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Abraham: I think with the new IMF agreement it will help dispose of Malaki

Abraham: Since they will now be privy to all financial and monetary transactions

Abraham: It should strengthen the Government’s case against Malaki

chattels: An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Christian Josz visited Amman from November 1–10, 2015 to discuss a Staff-Monitored Program (SMP) with the Iraqi authorities. At the end of the visit, Mr. Josz issued the following statement:

chattels: “Iraq continues to face a number of challenges. Key among those is the ongoing armed conflict with ISIS, which continues to strain the country’s resources and results in new waves of internally displaced people, reaching over 4 million in June 2015. The other key challenge is the fall in oil prices, causing a large external shock to the balance of payments and the budget revenue, which depends predominantly on oil export receipts.

Abraham: Because a third party (international) can verify what financial transactions were made

chattels: “The SMP will be submitted to IMF management for its consideration by the beginning of next year. It will allow the Iraqi authorities to build a track record for a possible Fund financing arrangement.

chattels: Read more @ www.imf.org/external/np/s…


chattels: “ Iraq continues to face a number of challenges. Key among those is the ongoing armed conflict with ISIS, ……….”

chattels: More exaggeration I suppose.

chattels: The pundits continue to minimize Iraq’ problems as it does not fit their narrative of an ” any day / every day ” increase in the value of the IQD.

Abraham: ISIS is a monetary drain on Iraq. So they have to free themselves of them.

chattels: Iraq’s *

Abraham: Not only a security problem, but ALSO a monetary drain on their finances

chattels: I opined recently that there are four steps / phases to the ” normalization ” of Iraq.

chattels: 1) Defeat and oust the militant forces; and,

chattels: 2) Removal of the ” booby traps “; and,

chattels: 3) maintenance of the liberated areas; and,

chattels: 4) Resettlement of the IDP’s

chattels: There is really a fifth which is rebuild the infrastructure in the liberated areas.

chattels: Add to all of the foregoing the need for a “national reconciliation ” plan and implementation thereof

BOBBY: cant argue with the reality of that list

chattels: part of any national reconciliation for Iraq is to finally address Article 140 issues

chattels: If you have not read the interview with Najmaldin Karim, Governor of Kirkuk ( only five people have ) then you really should.

chattels: His name sometimes translates a ” Nemecterin Cream ” in the ” Arablish ”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…

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chattels: a physician, he was working in the ER in Washington, D.C. when Reagan was shot.

OOTW: interesting Chattels

chattels: interesting irrelevant fact, but he has some acqaintance with American politics

OOTW: www.foxbusiness.com/live-…


OOTW: link to GOP debate

chattels: the international coalition, announced that Daash terrorist gangs lost more than 800 km in Iraq.

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: coalition spokesman Colonel Stephen Warren forces, that “Daash lose in decline because of the progress the Iraqi security forces in fighting and made ​​progress in Ramadi and al-Baghdadi and western Anbar and Baiji and along the front line of the Peshmerga and since this summer.”

He pointed out that “Daash lost more than 800 km In Baiji square in the length of the front line, in addition to progress in Ramadi over the past two weeks

chattels: called for a parliamentary committee on Tuesday the economy, the government, the salaries of state employees to the dollar exchange rate.

Jawad al-Bolani told all of Iraq [where] that “the economic and investment commission submitted a request in this regard has been introduced in the first reading of the budget law,”

noting that “75 deputies endorsed the demand for and received a great support to him.” He added that the “conversion of employees’ salaries to the dollar It will put an end to the dominance of some of the auction sale of the currency, “noting that” the auction of the currency industry, trade and production failure. ”

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


BOBBY: Chattels. …. interesting point in that article about long term / short term plan

chattels: ……. ” conversion of employees’ salaries to the dollar ” ………..

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› all of it was very insightful and informative I thought

BOBBY: Chattels. …… a very insightful read

chattels: Karim has a reputation for being his own man and not a vassal to Baghdad or Erbil


chattels: Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, announced that the government will be issued next year, 2016 bonds worth seven trillion Iraqi dinars to fill the budget deficit will be five of them raised in the domestic market and the rest in the international market.   chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


Abraham: All subject to the IMF approval

BOBBY: the community could use more articles along those lines

Abraham: Way different playing field now  🙂

chattels: Iraqi MOD: Ramadi is surrounded and will soon be liberated By Rudaw rudaw.net/english/middlee…


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi claimed Tuesday that Iraqi joint forces have made massive advances from all directions around the Islamic State-held city of Ramadi in Anbar province, and the provincial capital would soon be liberated from the extremist group.

“Iraqi joint forces including the army, security forces, Hashd al-Shaabi and tribal militias in coordination with the US-led coalition have completely surrounded Ramadi, especially on the western side of the city,” said Obeidi in a written statement released Tuesday.

The statement also said that after the Ramadi military campaign has ended operations to liberate other territories held by ISIS in Anbar province are expected to begin.

chattels: ” ……… the US-led coalition have completely surrounded Ramadi, especially on the western side of the city,”

chattels: If the city is surrounded then what special relevance if there to one side or the other 🙂

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kirkuk governor Dr. Najmadeen Karim met Tuesday in Washington DC with high-profile American Senator John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and called for more attacks against the Islamic State. rudaw.net/english/world/1…


chattels: grab taken from a propaganda video by ISIS militants in Iraq. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A high Russian official said Tuesday that some 80,000 militants are fighting for the Islamic State, out of which 30,000 are in Iraq and 50,000 in Syria with some 7,000 nationals of former Soviet states fighting for ISIS, the Russian state-controlled TASS news agency reported.

“According to reports, militants now control around 40 percent of Iraqi territory and 50 percent of Syrian territory,” TASS quoted Yevgeny Sysoyev, the deputy head of the Russian Federal Security (FSB), the successor agency to the KGB, as saying at a security conference in the Russian city of Sochi Tuesday.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/world/1…


chattels: The foregoing is likely inaccurate, at least as to Iraqi territory occupied by DAESH

chattels: Other reports place the % at about 25 and down from a high of 1/3

chattels: / nina / student president of independent parliamentary bloc honest frankincense “the House of Representatives and the ministers to agree on a reduction of the share of the Kurdistan region of the state budget for 2016 of 17% to the actual quota of 12.8%.” www.ninanews.com/News_Det…


chattels: Basra / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / threatened MP from the Sadrist movement Mazen Mezni, to “protest and civil disobedience” in protest at what he called overtaking on the financial and administrative rights of Basra,. And demanded in a statement to the Iraqi News / Nina / National Agency of the Federal Government sprayed money accumulated Petro dollars and give priority to the local government in the oil and gas file management; www.ninanews.com/News_Det…


chattels: BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the real debates new general budget of the Commission has not started yet.

The vice president of the Committee Ahmad electrodes Iraqi News / Nina / National Agency that “the draft of the budget bill reached the corridors of Parliament a few days ago, but the parliamentary committee has yet to meet to study them. ” www.ninanews.com/News_Det…


chattels: Basra / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Chairman of the Board morning Albzona demanded the return of petro funds Dlaor for the past three years, amounting to 11 trillion dinars to the province of Basra, stressing rejection reduce the amounts of petro dollars proposed financial allocation to Basra in the budget of 2016. www.ninanews.com/News_Det…


chattels: Let the ” budget games ” begin. Early maneuvering and we have not even heard from the Kurds yet.    chattels: Budget News Thread :wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Abraham: I personally do not support the float theory since it delays the development of Iraq. Because much of the infra structure has to be rebuilt. Iraq is an importer and has to develop other industries that will improve its Balance Of Payments position.

Abraham: A float will only suppress their development and makinging them more prone to terrorist factions.

Abraham: The key is the development of their middle class. Therefore a transformation of their productive sectors must take place soonest

Abraham: Thereby creating opportunities for all

Abraham: Investment in Education and Training is also important in order to meet the demand of their productive sectors

Abraham: Also it needs to be understand that much time has been wasted which has been extremely costly to Iraq. So there is a timing issue. Had Iraq not been plaque with the various issues they would have had a good head start on Iran. But pride blinds us.

Abraham: Meaning, leaders are to be Servant Leaders – to serve the people. Too often leaders are Self Serving.

Abraham: Jesus modeled Servant Leadership. Judas was Self Serving.

Donnie: Please read The Gospel of Judas for an eye opener…. If you dare….  :shocked: Donnie: 🙂

Abraham: ‹@Donnie› Don’t need too!