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MichelleL: 150 raids on terrorists in france and belgium overnight

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TxBrand: Michigan and Texas will not accept Syrian refugees

Dianne777: this is a mess, is anyone still hopeful this will still happen (rv)?

lonegunman: TxBrand. This is the only thing that the Michigan Governor has done that is good and we certainly don’t need anymore Middle Eastern immigrants here in Dearborn

TxBrand: 3-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated All Levels of US Govt To Install Sharia Law


TxBrand: www.truthandaction.org/3-

TxBrand: The French Interior Minister said that more Mosques will have to be shut down in the wake of the awful terror strike. Read more: therightscoop.com/French


Abraham: Let’s get it right Kap! A condition of the loan is that the IMF sets the monetary policy for Iraq! Why? Because of the level of funding being provided to Iraq.

The IMF is a business that provides a service like any other business. So they choose what control they want in relation to political stability and debt to assets ratio.

Abraham: its not that Iraq requested, it’s a condition of the loan.

TxBrand: so does that mean they are forcing them to set the rate of their currency or is the IMF…or am I all wet with both questions lol

Abraham: What control and security

Abraham: They advise but somewhere in the loan agreement is the rate that it has to be in order to obtain the loan

TxBrand: ic ty

TxBrand: sounds good

Abraham: Sorry for the “What control and security” . I meant that in the loan agreement are monthly targets that Iraq has to meet

Abraham: IMF also provides a service to help developing countries restructure their economy

Abraham: ‹@TxBrand› I first mentioned this is where Iraq will find themselves years ago. But the Gurus did not want to accept it. I was told by some that it was a joke

Abraham: ‹@TxBrand› it is a good place for us because our investment is better protected

Abraham: The IMF will also help Iraq recover the funds stolen as they have a relationship with most all Countries and can apply some pressure if needed

Abraham: Verification by the IMF that there was

Abraham: /is corruption is a powerful asset to Iraq

Abraham: I can see clearly this relationship

TxBrand: ‹@Abraham›  😀 cool

Abraham: Having verification.

TxBrand: ‹@Abraham› are we close… how long can they hold out without this loan ?

Abraham: By an International Agency of such statue is powerful for many reason, the International Court in The Hague

Abraham: ‹@TxBrand› we are now in a far better position.

TxBrand: Are you saying something has been to Hague ?

Abraham: No. May have, what I am saying is the IMF will be in a position to the best of my knowledge and belief be able to verify the corruption to the International when Makaki is tried

Abraham: International Court *

TxBrand: Yes I know about Hague

Abraham: The connections the IMF have with Fovernments, Banks and various Agencies they can obtain information quickly on movement of funds

Abraham: Having the IMF taking charges takes a lot of weight off Abadi. Makes it not political meaning Abadi vs Malaki and that is a good thing

Abraham: That’s why I speak of verification

Abraham: Takes the personal out of it because people the various religious sects etc need not see it as political

Abraham: The truth is there was corruption and it a serious issues and not a tribal issue

Abraham: It’s just that Abadi is the Sent One to clean it all up  🙂

Doug_W: Sent One ???

Abraham: ‹@Doug_W› you would not understand that

Abraham: ‹@Doug_W› that is my term you can choose your own

Doug_W: term 4 ?

MichelleL: show me some life and i’ll stick around – no life and i’m retiring to where there’s a place to put my feet up lol

MichelleL: joke is when they do some kind of hit here, we’re supposed to be all lovey dovey and nationalistic instead of supremely angry and p.o’d at how they were allowed in

TxBrand: how many states have said no ?

TxBrand: last time I heard 10

MichelleL: I only got up to 4

MichelleL: we already have them here, we don’t need to import extras

Doug_W: FL says NO

MichelleL: Fl, LA, TX, MI, where else?

TxBrand: m pretty sure I saw 10

Doug_W: we already have 100 of them as of today

Doug_W: Gov says NO more

MichelleL: Louisiana…

TxBrand: this says 7 abcnews.go.com/US/michiga…

MichelleL: I’d like to see a couple of “liberal states” say no… tell them the refugees will generate more hot air 😉

TxBrand: Michigan and Alabama were the first states in the country to refuse relocating Syrian refugees on Sunday, and they have now been joined by Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Georgia, Maine, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina, some of which say more information is needed before accepting more refugees.

MichelleL: wow MAssachusetts?

TxBrand: that 21

MichelleL: thats the most liberal of the bunch thusfar

TxBrand: they need more info.

TxBrand: say more information is needed before accepting more refugees

TxBrand: not sure if they are saying no

MichelleL: seems some idiot released more guantanemo bay detainees this week…

TxBrand: yeah …he is insane… or he is standing with the Muslims

chattels: At the end of the day I doubt that the states can legally refuse or prevent such immigration.

MichelleL: I know muslims who don’t like this either – no it isn’t all of them, but still it creates a fear of all of them

Stash: He thinks he is so smart. He is a nut

MichelleL: where is States’ sovereignty?

TxBrand: www.facebook.com/CBSDFW/v…

chattels: Immigration laws, rules and regulations is the purview and jurisdiction of Federal law.

Stash: Dont mess with Texas you nut.

MichelleL: a new jersey mall charging 50 bucks for kids to sit on santa’s lap – do you believe it?

TxBrand: comment : The Feds can NOT force the states to take in the Syrian Refugees.

chattels: ‹@MichelleL› Much of the sovereignty of states was resolved in 1865.

MichelleL: ‹@chattels› while they can’t stop the federal laws, why does that mean they have to house and care for and locate the refuges?

MichelleL: ‹@chattels› I’m slow, but i’ll catch up lol

MichelleL: Besides the risk, think of the financial burden

Stash: I wish Texas would secede

MichelleL: me too, we can mint our own sawbucks lol

chattels: There are lots of unfunded federal mandates, but, no, I am unaware of any financial obligation to the states in this area.

MichelleL: bodega

TxBrand: yes but you cant no get into each ones mind and figure out who is radical and who is not

MichelleL: however, anyone notice France wants to close all the mosques

TxBrand: you have so go by what religion they are

MichelleL: I would say the man who kills his daughters for having american friends and going to a dance may be someone I’d fear

chattels: Prof. Nabil al-Janabi, Mehdi *: Effects of the issuance of the Iraqi Central Bank to the category of the fifty thousand dinars – and personal point of view


MichelleL: I sincerely believe its not the same religion – extremists are dangerous…

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› yes and I would favor closing them too… that is were this ideology comes from the choran <— spell

chattels: ” ………. , Our economy is going ability of the Almighty, only the good Lord knows how to walk the Iraqi economy because it is led by ignorant all that means this sense of the word,…………. ”

chattels: ” And I believe that the issuance of the fifty thousand dinars category will increase the velocity of money circulation, which have a positive impact on moving the stagnant water (hoarder cash) in the case of the Central Bank of Iraq and set the filtering auction currency.”

chattels: Courtesy of DinarAlert

MichelleL: thanks Chattels

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› not sure what you mean ? it come from the choran doesn’t matter if its radical or not

MichelleL: Old testament has everyone smoting everyone else – doesn’t represent our attitudes towards the Christian Judaeo ethic at all

TxBrand: that’s because Christains go by the new convenient ..the NEW Testament

MichelleL: It does say to sell your coats for swords… point I’m trying to make is it all started out with a more extreme attitude and more suited to the times in which people were living and the dangers they faced

MichelleL: Luke 22.36

BOBBY: Funny thing…… Mtgoat said the 50,000 notes would not be available here, there on ebay and dealers are taking orders

MichelleL: you have to defend yourself, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and burn down their mosques

MichelleL: ISIS has killed more muslims than christians for what its worth

MichelleL: ‹@BOBBY› ‹@BOBBY› ‹@BOBBY› lol are you surprised

BOBBY: MichelleL. ….. i am more surprised when they get it right lol

MichelleL: lol

TxBrand: ‹@BOBBY› really ? wow

MichelleL: TxBrand, thanks – I enjoyed that

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› all I know… is they caught someone teach radical theorys in the Mosque here..

TxBrand: so they are teaching it ..in the US

BOBBY: no doubt they are

MichelleL: I know Tx – We have to vigillantly seek out those who have no love for this country and get rid of them. I just don’t want mass hysteria harming innocents, not even muslim innocents

BOBBY: I am in the sticks of Tn…… seeing evidence of it in this area

MichelleL: ‹@BOBBY› I would imagine its a good place for it – do you have private “militias” there too?

TxBrand: ‹@BOBBY› I cant find them on ebay

MichelleL: in my mind at least lol

BOBBY: TxBrand….. type in 50,000 dinar note, how i found them
MichelleL: – www.ebay.com/itm/50000-IR…  LINK

MichelleL: thats the one

BOBBY: MichelleL. … the promise keepers are out here, and alot of smaller units

TxBrand: are you sure its not —–> 50,000 CROATIAN DINARA

MichelleL: holy doo doo, they want 193 bucks for that~
MichelleL: its bidded up to that already! what a riot – maybe for a collector’s piece

TxBrand: dang ——-> $193.27

MichelleL: but i’m not a collector, just a storage utility

BOBBY: Txbrand….. this situation is gonna get worse in my opinion

MichelleL: Up for auction is 2 Iraqi Dinar 50,000 notes for collectors of foreign currency. These were just issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and are impossible to find anywhere. Get yours here first. Buyer will receive 2 X 50,000 Dinar notes.

MichelleL: ok, so at least thats 2 of them but what an insane price

TxBrand: it is for 2 though

MichelleL: lol bread and butter

BOBBY: Dealers are taking orders now on them

MichelleL: if as they claim, each will be 100 bucks, thats about right – howevva, we haven’t seen it happen as of this point in time

MichelleL: what dealers Bobby, they still exist? lol

TxBrand: so they are about double in price

BOBBY: MichelleL…… there still around……

MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› you need more dinar? lol

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› not now

MichelleL: I know of more than a few who are willing to sell some

TxBrand: after house ..yes

MichelleL: lol   I never want to see an additional dinar come in the door of this house, only dollars please please please

TxBrand: I want to get back to what I had… then no more

MichelleL: any word on the house? any action?
MichelleL: oh, you sold some?

TxBrand: yeah for down payment for house

MichelleL: wow you must’ve had a bunch…

TxBrand: just got an email… but same old stuff waiting

MichelleL: at least you kept enough so that if a miracle were to occur, you’d still be holding, I hope

TxBrand: yeah I kept 2/3 s

BOBBY: TxBrand… smart move ……

MichelleL: thats good! I don’t want to buy any more
MichelleL: smarter when it happens lol we will all be geniuses then, now our kids call us idiots

TxBrand: had to get out of this house
TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› my kids bought lol

MichelleL: I understand.

BOBBY: I will buy more……. just not gonna be gouged on the price

TxBrand: not much

MichelleL: lol Tx – ours got gifted, brother got gifted – no friends were told since they were all in monetary struggles

TxBrand: so they don’t call me an idiot lol

MichelleL: I’m never buying another iraqi dinar
MichelleL: lol Tx

Stash: I bought some rial. 500,000 for 45.00

MichelleL: I bought because of you Stash lol – but only 250k for 30 bucks or so

TxBrand: I was going to go do something … forgot what it was  lol

MichelleL: Don’t remember where I put them though

TxBrand: lol

BOBBY: lol

MichelleL: lol Tx did it have to do with dinner?

Stash: Lol

TxBrand: no

MichelleL: ok
MichelleL: I saved 32 bucks this week, while spending around 420 and its only monday 🙁 lol
MichelleL: so I have big bucks for more currency lol

TxBrand: lol

chattels: It includes tomorrow’s meeting agenda, according to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “vote on the draft Martyrs Foundation Law, and read the report and discuss the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016”.

TxBrand: Huckabee to Paul Ryan: Stop the ‘Importation’ of Refugees, or Resign

TxBrand: www.mediaite.com/online/h…

Sassy: Arizona came out to say no more refugees yay

MichelleL: cat has a sister who lives there too, but he was the little girl’s cat, born before she was – when they were first married

MichelleL: great, it keeps growing

MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› does Paul Ryan have any power in that regard, or is it just a political thing with huckabee?

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› I don’t know… they only hold the purse string from what I understand… not sure how they would do it

MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› not sure either

TxBrand: guess he could bring up an emergency vote and send it to the senate

TxBrand: not sure

MichelleL: seems no one has been successful at telling o to stop doing what he wants to do.

TxBrand: comment: Well, for starters, Governor LePage could be calling on Bruce Poliquin to defund all of the federal programs for Syrian resettlements, and the impeachment of Obama.

TxBrand: another comment : CALL UP THE MILITIAMEN!!  hahah Militia .. never heard militiamen

MichelleL: lol seems we all better bring in some mre’s and water – maybe some extra propane for the grill

MichelleL: lol call in the militia, you’re right, they are plural already

MichelleL: oy she doesn’t want to put the cat down 🙁 she’s going to home hospice him – but she also has small kids who are going to see this cat die if she does that, feel so bad for her

MichelleL: later friends

chattels: If you want to read an excellent commentary / insight upon the current state of the reforms and political posturing in Iraq then read the following : Iraq Premier Abadi’s Precarious Situation, Interview With Brandeis’ Harith al-Qarawee



chattels: ” ………. Abadi’s political future will largely rely on the way he will handle the mounting economic pressure and the probable social discontent. There is not much he can do by himself, except in trying to read the political scene rightly and insist on a clear reform agenda that can be supported by the Shi’a clerical establishment and civil society. ”

chattels: ” There is not much he can do by himself, …………”

chattels: ” There is not much he can do by himself, …………”

chattels: ” There is not much he can do by himself, …………”

chattels: How often has this site made the foregoing observation ?

chattels: ” ……. Abadi’s good days seem to be over. The protesters’ expectations were greater than his ability to deliver. This is not only Abadi’s problem; it is also the protesters’. Abadi needed momentum to make more drastic changes.

He needed to keep having what can be claimed as a ‘popular mandate’ to continue his reforms and embarrass reluctant parties. But when the protests lost their momentum, the ‘exceptional’ mandate given to Abadi by parliament was withdrawn.”

chattels: Abadi would prefer to maintain the formal existence of SOL to the end of his current term and work from within the Shi’a alliance. He might become closer to the Sadrists and Fadhila (ISCI usually prefer to be a free rider in such a context).

This will give him just enough leverage to face the 50-60 MPs block that is still loyal to Maliki. But in order to strengthen his position further, he will need to improve his relations with the Sunnis and Kurds. This means controlling the Hashd and finding a clear formula to integrate Sunni fighters in the military structure.

zidziljian: I do not see how the gurus say this is close

chattels: ” …………. just enough leverage to face the 50-60 MPs block that is still loyal to Maliki. ”

chattels: That would be the same Mr. Maliki who is ” gone, done or toast ” according to one delusional pundit.

zidziljian: 🙂

chattels: ” As a result of the complications entailed in any major change in the existing coalitions, my guess is that Abadi will not make big ventures. He will move tactically to the degree that he can retain his position and embody the minimum consensus within the Shi’a alliance. ”

chattels: Quoting Harith al-Qarawee, a fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University.

zidziljian: LOL   zidziljian: nice

chattels: ” While it was useful to see the word ‘reform’ entering Iraqi political discourse, it is still unclear the extent to which Iraq’s dysfunctional state can be reformed without having to create further political tensions. Some of Abadi’s decisions, especially the sacking of Vice-Presidents, were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.”

zidziljian: I think he will get some kind of immunity if they ever get around to charging him

chattels: ” ………., it is still unclear the extent to which Iraq’s dysfunctional state can be reformed …….”

chattels: “Some of Abadi’s decisions, especially the sacking of Vice-Presidents, were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.”

chattels: ” ……. were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.”

chattels: ” ……. were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.

chattels: ” ……. were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.

chattels: Of course ” XXXX” is saying that all of the reforms are DONE.

chattels: euters, BaghdadMonday, 16 November 2015 Iraq’s acting trade minister replaced nine officials at the country’s powerful grain board in a bid to push through anti-corruption reforms ordered by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a statement said on Monday.

The ministry did not name the department and silo managers or accuse them of graft, but said the changes were made “to appoint competent professionals … and exclude elements that were not able to succeed in their past responsibilities.” The grain board is responsible for procuring grain internationally and from Iraqi farmers, making it one of the world’s biggest importers of wheat and rice.

Any disarray there would raise concerns over the country’s ability to secure strategic commodities. The move comes two weeks after the minister sacked the head of the grain board and several other officials over graft allegations. A month ago, authorities issued an arrest warrant for then Trade Minister Milas Mohamed Abdul Kareem following a corruption investigation.

The sweeps also focus attention on Abadi’s attempts to push through reforms announced in August after nationwide protests erupted over corruption, poor electricity and water services and unemployment.

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


TxBrand: 16 governors now …refusing Syrians

chattels: The source said, according to a report published by al-Sabah official newspaper that “The prime minister instructed the Acting Governor of CBI , Ali Al-Alaq to open an immediate investigation into the disappearance of 10 billion dollars from the CBI reserves of $ 67 billion reducing to $ 58 billion without giving reasons at a time when the Iraqi financial market and dollar exchange rates are witnessing stability at that time. ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: Is Alaq investigating such a disappearance akin to the fox being in charge of the hen house ?

TxBrand: Rocket Launcher Found’ In French Police Raid pamelageller.com/2015/11/…


TxBrand: After the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris which resulted in at least 129 people dead, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now on high alert after learning that an Army Depot in Massachusetts was robbed over the weekend.


chattels: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the break-in and says the weapons have been entered into a national database. Occuring 24 hours after the Paris terrorist attacks, which also used assault rifles, there was understandable worry terrorists might be involved, but the FBI says there is no evidence of a nexus to terrorism.

“There is no indication that these missing weapons are connected to any kind of terrorism threat whatsoever. Nevertheless, every effort will be made to recover these weapons immediately,” FBI spokesperson Kristen Setera told The Daily Beast in a statement.


BOBBY: Chattels. …… did they give a descripition of the weapons in question?

BOBBY: Chattels. …… nevermind….. found it

chattels: A ” you should read it ” article, IMO : Iraq Premier Abadi’s Precarious Situation, Interview With Brandeis’ Harith al-Qarawee wealthwatch.world/showthr…


BOBBY: Chattels. ….. very good post

chattels: How ISIS Picks Its Suicide Bombers www.thedailybeast.com/art…



OOTW: Chalabi files reveal transfers and money laundering for the benefit of the guidance Bank

OOTW: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: Iran trying to mediate between Kurds & Hashd over Tuz Kharmato conflict


BOBBY: France,NATO and article 5 story….www.cnbc.com/2015/11/16/w…

BOBBY: Downed Russian plane was bombed. …..news.yahoo.com/russia-pla…