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OOTW: House of Representatives vote on the two bills and the decision and proceeded to read the General Amnesty Law November 12, 2015 Voice of the House of Representatives thirty-sixth regular Directors, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council on Thursday 12/11/2015 in the presence of 234 deputies, the laws and the decision regarding parliamentary finished reading two bills and began the second reading of the amnesty law.

At the outset of the meeting the Council voted on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international rail agreement in the Arab Mashreq and the Protocols annexed to it and submitted by the committees of services and reconstruction, and external relations for the purpose of contributing to the development work of the railway in the Republic of Iraq and to facilitate the transport movement in the Arab Mashreq and increase cooperation of trade and tourism and exchange law between countries in the region for the purpose of joining the agreement.

​The Council did vote on the draft property installed in agricultural lands and orchards excluded from the settlement work and submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, marsh and legal, which aims to address the agricultural land ownership and orchards excluded from the settlement work or that have not been settled within the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad’s first municipal and outside the law

and because of urban development which there has been a lot of farmland and enclosed in real estate and brought about changes of this development on the reality of that land has become so not suitable for agricultural exploitation.

In another matter, followed by MP Aziz Ugaili statement on behalf of the Vice-province of Dhi Qar on financial allocations, he said it exposed the province to deprivation, whether in the era of the former regime or the current stage in spite of owning the province more than 30 billion barrels of reserves and a capacity of up to 200 000 daily, pointing the allocation of sm

OOTW: of small amounts of financial allocations within the one who Qar in the next fiscal budget, calling on the House of Representatives into semi-finished province.

This was followed by Rep. Raad Aldhlki statement on behalf of the Iraqi forces Union concerning the federal budget for 2016, he stressed the importance of the preliminary for the Liberation of land from the control of the organization Daash terrorist and save the displaced, adding that the government has reneged on its obligations to the displaced has not acted allocated to them in the budget money,
Thanks in advance those who embraced the displaced, declaring that the situation of the budget depends on addressing the issue of displaced persons. For his part, President al-Jubouri confirmed the pride of his contribution to the House of Representatives in more than one forum,

especially in the fight against terrorism, pointing to the existence of a number of MPs, notably Mr. Hadi al-Amiri in the battlefields against Daash, who attended today’s meeting.

In turn gave MP Hadi al-Amiri thanks to the masters of NPC deputies for their support of the security services in the face of Daash, stressing has been significant progress in the fight against terrorism and the liberation of Diyala, most of Salahuddin province, regions, noting cooperation with the Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes in the fight previous battles or participate in the upcoming battles for the Liberation of areas in Kirkuk and Mosul .

OOTW: . MP Amery House of Representatives with the support of the allocations of the popular crowd in the financial budget for next year with the need to identify and prepare volunteers Xiaodthm to liberate areas of the terrorist organization.

On the other hand, Mr. Speaker Park MP Faleh take over the presidency in force Finance Committee, succeeding the late ViceAhmad Chalabi, the Council expressed support for Vice force in his work, especially with the arrival of the federal financial budget.

It ended the second reading of the draft law to accept members of the armed forces and internal security forces and the apparatus of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and the National Security Apparatus in college and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and Defense Security.

OOTW: In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Jawad al-Bolani to give employees of the security establishment support and give them the opportunity for postgraduate studies outside the country, similar to others and the development of University of Science and security Alastkharatneh.

She Rankin MP Abdullah that the enactment of the law will contribute to the lifting of the security services capabilities. The MP stressed Hanan al on the need to clarify the other security services mentioned in the bill, pointing out that some of the ministries shall not be granted approval for those wishing to study which requires embed it in law.

OOTW: She called MP Ibtisam Hilali to the application of the law seriously and adoption certificates obtained by the employees of the security services. He MP Abdul-Jabbar Rhiv to the need to provide facilities for the study and associate security services, especially the movements that the field does not allow a member commitment attendance at the university on a daily basis.

For his part, MP Ahmed al-Jubouri noted that university education requires a full-time adherents through select specific seats in order to compete to be filled according to the mechanism specified by the Ministries of Interior and Higher Education. He urged MP Diaa al-Asadi to open the way for university graduates to apply for the security services with the possibility of providing opportunities for affiliates to complete their studies.

OOTW: In its response to the observations of the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Notes in order to mature the law. The Presidency has decided to postpone the second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies and provided Legal Committee until a meeting next week in the presence of the heads of parliamentary blocs and under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council to take a final position on the bill.

The Council voted on a resolution submitted by the deputy of 50 and with the support of Legal Committee includes sufficiency read the report on the draft law and to discuss the material contained in it instead of reading the bill a second reading in order to improve the performance of the House of Representatives and the effective use of time plenary meeting, according to is the case in some parliaments.

OOTW: The Board completed the second reading of the draft private universities and colleges and law submitted by the committees of Higher Legal Education. In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs, MP Riad Ghraib demanded reconsideration of the position of the universities and colleges that have been Tasseha in the last period of the violation as stated in the current bill.

MP Abboud al-Issawi to the importance for universities to be civil financial independence to achieve its goals. He commended MP Fares Alberfkana on the draft law and its objectives in the advancement of science knowledge and the requirement that private universities do not turn to commercial projects, stressing the importance of quality assurance and specialized in the joints to reach the excellent level of higher education.

The MP pointed out that Mohammed Naji depends on the vertical rather than horizontal construction to reduce the space in the building, alluding to determine the curriculum in community colleges and government to be matched counterparts She suggested the MP Nada Antar determine service serves as dean of the faculty of civil Ban of not less than 5 years.

OOTW: . For its part, stressed the MP Iqbal Abdul Hussein that the current law has not seen radically in the structure of the law currently in force, but in terms of inclusion of foreign universities. She called MP Hamdiya Husseini to the need to include only the bill of trade unions recognized by the competent department of the Council of Ministers.

She olive-Dulaimi, the deputy to the importance of universities for approvals and to ensure recognition of the importance that the performance of students of government and private colleges for the final exam together. The MP stressed Ashwaq dry on the importance of the Ministry of Education in recognition of the federal government colleges and universities in the region to which they apply the necessary conditions.

OOTW: The Committee noted that the universities and colleges will not be subject to the investment law, but the law scheduled to vote on it confirmed that foreign colleges contained in the draft law would not be within the new establishment, but the opening of branches in Iraq.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati, to the need to settle the issue of the possibility of allowing the law to traders and charities and academic figures established universities and community colleges. Mr. Rahim led Sehud needed, who belongs to a coalition of citizen entity of the Iraqi National Congress for the province of Baghdad sworn deputies in the House of Representatives a substitute for the deceased deputy Ahmad Chalabi.


OOTW: . Then he made the MP Rahim Sehud speech he praised the advantages of the late Rep. Ahmed Chalabi and his actions in fighting the former regime and to contribute to the liberalization of Iraq. Read ladies and gentlemen MPs Al-Fatiha in memory of the deceased spirit of the House of Representatives late MP Ahmad Chalabi.

The Board began the second reading of the draft general amnesty law and submitted by the legal and human rights committees that are discussed in the session on Saturday. Mr. Jubouri face to convene a meeting of the heads of parliamentary blocs on Sunday to discuss the request from the National Minorities on the card and the law of the three presidencies of the Federal Court as well as the general amnesty law.



OOTW: The Council introduced the subject of the Authority for the Protection of National peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism, submitted by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs.

The MP pointed Abdel Azim, head of Healing Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs that the Committee will hold a panel discussion to discuss the matter in the presence of the Presidency, pointing out that the Commission held a series of meetings in order to establish the national body was to protect the peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism linked to the Council of Representatives.

OOTW: He MP and Healing that the body was seeking to release the intellectual and ideological foundations, which calls for unity, tolerance and address the roots of violence and terrorism and the condemnation of religious and political speech,

which is fueling terrorism and extremism and cooperation with the provincial councils in achieving its objectives and to provide moral support to the security forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and clans and curriculum development at the level of education and education.

chattels: Liz Sly ‏@LizSly 60m60 minutes ago The long-planned, much-delayed Sinjar offensive in full swing, making progress so far, reports @LovedayM in Sinjar www.washingtonpost.com/wo… …LINK

OOTW: For his part, MP Ali Hoalah that the Authority is working to protect the peaceful coexistence and the development of her work rules specify that meetings on the dates of committee oversees Awqaf and committees and other competent on the functioning of the Authority.

In another matter, President al-Jubouri called to calm the warring parties in the district of Tuz and wisdom and stop the bloodshed and settle their differences. Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Saturday 11/14/2015 The information department Iraqi Council of Representatives 11/12/2015



OOTW: Under the supervision of Vice President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, the election of MP Faleh force new chairman of the Finance Committee in Parliament November 11, 2015

Today visited the deputy head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed Finance Committee in Parliament, and in the beginning of the meeting gave its sovereignty in the name of the Presidency warm condolences and sincere sympathy of the masters of the House of Representatives members of the Committee of the death of MP Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, the participants Al-Fatiha in memory and read the soul of the deceased,

and in the context of modern recall Sheikh Mohammed, the present national positions and the prominent role of the late Chalabi Parliament and Makedmh of tender and hard work, and as vice president of the most important parliamentary committee, adding that he was of those who have worked carefully and faithfully and succeeded in achieving harmony within the Commission and made ​​a great effort in the adoption of the budget for 2015.

The sovereignty “that we continue to work and move forward to accomplish the tasks entrusted to the Committee as a duty and Ovaoua our gratitude and recognition of the deceased late Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, and we hope to keep this harmony and harmony within the Commission as it was in the era of Chalabi.”

It was also under the supervision of Vice President of the Council to elect MP Faleh force representative of the National Alliance for the mass citizen unanimously within the Committee as the new head of the Finance Committee, stressed Sheikh Mohammed, that the Presidency is keen to pass a federal budget for the 2016 law on time and invites members of the Committee to install remarks about the law, pointing at the time the same that the Presidency will follow the work of the Commission is ready to provide support and assistance in order to finalize the law and presented at the meeting on the agenda. Information Office of the Vice President of the House of Repr

OOTW: Information Office of the Vice President of the House of Representatives Wednesday 11/11/2015



OOTW: Speaker of Parliament receives the chief prosecutor device and emphasizes the importance of activating its oversight role in the maintenance of public money November 12, 2015 House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received in his office, on Thursday evening, Judge Mohammed al-Janabi, the chief prosecutor device.

During the meeting, Find ways to support and activate the oversight role of the Prosecutor’s Office, as Mr. Speaker stressed the absolute support of the Council of the device and the equivalent of the size and dimensions of the tasks entrusted to him, and enable it to play its role to the fullest.

He also stressed the importance of follow-up and resolution of crimes against public money and cases of financial and administrative corruption and to take legal action against the perpetrators. information Office The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives


OOTW: Parliament Speaker meets with President of the Russian State Duma and regional situation and ways to strengthen parliamentary cooperation between the two countries November 12, 2015 Chairman of the House of Representatives conducted by Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, on Thursday, a telephone conversation with President of the Russian State Duma Sergei Naryshkin.

During the call, the review of developments in the security and political situation in Iraq, in addition to the search in the overall regional situation. Contact also discussed ways to strengthen parliamentary cooperation, and to serve the strengthening of relations between the two countries in various fields positive and their implications. *** information Office The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 12-11 – 2015







chattels: Sinjar, also known as Shingal and formerly Sanjár, is a town in Sinjar District, Nineveh Province, Iraq near Mount Sinjar.

chattels: www.google.com/imgres   LINK

chattels: Shingal and Tal Afar are on Hwy. 47 off of Hwy 1 and west of Mosul, North of Mosul is already controlled by the Kurdish Peshmarga. Hwy. 47 is the supply line for DAESH in Mosul from Syria.

Tootsie: The International Monetary Fund imposed on Iraq “to curb spending and reduce the deficit” in exchange for a large loan Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -11 November: The International Monetary Fund announced it had agreed with the Iraqi government that the Fund monitors the economic policies as the basis for a possible large financing program in 2016.

The head of the IMF mission to Iraq Christian Gooch in a statement that the two sides agreed on a monitoring program to experts Fund aims to curb spending and reduce the deficit in the budget of Iraq which is expected to close to 12 percent of next year’s economic activity.

” Gooch added that the move “will allow the Iraqi authorities built a track record in order to finance a possible deal with the Fund.” He noted that the IMF is expected to gross domestic product of Iraq recorded 1.5 percent growth this year due to increases in oil production and the rising deficit in the current account balance to 7 percent of gross domestic product.

He predicted that “Iraq’s foreign exchange reserves -alta amounted to $ 59 billion at the end of the previous month, will fall but will remain at a level sufficient to cover nine months of imports.”

It is said that to get a loan from the International Monetary Fund will help Iraq OPEC member to achieve the financial stability to the conditions while suffering because of falling oil prices and the costs associated with fighting the terrorist organization Daash.

He informed a senior IMF official said last month that the new loan will be the largest of Iraq “several times” of the emergency funding of $ 1.24 billion, the Fund has agreed to be submitted in July.

And it became the financial pressure on Iraq so heavy that Baghdad suspended a plan to issue international bonds worth two billion dollars last month, because investors were demanding too high a yield. And any large loan from the IMF for Iraq will come from conditions such as Baghdad steps to cut energy subsidies (including hydrocarbons such as benzene, fuel, etc.)
Tootsie: benzene, fuel, etc.) and the reform of state-owned enterprises which steps may be difficult at the political level. Iraq was represented by the Ministry of Finance has signed Tuesday with the International Monetary Fund memorandum of understanding conducive to monitor the financial and economic policy, for the remainder of fiscal year 2015 and for the year coming in 2016.

He said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari told a news conference after the signing, which took place in the Jordanian capital Amman, said the agreement with the Fund “resulted in a loan of $ 1.2 billion Fund for Iraq submitted before the end of this year, except for its impact in improving the classification of Iraq in front of international institutions reduces interest rates semen bonds put on the market.

Zebari denied that “have to agree any consequences for employees and social benefits provided by the government salaries or subsidies are paid to the displaced,” declaring that the government will be issued next year, 2016 bonds worth seven trillion dinars to fill the budget deficit -albalg about 22 trillion Danar- will be five of them put on the market local and the rest in the international market. ”

For his part, the Chairman of the IMF mission in Iraq Gooch Christian elements of the agreement with Iraq, said the Iraqi authorities under the financial and economic policy surveillance program, which begins the end of the 2015 correction will be implemented to contain public spending in line with revenues and available financing process.

And the end of the patch Gooch said he aims to cut non-oil first by 4 percent of the total non-oil GDP to the end of the period of 2014-2016 in the framework of the program, which also includes measures to support the public finances and the other to achieve financial stability and the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. ended wealthwatch.world/showthr…


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TxBrand: ‹@OOTW› the way they talked on Fox…it was a 1-2-3 step… said it would take about a week to clear them out

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disciple7: XE: IQD 1116.7905

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OOTW: Economists: Central Bank rate per dollar laitghier about 1180 JD Economy and tenders Since 2015-11-10 at 11:17 (GMT)– The balance of news Economic expert Abdul Hassan shammari, Monday, that rate is the Central Bank for foreign currency does not change from 1180 dinars per dollar, called sound economic measures to eliminate the Iraqi budget deficit for 2016.

He said Abdul Hassan/balance news, that “there is no conflict with the currencies in the currency for the auction of Central Bank rate is one dinar to the dollar, 1180”, stressing that “there is an auction of real currency upheavals due to high before.”

“Requests for currency that abound on the Iraqi Central Bank has up to 180 to 250 million dollars a day and is large and formidable,” he said, adding that “there are no imports into Iraq with so much hard currency, and this is a waste of Iraqi money and smuggled outside the country resulting in the suffering of Iraqi citizens from economic conditions.”

He called for “making the dollar at the present juncture 1500 dinars for each dollar that Iraq is going through a difficult phase and may not be able to pay the salaries of its staff in the next phase”, “sound economic measures are taken to eliminate the Iraqi budget deficit for 2016.”

OOTW: Economists: Central Bank rate per dollar laitghier about 1180 JD Economy and tenders Since 2015-11-10 at 11:17 (GMT)– The balance of news Economic expert Abdul Hassan shammari, Monday, that rate is the Central Bank for foreign currency does not change from 1180 dinars per dollar, called sound economic measures to eliminate the Iraqi budget deficit for 2016.

He said Abdul Hassan/balance news, that “there is no conflict with the currencies in the currency for the auction of Central Bank rate is one dinar to the dollar, 1180”, stressing that “there is an auction of real currency upheavals due to high before.”

“Requests for currency that abound on the Iraqi Central Bank has up to 180 to 250 million dollars a day and is large and formidable,” he said, adding that “there are no imports into Iraq with so much hard currency, and this is a waste of Iraqi money and smuggled outside the country resulting in the suffering of Iraqi citizens from economic conditions.”

He called for “making the dollar at the present juncture 1500 dinars for each dollar that Iraq is going through a difficult phase and may not be able to pay the salaries of its staff in the next phase”, “sound economic measures are taken to eliminate the Iraqi budget deficit for 2016.”

OOTW: SORRY OOPS   OOTW: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


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OOTW: Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi Bmar Ke reforms continue unabated

OOTW: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


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OOTW: Specialized integrity issues in Najaf Criminal Court announced the completion of investigations into suspicions of corruption, which affected the Rafidain Bank branch Muslim bin Aqeel, and as confirmed by the referral of eight defendants of court investigation, reported that the judgments issued against some of them, including assistant bank manager.

The head of the court, Judge Khudair al-Badri said in a statement to (the media center for the judiciary – JAMC ), he said that “the achievement of integrity Court completed the investigation into suspicions of corruption, which affected the Rafidain Bank branch Muslim bin Aqeel”.

He said al-Badri, that “the preliminary estimates of the extent of corruption exceeded one billion dinars,” pointing to “the arrest of employees, including a bank manager and his assistant.”

He stressed that “these defendants has all refer them to the criminal court,” pointing to “the existence of two others accused of Harbin have been issued arrest warrants against them and prevent travel and book their movable and immovable property to force them to surrender.”

Badri said, that “the Criminal Court issued decisions against some of the defendants, including assistant bank manager imprisonment for a term of two years,” noting that “the rest will be tried in turn.” The President of the Court, that “one of the customers was sentenced to prison for six years for cooperating with employees accused of embezzlement divisive cases in amounts more than 100 million dinars.”


OOTW: Central Investigation refer the 36 charged with a crime Spyker to the Central Criminal Court 11/11/2015 09:47:00 Central Investigation refer the 36 charged with a crime Spyker to the Central Criminal Court Baghdad / JAMC It referred the judicial investigative panel in the District Court charged with a crime Spyker 36 to the Central Criminal Court for prosecution.

The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary, “The judicial investigative panel in the central court of inquiry, which was set up to consider the crime committed at Camp Speicher referred the 36 accused to the criminal court.” Bayraktar “The fact that the court set a trial date for the 26/11”

The Federal Judicial Authority previously announced the formation of an investigative body to consider the crime committed at Camp Speicher time and be based in the Central Criminal Court for the purpose of in-depth investigation and note in all its aspects and to expedite the resolution of the file as soon as.




OOTW: A spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar “It’s been trading between the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the President of the Federal Court of Cassation and the chief prosecutor and the head of the Judiciary Oversight Commission and the President of Court of Appeal Baghdad / Rasafa, on the subject and based on the provisions of Article (35 / III) of the Code Judicial Organization, 1979, achieving the target and decided to form a judicial body, to look at those documents which amounts to the number of pages (41) page.

” Bayraktar noted that the investigative panel composed of judges of the Court to achieve fairness and economic crime, and that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative panel to show his requests and follow-up, and this decision will be implemented as of today 10.11.2015.www.iraqja.iq/view.3076/



OOTW: Met Tuesday morning this day on 10.11.2015 Director General of the General Authority for Customs and Mr. Khalid Hamad shimmer with Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Allah Yar commander of the joint operations and chairman of the Joint Operations Authority Mr. Maj. Gen. Abdul-Hussein Abdullah about the exchange of yard trucks located in the control plant cement (Karbala) province, which are used for the receipt of goods ..

Where it was agreed to halt the flow of trucks into the arena listed until the completion of opening an office requirements demarcation of custom integrated with the rest of the actors chock and specialized to work in this arena to ensure control on the entry of the types of goods coming and checked and checked and fulfillment of duties and taxes and prevent the entry of the risk of invalid goods.



chattels: We came reform packages that we launched and we are launching and cross-orders, decisions and directives to address the imbalance in the structure of the state’s political, economic, financial, administrative and service aspects and the fight against corruption, which, although not up to the aspirations of the people but it packs a pioneer and rooted to the path of reform and usher in a new era in the pattern of dealing with the state and responsibilities,

We will continue to reform the management of the Battle of unabated or decline to include the spirit of the state and its institutions, despite the challenges of the economic situation and the suffocating presence of conflict which we wage against terrorism[ Abadi Face Book Post ]

chattels: I am convinced our project successfully reform with the support of the people who have expressed their demands the demonstrations of peaceful civilization is a bright on tradition and the entire region, with the support of reference for good set compass and supported and supports our battle Reform, and all the political actors, informational and cultural rights, which constitute the front with us reform turnout fronts quotas, corruption and terrorism.[ Abadi Face Book Post ]

chattels: Abadi: Battle of reform would continue without decline, despite the challenges of the economic situation and terrorism Abadi: Battle of reform would continue without decline, despite the challenges of the economic situation and terrorism [Baghdad-where] Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday, that the battle would continue without reform despite the decline in the economic situation and the challenges of terrorism.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “reform battle will continue unabated or decline to include the spirit of the state and its institutions, despite the challenges of the economic situation and the suffocating presence of conflict which we wage against terrorism” www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


chattels: Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in a telephone conversation with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani victories Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Sinjar district west of Mosul Daash of terrorist gangs, which started this morning process.

And gave Abadi congratulations to Barzani, on the occasion of “achieving victories over Daash in Sinjar, and praised the Peshmerga forces and their bravery in the liberation of Sinjar.”

For his part, the Barzani explained the importance of the victories that day have been achieved on the battlefield, and control of the Peshmerga forces to many areas were under the control of Daash, and the extent Damage amounted to them. He said Barzani the importance of these victories for completely eliminating this organization in the region.

chattels: ched this morning from three axes for the Liberation of Sinjar district located on the main highway linking the cities of Mosul and tenderness and are a stronghold Daash terrorist gangs in Iraq and Syria. Kurdish forces have killed hundreds of terrorists and edit several areas in the town, which was predominantly Yazidi before its occupation of Daash in the summer of 2014.

The aim of the operation as the Kurdistan Security Council says, to “encircle the town and control the supply of Daash lines and create a buffer zone to protect the town from artillery fire.” The attack, which supports the participation of 20 000 of the Peshmerga air strikes by the international coalition led by the US Altdh.   chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


Donnie: my local radio news talked about the battle at Sinjar today.

Donnie: hmmmm

TxBrand: http://100percentfedup.com/feel-good-story-day-jihadist-cameraman-hit-rocket-interview-video/#

chattels: the leadership of the Peshmerga operations room announced the liberalization of 70% of the district of Sinjar [western Mosul] from Daash terrorist gangs. It was a major military operation was launched this morning Peshmerga forces led for the Liberation spend Sinjar.

Donnie: why so much publicity for this battle?

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


TxBrand: Joe the Plumber 7 hrs · . FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE DAY: Jihadist And Cameraman Are Hit By Rocket During Interview [VIDEO]

chattels: ‹@Donnie› Peshmarga have been ” stalled along this front for months for various reasons. It cuts off DAESH supplies and arguably is the beginning of the battle for Mosul.

TxBrand: sorry forgot to tell you what the video was  :wub:

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Donnie: ‹@chattels› TY. I’ve read about this yesterday. Just interesting that it’s being broadcast one even little local radio stations.

Donnie: what about all the other battles over the past year?
Donnie: seems strange

chattels: ‹@Donnie› What do you mean ?

Donnie: anything out of the norm catches my eye/ear

chattels: Until Tikrit last month there was not alot to talk about that was positive, IMO

Donnie: but Tikrit was never reported on my local radio station
Donnie: none have been this year

chattels: Since then we have progress IN Ramadi and Saluddin and now Nineveh
chattels: ‹@Donnie› Who can explain the American media ?

Donnie: ‹@chattels› exactly my thoughts – so i will stop now. 🙂

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – ISIS is calling on the people of Tal Afar and Mosul to take up arms in a “jihad” against Peshmerga forces, Kurdish military sources say. “Through mosques in Tal Afar and Mosul, ISIS is urging people to take up arms and jihad against the Peshmerga,” said Hevidar Ahmed, quoting Peshmerga officials.

The Peshmerga sources were speaking as ISIS was reportedly in retreat in Shingal, where some 7,500 Peshmerga forces launched a three-pronged attack Thursday, backed by air raids from US-led coalition forces. Peshmerga commander, Sheikh Alo, told Rudaw TV that such a quick ISIS retreat was unexpected, because Shingal is strategically important.

“We did not expect the retreat of ISIS this way, because Shingal was the group’s main supply route from Mosul to territories they control in Syria,” he said. “The US-led coalition did their part very well, paving the way for the Peshmerga to defeat ISIS easily in Shingal,” he added.

Alo said that ISIS must be fought in Mosul next. “Fighting ISIS will not end, even after the Peshmerga liberate Shingal: we have to fight them in Mosul too,” he said.  chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…



chattels: UNITED NATIONS, New York – The United Nations has a plan to return the people of Shingal to their homes, the top UN official for Iraq told Rudaw on Thursday. “Yes, the UN will be there,” said Jan Kubis, the UN secretary general’s representative for Iraq.

He said the UN would help “both through immediate humanitarian efforts and then through this stabilization efforts at least to help the people to return at the first three to six months to facilitate return and stabilization of people.” His comments to Rudaw came as Peshmerga forces reported that ISIS was retreating in Shingal after a three-pronged attack Thursday, backed by US-led coalition forces. rudaw.net/english/world/1…\


TxBrand: Fox is going to talk about the town on the border in Iraq… the one they are clearing out as we type… forgot the name sorry

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TxBrand: Sinjar

TxBrand: he just said again… will take about a week

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TxBrand: this is one from this morning www.foxnews.com/world/201…


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forestnr4: Iraq new 50,000-dinar note (B356) reported…..www.banknotenews.com

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forestnr4: ‹@Doug_W› NP. It is good to see it on banknotes as it verifies the authenticity of the product.

Stash: XE 1148

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disciple7: ‹@Stash› crazy how much it jumps around.. it was at 1116.7 earlier..

Stash: I know

chattels: ” can not achieve the economic, cultural and social stability without achieving security and stability, which is in the process of maintaining security in full , ” pointing to” the importance of cooperation between the security man and the citizen so that there is an integrated security. www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


disciple7: Home  Security  US army announces the death of 60-70 ISIS elements in coalition strikes… US army announces the death of 60-70 ISIS elements in coalition strikes in Sinjar

disciple7: IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – The US military announced on Thursday, that 60-70 elements of the ISIS organization have been killed in an air strike by the international coalition that targeted ISIS sites in Sinjar District in Nineveh province.

“Reuters” quoted the army as saying that, “60-70 elements of the ISIS have been killed in coalition air strikes.” It is noteworthy that the Peshmerga forces has begun on Thursday morning the implementation of an extensive military operation to liberate the city of Sinjar (110 northwest of Mosul).  disciple7: www.iraqinews.com/iraq-wa…


chattels: He ( Najafi ) noted: “the need to implement Terms and paragraphs of the political agreement, in the laws that come in the context solution to many of the crises that beset the country, especially the National Guard and amnesty and accountability, justice and balance laws, the return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their role in the liberated areas, and not to put obstacles in the face of their return to take the government legal and constitutional role in achieving that and not stumping for any justification. “…………….. He ( Najafi ) noted “The reforms are required and necessary to be serious and not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws.” www.ninanews.com/News_Det…


TxBrand: tomorrow is Friday 13th

chattels: A Review Of Iraq Premier Abadi’s Reform Program, Interview With Reidar Visser

chattels: Abadi is said to be trying to form a new coalition to support him based upon Moqtada al-Sadr, Ammar Hakim and the Union of National Forces. What are the premier’s chances of creating this new grouping and will it be enough to give him a new majority in parliament?

chattels: ” It is fairly clear that there are deep rifts inside the Dawa and the State of Law coalition on reforms, with a substantial if not overwhelming majority siding with former PM Maliki.

Hence the need for Abadi to look elsewhere. The deference with which he treated Muqtada al-Sadr in reports of their latest meeting was unprecedented and could indicate he is beginning to feel the need to rebuild his political base. Whether this can succeed vis-a-vis the reform project remains to be seen.

It likely would entail concessions in the shape of further political appointments, which is exactly what Abadi has been empowered by the clergy to fight against.” – Visser

chattels: ” ……a substantial if not overwhelming majority siding with former PM Maliki.”

Stash: Somebody needs to knock Maliki off.

MzDiva: Ooooo Ooooo let me let me

chattels: Question : Finally, there are increasing reports that Abadi’s opponents not only want to stop his reforms, but replace him. Nouri al-Maliki is part of this camp and would gladly return to office, but might that be a deterrent to move against the premier given all of Maliki’s history, and what chance would another candidate such as Hadi Ameri or another Badr politician have ?

chattels: I would say what seems to be the case is that many politicians are fearing their own privileges through the muhasasa system being at stake. They may probably push ahead with any challenge to Abadi, including Maliki, if they feel their own individual fortunes are sufficiently under threat. – Visser

chattels: political power-sharing deals (muhasasa in Arabic) *

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


BOBBY: Chattels. …….. what is Abadi s position/ relationship with the Dawa party these days?

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› ‹@BOBBY› He is a member of the Dawa party.

chattels: And, like Maliki, he’s a Shiite Muslim and is a member of the State of Law coalition.

chattels: Reidar Visser, an academic expert on Iraqi politics, says that although Abadi comes from the same political faction as Maliki, he enjoys much broader support, especially from Kurds and Sunnis.

chattels: Abadi has also had differences with Iraq’s Kurdish community at points: Last year he warned that a dispute over Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil exports could lead to the “disintegration” of the country, and he was criticized by Kurdish politicians during the negotiations over the 2013 budget.

BOBBY: Do you think his party affiliations have changed any since taking his position?

chattels: www.washingtonpost.com/ne…


chattels: ‹@BOBBY› No.

BOBBY: Always thought the relationship with Maliki was interesting

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› He may now be looking for new political allies / support.

BOBBY: lol….. was my next question

chattels: He has been a close adviser to Maliki in the past.

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› ” al-Abadi seeks to that the number of seats that front up to two hundred, at least, includes chest Tiare and Hakim, and a group Sunni forces, in addition to part of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc. ”

chattels: ” the pressures faced by Abadi, necessitated his quest to receive the support of al-Sistani in a direct form, especially that against him Front led by al-Maliki and the group of lawmakers in the« rule of law », backed by a group of influential armed Shiite factions in the political decision, Finally it expanded its attempts to overthrow the government. ”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr..


chattels: Courtesy of sczin11

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› ” chest Tiare ” is al Sadr.

BOBBY: Chattels. ……. would love to know what a daily conversation between the 2 of then entails

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Abadi and Sadr ?

BOBBY: Abadi and Maliki
BOBBY: Pretty much Maliki and anyone lol

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› Of late I doubt that it is a cordial conversation.

BOBBY: no doubt

chattels: Maliki is ” blue collar ” / red neck compared to Abadi, who is favored by the intellectual elite.

OOTW: Abadi is well spoken and engaged

chattels: Maliki is very religious, almost fanatical shiite. Anti – Baathist ( Sunni ).

BOBBY: Chattels. ….. you just described half my neighbors lol

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› al-Maliki was the target of a propaganda campaign by ISIS, whom they called an “underwear salesman ”

BOBBY: Chattels. ……. lol ……. wow…..

disciple7: XE: IQD 1116.0000

chattels: Mtn Goat – ” .just about a week since the passing of the National Guard law ”

chattels: ???????????????
chattels: When did the National Guard Law pass ?

Dianne777: ‹@chattels› so what does that mean?

chattels: Anyone ?
chattels: ‹@Dianne777› no idea what the ” Goat ” is talking about.

Dianne777: me either, 😉
chattels: I started reading and studying the news to inform and protect myself from erroneous information.

chattels: There is a difference between freedom of speech and irresponsible speech. The right and entitlement to an opinion is very overrated.

chattels: In the final analysis we are responsible for our own discernment. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Forty Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed in heavy clashes in one Shingal village alone in Thursday’s assault by the Peshmerga, a Rudaw correspondent reported from the scene. “After the surrounding of Kolat village by the Peshmerga, heavy clashes took place and several ISIS militants wanted to fight off the assault by taking positions at schools in the village,” said Rudaw correspondent Nasir Ali.

He said that ISIS fighters were quickly defeated and “the village was captured by the Peshmerga, killing 40 militants in it.” He added that “three ISIS car bombs were foiled by the Peshmerga at the village.” Meanwhile, Sihad Brazani, commander of Peshmerga artillery forces, said that progress had been slow because ISIS had set bombs on the roads.

“ISIS planted many roadside bombs, which is why we did not advance more rapidly,” the brother of leader Masoud Barzani added. He also called on the United States to provide the Peshmerga the arms they need to fight ISIS, instead of insisting on arms supplies only through the central government in Baghdad. “We hope that the US will review its policy and support us with heavy weapons,” he said.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: Truly good and remarkable progress in Shingal today !

chattels: ‹@BOBBY› One year in jail is what I read from the plea agreement.

disciple7: XE: IQD 1108.0578

[08:46:14 PM] chattels: They will likely call it a sabbatical due to the difficult and long service provided to the community by him.

BOBBY: Chattels. ….. i am sure it will be played off as some kind of government action to silence him

chattels: Archival photo (IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – A local source in Nineveh province said on Wednesday, that ISIS has executed the head of the Department of Physics at the University of Mosul because of his refusal to develop biological weapons.    chattels: www.iraqinews.com/iraq-wa…


BOBBY: Abraham. ……. so what do you think about the new denom news?

Abraham: ‹@BOBBY› positive sign