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chattels: good afternoon all

chattels: The Council resumed debate on the draft of the amnesty law and submitted by the legal committees and human rights. In the interventions of the House of Representatives on the bill, expressed MP Hamdiya Husseini support for the demands of the legal committee in Parliament to reduce the exceptions contained in the draft law.

He called Abdul Kahar Samurai to amend the law’s name and Add expression redress the oppressed who did not prove their right to any condemnation in addition to an apology to them and compensate them. I suggest MP Hassan Salem failure to extend the resistance within the article on terrorism, calling for the postponement of the law until the liberation of Anbar and Mosul to the clearer the picture.

chattels: MP Ahmed electrodes with the exception of those involved in the act of inclusiveness Amnesty Law and that the exception does not have an absolute pointing out that the problem lies in the investigation process, not at the trial. For his part, expressed his deputy Ardalan Noureddine reservation on amnesty policeman contained in the draft law calling for the cancellation of some of the exceptions contained therein.

MP Ammar Tohme not to the inclusion of crimes related stealing public money, including money laundering, a general amnesty and urged the MP Zana happy on the inclusion of the accused and sentenced to death by the law and reduce their sentences to be carried retrial especially for those who were not the conditions of a fair trial. He also called militant al-Moussawi amend the law and the exclusion of belonging to al-Qaida and Daash Whoever killed citizen Iraqi terrorist act of amnesty.

focused MP Zainab al-Tai on the importance of re-trial to determine the circumstances in which the accused made ​​a confession and then consider the inclusion in the general amnesty. The MP Izz al-Din State that many of the detainees were subjected to torture and suits malicious and secret informant, noting that the law came to address situations of injustice associated with secret Palmbr but exceptions covered the positives law, calling him back to the relevant committees to review it in accordance with the political agreement.

It was suggested that the Attorney Jawad al formation of a Higher Council for the fight against crime and terrorism to achieve security and stability. He noted the MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the need to pardon link fairly the oppressed who have spent years in prison without any charges or evidence.

For its part, was amazed MP emotions blessing of the Legal Committee of the charge exceeded the border within the law to include and make the punishment of a criminal to a misdemeanor, noting that the Passports Act addressed this issue. considered MP Sunrise Alabegi that the law a golden opportunity

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chattels: Parliament adjourned until Tuesday.

chattels: the Parliamentary Finance Committee said, the government spent stockpiling reserves in state banks and the International Monetary conditions Sdnouk will make us into a financial crisis.

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chattels: According to the Commission’s decision Ahmed al-Haj told all of Iraq [where] that “the 2016 budget is based on the source oil revenues, the amount of 3.6 million barrels per day,” explaining that “the Department of exports come from the Kurdistan region is equivalent to 550 000 barrels divided into two parts 250 000 barrel from the region and 300 thousand barrels through the Kirkuk fields.

“He added that” allocated to the province, the budget is 17% of the budget, but there are limits and restrictions, including actual spending, “noting that” in the case of lack of commitment by the province to deliver oil to SOMO, the company the government will not abide by any agreement to Kurdistan, “explaining that” the financial budget for 2016 is the clone of its predecessors in 2015 “.

chattels: ” ……….. the financial budget for 2016 is the clone of its predecessors in 2015 “.

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› Hi I found a great article I think would interest you   wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Butifldrm: it’s in your wheel house

chattels: the deadly conflict in Tuz Khurmatu recently is the reason that the Kurds don’t want to fight alongside the Shia militias or have the militias anywhere in Kurdistan

Butifldrm: For sure  Butifldrm: I would not either

Butifldrm: I read article a few months ago stating the same thing and the Sunni’s are in the ame position

Butifldrm: ameri needs to go

chattels: “With regard to the situation in Tuz, between Abadi said: What a rift between Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen happen and any party incite fighting trying seditious because it would threaten after the rest of the provinces, and there are efforts to keep the situation reached crisis cell today out there, but some pay in order to gain votes and we are working for the bloodshed and go guns to Daash “. www.alliraqnews.com/modul…


Butifldrm: the rest of the provinces would include the Sunni’s

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› Ameri is Maliki’s ” butcher “, IMO

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› for sure

chattels: small wonder he was rejected by the Sunni and Kurds as Defense Minister in the Abadi cabinet

Butifldrm: the Shia Malitia are dangerous to the reconcilliation

Butifldrm: yea so now he runs the militia  Butifldrm: under the control of Maliki

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› imagine the tension once the common enemy, DAESH, is gone, eh ?

Butifldrm: Wow I never thought about that

chattels: No doubt one of the reasons that Baghdad is resistant to arming the Sunni and Kurds

Butifldrm: Do you think Daash will ever be gone? i wonder  : especially since it’s gettin so much funding

Butifldrm: I almost cried when I read all of the sympathy posts from Saudi Arabia and the Paris bombings

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› I believe that DAESH will be ousted from controlling any Iraqi territory, but their continued threat will depend upon their presence in Syria and the political conditions in Iraq

Butifldrm: As for the Kurds Sinjar and Tuz are great victories

chattels: Ramadi, Fallujah, Hawija and Mosul left

Butifldrm: yes   Mosul will be the battle of battles Butifldrm: they are doing well in Anbar

chattels: And the Anbar desert areas on the Syrian border could prove difficult

Butifldrm: yes and their are so many factors complicating these battles

chattels: Ramadi is surrounded which cuts off the major supply line to Fallujah also

Butifldrm: I found this to be a very interesting article today

Butifldrm: Ahmed al-Asadi People crowd accuses Washington of falsifying history and shuffle the cards 11/14/2015

Butifldrm: ndependent) … body accused the popular crowd and Washington falsifying history and shuffle the cards, and while confirming its quest to steal the great victory achieved by the Iraqis in the city of Tikrit. A spokesman for the Authority the popular crowd Ahmed al-Asadi said in a statement received (Independent) said Saturday that “the Americans are trying to deceive the public

and to suggest that they are of liberated Tikrit and helped to install its security through an interview with Foreign Minister John Kerry, who said that the Sinjar liberated and will provide thanks the international coalition, as happened in Tikrit.

Butifldrm: Asadi stressed that “the liberalization of Tikrit and the establishment of security where it was and is still the efforts of the sons of the popular crowd, armed forces and not for the Americans in that of share,” noting that “the Americans are trying to do so shuffle the cards and the falsification of history and the theft of the great victory that Iraqis achieved in Tikrit.” Asadi said that “these lies will not be able to deceive so gullible as well as observers of Iraqi affairs Nasrallah Iraq and its proud people.” (End)

Butifldrm: www.mustaqila.com/news/18…


Butifldrm: I believe it’s a no win situation for the US to be involved in this situation

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› Asadi is cut from the same cloth as Ameri

Butifldrm: there are a couple of articles out there stating this

Butifldrm: I know

chattels: and Hakim al-Zamili, the head of the Iraqi parliament’s Defense and Security Committee,

Butifldrm: But the truth is the US will never be allowed to intervene as all the politicians state what the US should be ding over their

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› yea   Butifldrm: they do not want the US involved

chattels: Zamili is a killer according to several serious commentators / observers of Iraq

Butifldrm: I’m sure he is   Butifldrm: that doesn’t change the situation our soldiers would be under

Butifldrm: this is a sectarian event

chattels: every Sunni with a weapon is a terrorist in their view and the only good Sunni is a dead Sunni

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› for sure

Butifldrm: We will see if Amnesty and national reconciliation makes a difference

chattels: i think the sectarian card is over played and it is a matter of identity politics in the absence of any real unifying nationalism in Iraq

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› I believe the root cause is the destruction of the economy from years of war

Butifldrm: I know for a fact that the shia have suppressed the Sunni’s for years

chattels: the closer we can get to a provincial centering of politics and control and away from central control in Baghdad the more stability and security we will see, IMO

Butifldrm: When the Baath’s were in power, both shia and sunni had a common enemy

chattels: it will also reduce corruption

Butifldrm: that’s why the best hope is amnesty and national reconciliation  Butifldrm: I do believe that too

chattels: agreed

Butifldrm: provincial powers hopefully will take the power from the most reedy

Butifldrm: the Owners  Butifldrm: I love abadi  I believe he is one of the bravest men on earth

chattels: this quota system perpetuates incompetence and corruption

Butifldrm: He should definitely have been times Man of the Year

Butifldrm: it does in any culture   Butifldrm: even our own

chattels: He has not always been a friend to the Kurds, but I am hopeful

chattels: Mahdi, the oil minister is very competent and I think that the Kurds trust him

Butifldrm: Abadi knows that keeping the Kurds is integral, not only for the economy, but for keeping Iraq as a whole

Butifldrm: If the Kurds leave, IMO Iraq will be divided including the Sunii provinces

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› yea he is no shahristani

chattels: the transfer of powers to the provinces will ameliorate the Kurdish seccession movement, I think

Butifldrm: I do too  Butifldrm: that’s why we are not seeing such an abundance of articles about the kurds and their oil procedes

chattels: nothing wrong with a confederation of states / governates

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› have you read this

Butifldrm: Abadi: There are those who speak of Kurdistan and at the same time present a paper where all the concessions for the withdrawal of the authorization   Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: read, but found it very unclear


Butifldrm: He said the prime minister that “the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and we discussed the importance of Sinjar because they cut off the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness, and the process of editing the Peshmerga participated in the Iraqi security system and the Iraqi army through the aviation as well as the lifting of mines and improvised explosive planted and Sinjar freed demolished by Iraqi We must raise the Iraqi flag in it. ”

Abadi said that “there are those who speak about flags of the Kurdistan region and at the same time present a paper where all the concessions in order to withdraw the mandate,” Abadi was not called this party. The prime minister said “reforms but did not target people who came to get rid of the quota system,

I have not dismissed any position without reference to the Cabinet and parliament,” he said, adding “the importance of objectivity opposition voices that we listen to them and benefit from them.” (End)

Butifldrm: I believe he is saying he and Barzani communicate

~~~ ​

hattels: The Kurds have little intention of relinquishing control of territories redeemed with the blood of Peshmarga

Butifldrm: and that the same people who talk about the Kurds raising their victory flag in Sinjar are the same people who talk about withdrawin the mandate

chattels: The flag raising is more than symbolic to the Kurds

Butifldrm: I know that and so does Abadi   Butifldrm: Sinjar is a desolute mountain

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› those in the news who are most critical of the Kurds are the same that are frustrating Abadi’s reforms, eh ?

Butifldrm: the victory for the Kurds was hopefully to free the yazidi
Butifldrm: yes that’s what I’m saying  Butifldrm: and I believe Abadi is saying the same thing

Butifldrm: If the US were to do anything it IMO would be to arm the Kurds : take them off the terrorist list

chattels: Abadi needs the USA to funnel arms through Baghdad to support his authority and credibility with his power base, I think

chattels: at least publically

Butifldrm: ISIS’ Toughest Enemy Should Be Taken Off America’s Terrorist List

Butifldrm: In Syria, the American-led coalition has provided air support for the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces (YPG) as they march into the Raqqa Governate and liberate the strategically important ISIS city of Tal Abyad. So far the YPG have proved much more effective than the U.S.-created Iraqi Army which, despite their superior weapons, has been unable to mount much resistance.

But America has kept its distance from the YPG, ignoring their requests for weapons to counter the U.S.-made ones ISIS is using, preferring to gloss over the Iraqi Army’s defeats and treat the “Kurdish militias” as minor actors in the conflict. This is because the American government still thinks the YPG are terrorists.  Butifldrm: newrepublic.com/article/1…


chattels: it is very complicated, eh ?

Butifldrm: Now I will say this little skirmish in Tuz complicated thing a bit dependent how you spin it

Butifldrm: yea for sure

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› ‹@Butifldrm› Tuz may be a snapshot of things to come between the militias, eh ?

Butifldrm: yes for sure

Butifldrm: I wonder if Ameri will be taken out under the findings of corruption

Butifldrm: he is as dirty as Maliki  Butifldrm: once he and his minions are out of there and the Sunni’s are given more military positions, things could change

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› I am waiting to see what happens with the Judiciary on a number of issues before I place too much hope on the prosecution of the corrupt – other than a few ” fall guys ”

chattels: Maliki said that a decision may come from the Judiciary next week on the VP’s

Butifldrm: Yes I posted that article

Butifldrm: The next few weeks are going to be very interesting : Including the release of the 50k notes

chattels: My thinking is that it may be a divided decision, i.e, Abadi’s declaration and subsequent acclamation by Parliament may be sufficient as to two VP positions, but that the constitution requires at least one, in which event Maliki’s self serving statements to the effect that he is the 1st VP of Iraq may be very interesting.

Butifldrm: Truly I’m at a 50/50 on the judiciary decisions
Butifldrm: We have not seen the reforms in the judiciary as requested by the Government nor the clerics

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› are you convinced that Medhat is retiring this year ?

Butifldrm: If the Judiciary goes against the reforms all *** is going to break loose
Butifldrm: I would if I were him Butifldrm: But he has some serious supporters
Butifldrm: I can’t help but think Iran is involved in this

chattels: Iran is a master at diplomacy – they seem to have a ” win – win ” strategy
chattels: at least in Iraq

Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Butifldrm: I often wonder what the conversation is like between Sistani and Kohmeini

chattels: The Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and we discussed the importance of Sinjar because they cut off the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness, and the process of editing the Peshmerga participated in the Iraqi security system and the Iraqi army through the aviation as well as the lifting of mines and improvised explosive planted and Sinjar freed demolished by Iraqi and must be lifted Iraqi flag in it [ Abadi Face Book ]

chattels: Haider Al-Abadi – ” The reforms did not target people but came to get rid of the quota system, I have not dismissed any position without reference to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament.” [ Face Book ]

Butifldrm: yea

Butifldrm: abadi has his fingers on the pulse
Butifldrm: that is a great article

chattels: Haider Al-Abadi – ” The three authorities each one does not work in isolation and there is an overlap in their work, and it was in the past there are clashing with each other, and we tried to achieve homogeneity and harmony between the executive and legislative branches and succeeded during the last term, but there are those who do not like him so ” [ Face Book ]

chattels: ” Kurds retake a ruined Sinjar ” Kurdish forces liberated Sinjar on Friday, with a sudden burst into the city that defied the expectations of commanders who had been anticipating stiff resistance from Islamic State (IS) militants.Peshmerga fighters inside the city were jubilant,

but after 15 months under the control of IS fighters – and after dozens of air strikes by the U.S.-led coalition – the area is devastated, leaving Yezidi residents unable to return for now. : www.iraqoilreport.com/new…  LINK
Butifldrm: Wow you don’t read this in the mainstream
Butifldrm: The Christians and the Yezidi are in a bad spot in Iraq

BOBBY: Butifldrm…… evening….. they have been for awhile

chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› Barzani proposed provincial status for Shingal.

BOBBY: nothing short or persucution

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Amid recent tensions between Kurdish forces and Shiite militia in Tuz Khurmatu, locals reported Saturday that the militiamen had torched peoples homes and shops in several parts of the town. “Over the past two days, several Kurdish people’s homes and shops have been burned down by the Hashd al-Shaabi in Tuz Khurmatu neighborhoods, including Askari, Ten, and downtown Khurmatu,” an eyewitness who didn’t want to be named, told Rudaw.

Kurdish Peshmerga and security forces in Khurmatu, 80 KM south of Kirkuk, clashed with the Shiite militia known as Hashd al-Shaabi last week where several people were killed on both sides and many injured. Rudaw has learned that Peshmerga and Shiite militia representatives in the area, including the mayor of Khurmatu, are holding talks to prevent further escalation of violence.

Fighting broke out on Friday when a militia convoy allegedly refused to stop at a checkpoint manned by Kurdish forces, resulting in a firefight that left three Peshmerga and two militiamen dead.

A Rudaw correspondent in the area said that the Peshmerga stopped reinforcements of the Dijla Operation command of Abdul Amir Zaidi from entering the town. “The situation of Tuz Khurmatu is calm now, and a siege on Tuz Khurmatu security [Asayish] building by the Hashd al-Shaabi has been lifted,” said Rudaw’s Hiwa Husamadin.

On Friday Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on Kurdish President Masoud Barzani, Iraqi president Fuad Masum and militia leader Hadi al-Amiri to work towards ending the conflict between the Peshmerga and Hashd al-Shaabi. rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: ‹@BOBBY› genocide

Butifldrm: Guys you know I love ya but I have to do some laundry. Love y’all

Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› Great articles

chattels: It must be called genocide, then the world must act By Paul Davis rudaw.net/english/opinion…