this evening?

Butifldrm: Hi chattels   I am just droppin in to see how you all are doing?

Butifldrm: Lots of interesting news today   and the past few days

Butifldrm: chattels, did u see where they are droppin pamphlets over Anbar province today?

Butifldrm: I believe because iraq finally got their F16′

Butifldrm: I know I have been in this investment for a long time, but a few years ago it was a big deal when Iraq could finally control its own air space

Butifldrm: From what I’m reading, ISIS has taken some pretty food blows today
Butifldrm: yet they executed 70 social media gurus in Mosul

Butifldrm: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/…


Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

BOBBY: Butifldrm. …… just amazing

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› I saw / read about the drop

chattels: did something similar in Mosul a while back

Butifldrm: I know I read that then too

chattels: March 18, 2015 BAGHDAD — Iraqi planes dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets over Mosul overnight Wednesday urging civilians to collaborate against the Islamic State ahead of a military push, the Defense Ministry said.

Butifldrm: truly I think they want to keep Isis on their toes

chattels: www.washingtonpost.com/wo…


Butifldrm: I know

Butifldrm: I a m wondering if they think when they drop those leaflets at different times, that ISIS could be caught off guard? Like a false flag

Butifldrm: in other words like the boy that cried wolf

chattels: There is progress for sure, but ” booby trap ” removal slows everything down post DAESH departure

Butifldrm: I wonder how many Sunni’s will take head

Butifldrm: yes for sure

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› did you read the article about Iraq wantin to raise the vvalue of the Dinar to the Dollar yesterday

chattels: DAESH is a resilient and resourceful opposition.

Butifldrm: yes they are and they have plenty of money

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› ‹@Butifldrm› I read the article, but not so clear about the content or import thereof

Butifldrm: I think that article is partly true and false

chattels: most all the economic articles are ” voo doo ” to me

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› partly true and false has been how iraq news has been for many many years

Butifldrm: I believe Shabibi in 2012 had a plan to raise the value of the Dinar to a dollar…

chattels: many articles are unclear even when I have read a better translation and I know what they are trying to say

chattels: or think I know 🙂

Butifldrm: I can’t find the link anymore but it was in the 2013 SIGIR repot

kk1: or they WANT us to think

Butifldrm: sorry 2012   Butifldrm: typo

chattels: I am not of the school that subscribes to a grand plan by Iraq to deceive dinarians

kk1: but they do about war and how bad things are it seems

chattels: I am of the school that ascribes greater reality to the security news than perhaps others

chattels: But i readily concede that none of us can really know

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› I am only revealing my history  with this invesment

Butifldrm: I can only tell you I read the report for myself as many of us did

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› understood

kk1: If it was so bad, why have we NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen an attack or a BIG attempt to go after the political meetings over there

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› I have abandoned any idea of persuading people of my view and any notion of pontification

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› all Iraq has today is totally different situation

chattels: ‹@kk1› Security,in my observation, varies greatly from province to province in Iraq

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› what politial meeting?

kk1: or so the news likes to state to draw in readers

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› yes, of course this is a sectarian war

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› political meetings is all we read

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› yes, the politics is the main business in Iraq

Butifldrm: Evidently is’t big business

kk1: yes, so i dont buy into that daesh is the reason why for no rv

Butifldrm: 85 percent of the people get a government check

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› daash is just one of the reasons

kk1: war in that 3d world will be there forever   kk1: its all they know

Butifldrm: and truly a corruption and a power vacuum created isis in Iraq

kk1: and this float garbage is even more funny, go internationally live at 1166….lmao

Butifldrm: the price of oil is the big problem now in all oil producin economies
Butifldrm: Since the slow down in  china

Butifldrm: China is and was the rowth factor for the world  Butifldrm: including Iraq

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› the float factor is not garbage
Butifldrm: the IMF has been telling Iraq for years to float their currency
Butifldrm: you need to read this

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› YES IT IS, going live at 1166, internationally will be no profit for us for so so so many years

Butifldrm: you need to read    www.imf.org/external/coun…

kk1: it goes live at 1166 internationally, you can forget about it

Butifldrm: read all of these articles  Butifldrm: you will understand

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› dont have to my father retired from the cbi

kk1: if it goes internationally live at 1166, say goodbye to this investment
kk1: it would be WORLD HISTORY if with in 2 to 4 years it goes up to 1.00
kk1: you go do your research on the currency history

Butifldrm: if it were to go live at 1166 at this date and time, the rate would go down like the Red Baron under the present circumstances

Butifldrm: yet, we have an issue with the price of oil and value of the dollar

Butifldrm: today I read that Eypt which is in article VIII is wither ffoing to have to devalue it’s currency or raise interest rates because of the increase in the value of the dollar

Butifldrm: see athe problem here within lies that the dollar is killing these oil rich and emerging economies

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› research on what currency?


kk1: find me ONE that went from 1166 to over a 1.00 in under 5 or 10 years  –  you wont

kk1: currencies are NOT like the stock market

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› I know that.  Butifldrm: Believe me I have studied

Butifldrm: Now what if their was some sort of reset

kk1: reset..now your talking

chattels: ‹@kk1› Your father worked for the Central Bank of Iraq ?

Butifldrm: I do believe we may see that

kk1: how and at what rate push….who knows

Butifldrm: Evidently

chattels: ‹@kk1› ” my father retired from the cbi ”   chattels: ???

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› do think their might be a possibility that the dollar may not hold the reserve currency status?

kk1: ‹@chattels› www.chicagofed.org/    https://www.chicagofed.org/

kk1: ‹@chattels› yes he retired from the cbi which is the bis, which is the federal reserve

Butifldrm: Oh Lord

Donnie: lol  Donnie: on that note – GN all

kk1: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

chattels: So, he worked for a central bank ?

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› I’m speechless

kk1: ‹@chattels› that is the central bank

kk1: ‹@chattels› https://www.bis.org/cbanks.htm?m=2|9#letter_C

chattels: all central banks are one ?

Butifldrm: The CBI is the Central Bank but are u sure your Dad worked for the CBI

kk1: after so many years in it they are all still left in the dark on what happens when it comes to currency values until its done, by the high ups

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› are you joking

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› evidently not or Iraq would be in a much better place

kk1: no not in IRAQ, in chicago

kk1: they are all under the powers of the BIS

Donnie: that link doesn’t show Chicago

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› honey truly from reading the news the CBI has been under the control the past few years by a corrupt few

Butifldrm: I’m hoping it was not your Dad. Lol

kk1: ‹@Donnie› United States Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Federal Reserve Bank of Boston –  Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  – Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland –  Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis – Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia-Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond – Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco – Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

Donnie: Shabbibi is ur dad?

kk1: ‹@Donnie›are you trying to start a problem

Donnie: duh – I know the federal Reserve banks – that link you posted didn’t show them that’s all

Butifldrm: ‹@Donnie› lmao

kk1: scroll down to U https://www.bis.org/cbanks.htm?m=2|9#letter_C

kk1: ‹@Donnie› www.bis.org/cbanks.    htmhttps://www.bis.org/cbanks.htm

chattels: certainly all central banks have similar functions, but ………………..

kk1: ‹@chattels› BUT IN AN UNDERSTATEMENT, espcially when it comes to iraq

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› seriously I have one question. Why did you get involved with this investment?

kk1: i did over 10 years ago, because of my dad

kk1: cause when they lost thier value, after what it was, he said buy some and then forget it about it

Butifldrm: Ok that’s good he must have had some faith in Iraq

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› why you dont

Butifldrm: I still do

Donnie: ‹@kk1› is it time to remember the Dinar yet or should we still keep forgetting about  it for a few more years?

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› i will say it is tough at some times..lol

Donnie: another words is it about to change in value?

Butifldrm: I believe if and when their is a reset all economies currencies will be valued on their resources

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› its getting harder to know what to believe anymore

Donnie: ‹@Butifldrm› that’s the plan anyways…

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› but thats politics in general lol

chattels: ‹@kk1› are you new to dinar sites / chatrooms ?

Butifldrm: ‹@Donnie› I believe so

kk1: ooooh god no i was a fresher back in okies room way back when
kk1: that before i quit drinking..lol

Butifldrm: Lol

kk1: okie, hammer all the nutballs

Butifldrm: Truly I just look at all aspects of this investment

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› have you had time to look at the reset thread?

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› whats that

Donnie: IMO once China is added to the SDR’s then things will start rolling along with other countries

chattels: ‹@kk1› ‹@kk1› What brings you to this site / chatroom ?

Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/forumdi…

Butifldrm: ‹@Donnie› absolutely

kk1: ‹@chattels› less nonsence and more breakdown on news

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› oooh that one, yes, but thanks

kk1: ‹@chattels› i take the news now with a 50/50 grain of salt, BUT its best to hear all sides instead of just, were there, were close, its gonna happen asprin liquor needs

Butifldrm: ‹@Donnie› did you see the video from Putin and the elite I posted today?

Donnie: ‹@Butifldrm› no – Got link?

kk1: it one think to agree to disagree, its another to only see and hear the best
kk1: cause iraq is aways away from the best   kk1: BUT growing fast

Butifldrm: It’s on this page

Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/forumdi…

Donnie: ‹@Butifldrm› TYVM

Butifldrm: ‹@kk1› IMO we have to see the Judiciary go after the corrupt. We have to see the money stolen come back to Iraq. Iraq is experiencing a sovereign debt crisis like most oil producing countries tight now

Butifldrm: Right

nobody: Did you see this?

nobody: Insiders say, close from political circles, that the Council of Ministers may ask the Central Bank “soon” to leave the currency auction and resorting to “float the dollar”; because according to sources provides state what it called “significant returns Dinareh”, to feed the state treasury, the dollar exchange rate.

Butifldrm: With a B- credit rating no one will by their bonds

kk1: ‹@Butifldrm› i gave up a while ago figuring out what it will REALLY take till i get to go buy my magnum pi Ferrari

nobody: She close to the decision-making sources in an interview to the correspondent of “the world”, said the government may ask the central bank will soon stop selling the dollar through auction public .. gradually, in preparation for the floating exchange rate entirely, “adding that” the aim is to allow the dollar to rise to the extent that generate returns Dinareh more on the public treasury, to face the consequences of failure in the implementation of a new ladder of salaries.

nobody: www.alaalem.com/index.php  LINK

Butifldrm: ‹@nobody› all I can say is WOW

nobody: IDK if that good or bad but interesting

chattels: ” But the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, between “the world” that such a decision does not need a government directive, it is from the central bank the power, directly responsible for monetary policy in the country. ”

Butifldrm: ‹@nobody› very interesting

Butifldrm: The Imf for years has been begging Iraq to diversify its economy so they could unpeg from the dollar. I’m not so sure under the present circumstances this is the time

Butifldrm: Did y’all see this

Butifldrm: Baghdad — the balance of news 1 USD = 1119.0000 IQD 1 IQD = 0.0009 dollars 1 euro = 1201.4482 IQD 1 IQD = 0.0008 EUR 1 GBP = 1682.9092 IQD 1 IQD = 0.0006 pounds 1 CAD = 841.2142 IQD 1 IQD = 0.0012 CAD 1 AUD = 787.6399 IQD 1 IQD = 0.0013 Australian dollar 1 JPY = 9.0938 IQD 1 IQD = 0.1100 Japanese yen

Butifldrm: Notice IQD 1119 to the dollar

Butifldrm: www.mawazin.net/%D8%B3%D8…  LINK


chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› What is the significance of the foregoing to you or us ?

Butifldrm: Well who’s telling the truth
Butifldrm: Mawszin or the CBI
Butifldrm: It’s just another piece of the puzzle
Butifldrm: We just have to research and watch

chattels: Either way the market for our dinar is unchanged, correct ?

Butifldrm: Yes

Butifldrm: I truly think the change in value is connected to the increase in value of the dollar

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› Wish that we had the ” box cover ” for that puzzle, eh ?

Butifldrm: Since The IQD is pegged to the dollar

chattels: All of the news that captures our attention, individually or collectively, may mean nothing, eh ?

Butifldrm: Oh it means something. We just have to pick the pieces of truth and place them in the puzxle

Butifldrm: There’s a little bit of truth in all we read
Butifldrm: Ok love y’all night night

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› interesting visit from the ” son of cbi “, eh ?

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