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MichelleL: ‹@Donnie› yay! how are you doing?

Donnie: ‹@MichelleL› still on the job hunt

MichelleL: its a very lousy time of year for it Donnie

Donnie: still praying i won’t need one 🙂

MichelleL: lol the eternal optimist

Donnie: obviously i have my feet on the ground and looking for a job and planing what to do until I get a job but……

MichelleL: but…

Donnie: i still keep an eye looking over my shoulder for a rate increase 🙂

MichelleL: look, i’m with you – let this happen yesterday –  means the difference between a prefab shack in the hill country or a real house lol

Donnie: NOT expecting it to happen anytime in the near future but I have to “look”

MichelleL: still keeping our little abode here, because there’s no reason not to
MichelleL: what it won’t do, however, is delay my husband’s retirement or our lives, not by a longshot – we’ll do less, but we’ll still be ok, hope you will be too

Donnie: once or twice a month – i update my post RV plans to keep them fresh so I can hit the ground running!!

MichelleL: lol i haven’t updated mine in over 7 or 8 years

Donnie: it’s more of a mental excersize

MichelleL: ok, what is your plan? you mean about cashing in, taxes and so forth? or what you’re going to do with the money?

Donnie: i’ll be ok cause i’ll draw off the 401k each month to make up the difference.
Donnie: plan….
Donnie: remember where the key is to the Dinar lockbox,

MichelleL: lol

Donnie: keep that fresh in my mind lol

MichelleL: mine is on covered with cobwebs

Donnie: which banks to contact to find a branch that will exchange on site

MichelleL: let me know when you find out ROFL!

Donnie: the initial amt to exchange changes as debt is paid off
Donnie: i doubt you’ll travel up here to exchange lol

MichelleL: lol probably not but a national bank is a national bank

Donnie: i’m more interested in the closest branch to me that will exchange

MichelleL: i don’t know if i’ll exchange at all – after all, if I exchange I won’t have any excuse not to get up from this chair anymore lol

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› lol

Donnie: lol

TxBrand: nobody else will be here hun lol

Donnie: u’ll be back here to hear all the glorious stories people will have to post about all of Gods work they will be doing

MichelleL: Donnie won’t they be out doing it instead of talking about it? lol lol

Donnie: only takes 5 mins to post before going to bed

TxBrand: ‹@Donnie› yeah I guess that’s right

MichelleL: lol Donnie

chattels: WASHINGTON — When Islamic State fighters overran a string of Iraqi cities last year, analysts at United States Central Command wrote classified assessments for military intelligence officials and policy makers that documented the humiliating retreat of the Iraqi Army.

But before the assessments were final, former intelligence officials said, the analysts’ superiors made significant changes. In the revised documents, the Iraqi Army had not retreated at all.

The soldiers had simply “redeployed.” Such changes are at the heart of an expanding internal Pentagon investigation of Centcom, as Central Command is known, where analysts say that supervisors revised conclusions to mask some of the American military’s failures in training Iraqi troops and beating back the Islamic State.

The analysts say supervisors were particularly eager to paint a more optimistic picture of America’s role in the conflict than was warranted.

chattels: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/11/22/us/politics/military-reviews-us-response-to-isis-rise.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&referer=www.nytimes.com/


Donnie: ‹@chattels› “OOTW: Central Bank: draft delete zeros and the 50,000 came to structuring currency” wealthwatch.world/showthr…


Donnie: ‹@chattels› What’s your thought on the statement in that article that said: “draft delete zeros from the currency still exists, but the administrative conditions unfavourable to its implementation until now”

Donnie: “conditions unfavourable to its implementation until now” – focused on NOW

chattels: ‹@Donnie› keybor lock’t

TxBrand: wang says people will forget to put on their shoes lol

MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› what shoes?

TxBrand: to go to the bank… when this happens
MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› I was kidding, I can go there in birkenstocks

Donnie: NO

TxBrand: lol

Donnie: u need to dress up and be professional

MichelleL: ROFL fu Donnie

MichelleL: bull
MichelleL: I will not have to dress up, rich people do what they want

TxBrand: ‹@Donnie› they would look like you crazy in texas lol

Donnie: show then you know what ur doing (even if you don’t)
Donnie: OK – maybe in TX it’s diff but in Northeast – we need to dress the part

MichelleL: ‹@Donnie› I have a lot of corporate experience and know quite a bit, I’ll do fine

MichelleL: in the Northeast, I used to wear 3 piece suits to go to the bathroom, here its a bit different

MichelleL: the bankers wear the jackets, people wear shorts and hawaiian shirts to go to weddings

Donnie: i’ll even wear shoes instead of sandles, suit, tie the whole works

MichelleL: I never saw anything like it till I got here

Donnie: i’d love it there

MichelleL: lol come on down, before you cash in – save yourself some 25 percent state/local taxes

MichelleL: funerals people wear plain shirts and jeans, no one gets dressed up except on cruise ships

TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› well we dress up for funerals lol

MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› I even dress up for weddings – but I’ve been to then where many don’t

MichelleL: freaks me out Tx

MichelleL: its time for me to get out of the chair – i can’t take it anymore for more than an hour at a time lol – guess i need a new herman miller 850 dollar office chair – where was that rv again?

MichelleL: my brother put in a standing desk in his office, simply because he wants to portray an image of “younger” than he is – when did being 60 as a lawyer become a crime? sheesh – only in ny but I used to think it was only in California

Donnie: yes we are diff in NY

MichelleL: lol yes

TxBrand: lol

MichelleL: though i will go back and dress accordingly for a couple of weeks – not longer I’m afraid, my body will never wear pantyhose again

TxBrand: lol

MichelleL: time to go, seems no one is going to give us our cash tonight, but if they do, be sure and wake me up Tx – please? lol