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*SCZIN11: Iraq is moving to privatize the government’s two largest banks[dir=ltr][dir=ltr][dir=ltr]Monday 23-11-2015 | 1:05:30 [/dir][/dir] [/dir][Image: 7e26e12f-1fc0-477d-8d66-b7859b596c17.jpg…50×360.jpg] end [dir=ltr]Twilight News /

Iraqi Central Bank announced on Monday its intention to privatize the two banks government promise the largest in the country. The governor of the Central Bank, on the Keywords, in a statement, “The bank’s management is moving to privatize the Rafidain and Rasheed Bank or participation with the private sector,” noting that “the trend is being coordinated with the World Bank after the Cabinet approved this proposal.”

He explained that “these two banks are suffering from serious problems because they Asthoman to 80% of fiscal policy in Iraq,” she returned it, “an anomaly.” On the other hand, the central bank rejected a proposed distribution of employees’ salaries in dollars in Iraq, noting that “the Iraqi currency is a sovereign and can not be a substitute for the dollar the national currency.”

Keywords and added, that “the distribution of salaries in dollars does not bring anything positive,” pointing out that “tend to disrupt the process of distribution.” Iraq relies 95% on oil in the annual general budget, while still money laundering operations are ongoing in the country, primary caused due to the absence of regulatory laws on banks and community banks.  *SCZIN11: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: Death report confirms Chalabi died of natural causes By Rudaw
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chattels: The Syrian Kurds who have been fighting ISIS with US air support and some small weapons drops are now considering joining the Assad-Russian forces with a promise to extend Kurdish territory by connecting Kurdish Cantons, an action the US has refused to support. rudaw.net/english/opinion…


chattels: expect the Speaker of Parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, the adoption of the financial budget of the state for the year 2016 before the end of this year.  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: internal: 1364 terrorist attack in Baghdad during the year
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chattels: #Iraq parliament ………….. finished general discussion of 2016 annual budget. Won’t meet again until 8 Dec wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3079) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 23/11/2015 and the results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks              26 Number of remittance companies        19 Auction price selling dinar / US$  1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$       —– Amount sold at auction price (US$)     271,347,366 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)       —– Total offers for buying (US$)               271,347,366 Total offers for selling (US$)               —– No. 3079 …………. 23-Nov ……………… 1,215   chattels: 1,215

chattels: www.cbi.iq/documents/C.B….


chattels: The decision of the Court on lawsuit(s) which involve the VP position is ” set ” for release the 24th…Tuesday.

chattels: Central Bank confirms that the fifty thousand class will not increase inflation and refuse the distribution of salaries in dollars 11/22/2015 17:52 wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: ” ……………. the Iraqi currency is a sovereign can not be that the dollar be a substitute for the national currency.”

chattels: 11-23-2015 ” zeroday ” THE NEW ECONOMIC REFORM IS IN THE 2015 AND THE 2016 BUDGET…………………………

chattels: NOT !, IMO.

Doug_W: make the “sovereign” currency worth something and it will work Iraq

Donnie: German Economy Picks Up as Companies See New Demand Surge

Donnie: Bloomberg Business ‏@business 6h6 hours ago LATEST: Germany’s economic output picks up and new business rises at fastest pace in 2 years bloom.bg/1NmKGZR


Donnie: John Kemp ‏@JKempEnergy 4h4 hours ago HEDGE FUNDS turn very bearish on U.S. crude: www.reuters.com/article/2… …

chattels: Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Mr. El Hadj Amadou C and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, they discussed the situation of displaced people and provide a decent necessities of life for them and enroll their children in schools and the provision of medicines and treatments, in addition to the return of families to the areas that have been edit, and reconstruction and providing services to them.

Doug_W: what does that mean Donnie “bearish” ?

disciple7: ‹@Doug_W› basically when stock prices are falling.. Bear markets are difficult to pick profitable stocks..

Doug_W: ty

Stash: XE 1110

TxBrand: African American Women For Donald Trump For President www.youtube.com/watch

Donnie: ‹@Doug_W› When a market turns bearish they are implying that market will go down or stay flat for a while – depending on what the market is “a while” could be a few months or a year or more. Hedge funds usually are long term investors. They may feel oil prices won’t be going up much for year or more.

[01:56:40 PM] Doug_W: ty great explain

TxBrand: Greg Abbott: President Obama Should End Lawless Executive Amnesty stand with us—stand Texas strong against the president’s unabashed (and admitted) lawlessness? secure.gregabbott.com/str…


chattels: announced the endorsement commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s decision to receive the internal security of the 9 provinces in the month this December.

chattels: “the central and southern governorates stable security and set up a committee from the Ministry of Interior and Defense and the rest of the security services and under the supervision of Chancellery of Homeland Security to review this file, evaluation and decision-making to transfer responsibility to the Ministry of Interior and approved by the General Commander of the Armed Forces “.

chattels: “the central and southern governates ………….”
chattels: www.google.com/search  LINK

chattels: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gov…

Doug_W: ty “C”
chattels: Parliamentary Economy: delete the zeros need a safe environment

chattels: ” And for the project to delete the zeros confirmed Najib said “the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it” has been postponed because of the situation security is stable”in what it said that” the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project. ”

chattels: ” ……….. postponed because of the situation security ………..”

TxBrand: :sick:

chattels: “said Najib that” the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely because it will include all operating in the country banks to receive the old currency and replaced by the new and the old collection and destruction of pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them.

chattels: ” ………pointing out the difficulty of the success of that process in the provinces experiencing control Daash parts of them.”

chattels: ” ……….the subject of deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely

chattels: ………”  chattels: www.almadapaper.net/ar/ne… link

chattels: Well !   chattels: there you r !

Doug_W: imagine that

TxBrand: always something

Doug_W: they ARE making progress tho

TxBrand: I hope

TxBrand: maybe when ISIS is gone.

TxBrand: like chattels has said all along
TxBrand: guess I better not put words in his mouth…but I think that what he thinks

Doug_W: me too Top shelf

Donnie: IMO ISIS and DAESH will never be completely gone.
Donnie: they have to determine what existence of ISIS and DAESH they can live with.

TxBrand: ‹@Donnie› u r right .. but they need to get them down to a few

Doug_W: $1000.00 reward on the head of terrorists fleeing Mosul

TxBrand: ‹@Doug_W› is that all ?

TxBrand: ill pitch in a few lol

chattels: the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable

chattels: ” The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more. ”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: ” the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable”

chattels: ” the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable”

chattels: ” the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable”

chattels: Abadi office: the reforms will continue for long periods and leave the dependence on oil
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