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chattels: see ” Article 140 / The Elephant At The Negotiating Table As Kurds and Iraqis Reach Oil Deal ” www.niqash.org/en/article… http://www.niqash.org/en/articles/politics/3593/

chattels: See ” Barzani announces implementing Article 140 of Constitution ” www.iraqinews.com/baghdad… http://www.iraqinews.com/baghdad-politic…stitution/

disciple7: XE: IQD 1107
disciple7: Not sure if XE really helps us determine anything as far as where the iqd is headed but that’s the lowest I ever seen it

Doug_W: I guess time will tell

disciple7: ‹@Doug_W› soon doug soon

Doug_W: USA Soon or Iraq soon ?

Stash: Lowest i have seen it too. Gm y’all

TxBrand: guys we gotta fight hard to save our country www.youtube.com/watch


Tootsie: Thought for the Day “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.” ~ Voltaire (1694-1778)

TxBrand: another thought for the day ISLAM IS NOT ALLOWED IN USA! Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration – 1952 McCarran Walters ACT

TxBrand: ‹@Tootsie› they are not going to rebuild that restraint in Old Town Spring… its up for sale as is .. I think your the one I was talking to about that lol

Tootsie: that act was updated in 1965 ~ as posted earlier. McCarren was aimed at subversives such as communists. Islamists as a whole do not advocate such ~ not all islamists are terrorists ~ – There are American born and those with citizenship that are in our Military, ~~ upholding the USA ~ Religion is not a basis for torrirsts ~ radicalization comes in all forms, and all religions. ~~ can’t pick on just one.

Tootsie: Sad they are not rebuilding, but if they did the ghost may not appear in the new one LOL.

Tootsie: maybe in a bit LOL.

TxBrand: all islamists advocates the overthrow of our government

Tootsie: Saw this other day ~ Tayyib M. Rashid ‎@MuslimMarine Hey @realDonaldTrump, I’m an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where’s yours? #SemperFi #USMC 12:23 PM – 19 Nov 2015 35,330 35,330 Retweets 46,517 46,517 likes

Tootsie: whatever ~ I can’t judge people by what their choice or not is for religion ~
Tootsie: depends upon which site one chooses to read as to opinions. ~ I guess
Tootsie: gotta let Amber out ~ then hit grocers

TxBrand: its not a religion
TxBrand: Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited

Tootsie: Well, I won;’t argue with several sources stating that it is ~~ www.religionfacts.com/isl…Islam    http://www.religionfacts.com/islam

Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, with over 1 billion followers. It is a monotheistic faith based on revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad in 7th-century Saudi Arabia. The Arabic word islammeans “submission,” reflecting the faith’s central tenet of submitting to the will of God.

Followers of Islam are called Muslims. According to Islamic tradition, the angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet over the course of 20 years, revealing to him many messages from God. Muslims recognize some earlier Judeo-Christian prophets—including Moses and Jesus—as messengers of of the same true God. But in Islam, but Muhammad is the last and greatest of the prophets, whose revelations alone are pure and uncorrupted. continues in aove

TxBrand: ‹@Tootsie› are you a muslim ?

Tootsie: no, German heritage primarily, Baptist turned Catholic

TxBrand: their religion tells them to lie …

Tootsie: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isl… ` very interesting, ~  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam

Tootsie: Believe what you want to, I just do not believe in trying to spread anything at all on a chat room that will hurt anyone. We have no idea who, what, relation, color, race, creed, disabled , not disabled or a multitude of other items. I DO NOT want to OFFEND anyone at all on a chat room. Be Mindful of what is stated – my motto

Tootsie: religion, not relation
Tootsie: amber need to piddle, later ~~ Have a great day all

TxBrand: You don’t what to warn people of the Fact that they want to hurt us… take over our country ? Its ok for them to hurt us… we are suppose to sit back and watch it happen ?

TxBrand: www.facebook.com/EricAlle… https://www.facebook.com/EricAllenBell/videos/812261468851843/

Tootsie: This is not the venue for such a discussion ~ of course not. But I would not call all of the German population Nazis either. One can find supporting evidence of anything they want to ~ that is very easy to do.

Again, I will not try to sway or be judgemental on a chat room that is supposedly associated with Iraqi dinar/ and Iraq. Please do not try to put words in my mouth or assumptions ~ Again, one can find anything they want to on the internet, particularly social media. Anyone can spout off whatever they want to and so on.

TxBrand: ‹@Tootsie› you need to educate yourself… watch that video… then say things like that

Tootsie: Again, they are wondering why so little participation in this chat room. – heck If I went into a new chat room and saw some of what has been here in last few days I would not come back either. oh well.    Tootsie: I am educated, ty kindly.

TxBrand: this happens to do with the title of the chat room
TxBrand: your saying this has nothing to do with wealth ?
TxBrand: your not educated in what Islam mean… darn you to watch this and say the same thing www.facebook.com/EricAlle…


chattels: a member of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy, stressed that “the investment environment in Iraq so far not fully equipped and vary between the province and the other”, noting that it “needs to be incentives to attract investors.”

The MP Najiba Najib told all of Iraq [where], the lack of fertile environment for investors in Iraq is not limited only to the security file, but on corruption and personal interests in addition to the red tape that hampers investors access to attractive offers to attract them.

chattels: the lack of fertile environment for investors in Iraq is not limited only to the security file, but on corruption and personal interests in addition to the red tape that hampers investors access to attractive offers to attract them.

chattels: “………. the security file, but on corruption and personal interests in addition to the red tape that hampers investors ……….”

chattels: “She added,” The red tape and extortion suffered by investors about Iraq to a repellent for the investor, “indicating that” the government and the parliament are seeking to pass laws and administrative decisions that can be attractive for the investor.

chattels: ” …………. repellent for the investor ……….. ”

chattels: ” …………….. the parliament are seeking to pass laws and administrative decisions that can be attractive for the investor.”  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: the Minister of Finance revealed on Sunday that Iraq will receive a $ 1.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. Zebari said in a statement that “the International Monetary Fund does not have any requirements on Iraq to give him financial loans but has a program to assist in the financial management and the economy, which helped the collection of soft loans from some international organizations.”

He added that “Iraq will take over soon billion and $ 200 million as a soft loan from the International Monetary Fund, noting that “Iraq is not bankrupt nor poor, but requires cooperation and good use and recruitment of his money.”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

Doug_W: W B “C”

chattels: Parliament denies receiving the cancellation of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic, despite a government law passed in September 11/28/2015 22:57  chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…


chattels: the Federal court decision on appeal is bizarre

Doug_W: political cronyism at play

chattels: I wonder what if anything has been accomplished

chattels: the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary monitoring role of the Ministry of Oil in the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery shortest possible time, and that the coming days will witness joint meetings to discuss the rehabilitation mechanism fully.

“He pointed Mezni” The rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery process cost the government huge sums of money because of the great damage done by the war with Palmcefy Daash terrorist gangs, which had controlled the refinery “. wealthwatch.world/showthr


chattels: AMEDI, Kurdistan Region — Turkey late Sunday once again started shelling Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in border villages of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Turkish artillery began shelling the villages of Bedkar, Spindar, Baluka and Kara in the Kani Masi district of Amedi, according to Rudaw correspondent Gharib Majid.

Intermittent Turkish shelling is ongoing and casualties are not yet known. Ankara has a history of bombarding border areas of the Kurdistan region in Iraq to target PKK fighters, mostly around Mount Qandil.    chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist…


chattels: PARIS, France – French authorities said Sunday a record number of 120,000 police and military personnel will be patrolling Paris while the French capital hosts a world summit on climate change for two weeks, starting Monday. rudaw.net/english/world/2…


chattels: left the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, to Paris to participate in a climate which will be held on Monday in the presence of 150 political leaders from various countries of the world conference. www.alliraqnews.com/modul.


chattels: 11/29/2015 IMF Poised To Put Chinese Yuan In Elite Currency Basket AFP By Jean-Louis Doublet The International Monetary Fund is expected to approve inclusion of China’s yuan in its SDR basket of elite currencies on Monday, rewarding Beijing’s strong pursuit of the global status. news.yahoo.com/imf-poised… http://news.yahoo.com/imf-poised-put-chinese-yuan-elite-currency-basket-053607597.html?soc_src

[08:41:43 PM] chattels: wmawhite says Here is a very good new media outlet from Kurdistan. I check it every morning: rudaw.net/English    http://rudaw.net/english

chattels: new ??????????????  chattels: Been posting news from Rudaw for years
chattels: GOLD PRICE 1,054.78

RVPlease: Better Read the FIFTH Paragraph:… translate.google.com/tran…

RVPlease: says Shabs is Gov of CBI

chattels: ” headed ” = historical reference I believe

chattels: ” The central bank, headed by Shabibi has succeeded in strengthening the confidence of the Iraqi dinar due to strict policies on the one hand, and an increase in oil revenues on the other hand, and this was born the confidence of a relative of the Iraqi economy, which is already weak economy to its dependence on a single commodity is oil, and because the state neglected the development of industry and agriculture sectors Over the past ten years.”

chattels: ” increase in oil revenues ” ???????????? currently ????????????
chattels: GOLD PRICE 1,053.54

chattels: ” Conference held recently, Dr. Ali Keywords Governor of the Central Bank …. ”

chattels: same article

chattels: Congress threatens to shut down government over Syrian refugees Republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down the government to keep Syrian refugees out of the country. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…


chattels: * Accept the fact that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue!
chattels: * Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

chattels:  ” Why ISIL Will Fail on Its Own ”

chattels: ” As a movement, it’s dangerous. But as a state, it’s collapsing. Here’s how to make that work for us.”

chattels: By ELI BERMAN and JACOB N. SHAPIRO November 29, 2015

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…  http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3110

chattels: Craig Whiteside ‏@CraigAWhiteside 2h2 hours ago Craig Whiteside Retweeted Lawrence Rubin Berman and Shapiro make a great argument here that IS is doomed as an economic entity. Good news for us.

chattels: ” In the accelerating public discussion of ISIL, it’s easy to become focused on what we don’t know: ……….. ”
chattels: Like the IQd , eh ?

chattels: ” ………… ISIL is most usefully thought of as a state. Not a state with recognized borders, but an entity that needs to control territory in order to sustain its message, validate its propaganda and maintain much of its capacity.

And if it’s is a state, then the good news is that it’s an extremely weak one: geographically vulnerable, with an unsustainable resource base and a grave problem with its population. As we decide how to confront it, there are three crucial points to understand.”

chattels: ” Money : The first thing to recognize about ISIL is that it has an intractable funding problem.”

chattels: ” ……….. ISIL is left with what has been revealed as its main funding source: extorting funds from the population under its control. This is standard practice for rebel groups, showing up with guns at roadblocks and businesses and demanding payment or confiscating goods.

But extortion, too, is unsustainable as the most productive residents flee, taking their capital with them (both human and physical), inflation erodes the value of taxes that are collected and people exposed to excessive taxation stop investing in productive activities.”

chattels: ” People : …………….. the group has suffered massive departures from its territory, so many that its propaganda machine has taken to attacking those who leave.”

chattels: ” ………… the people attracted by ISIL’s global recruiting drive amount to an army of fighters—low-skilled ideologues, for the most part, rather than the engineers, administrators and entrepreneurs that an economy would require to thrive, at least to judge from published reports.”

chattels: ” Regime competence : Even absent attrition, ISIL would be doomed as a state.”

chattels: ” It is impossible to predict how long it will take for the state’s economy to collapse, but the collapse over time is certain.”

chattels: ” As the Soviet Union was to communism, so ISIL is to jihadism: the purest articulation of a noxious ideology of governance, which incidentally has little connection to Islam. If we allow it to fail, then it will be clearly a failure of ISIL as an idea. The same is not true of a military defeat at the hands of Western forces.

Given its deep structural weaknesses and its symbolic value in the global war of ideas, our best strategy is almost surely one based on containment, allowing the group’s motivating ideology to destroy the group from the inside—and thus more rapidly find its proper place in the dustbin of history.”

chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…

chattels: ” Knowing all that, and thinking of ISIL as a state, implies that “containment plus” indeed makes sense. We’re fighting a failed state in the making, one that will implode if merely contained, and will collapse even faster under coordinated economic and military pressure from its neighbors. Granted, this view of ISIL as eventually doomed does not treat the urgent threats it poses, both in the Middle East and in the West. ”

chattels: Good news for us.

chattels: former PM Nuri al-Maliki, says he will be in Iran some days for health treatment www.vpo.iq/NewsDetails.as… … http://www.vpo.iq/NewsDetails.aspx?Nid=28223

chattels: ” ………. the disputed laws such as oil and gas and the amnesty law of the Federal Court Act will remain deferred to the next legislative term ”  chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: ” ………… we are waiting for the government to send the supporting laws reforms and complementary …………. ”

chattels: ” head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need for legislation of laws for government reforms.”   chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: ” called for the House of Representatives decision Imad Youkhana, the government, the reform bills sent to the Parliament, in order to vote. ”   chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: expect the Speaker of Parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, the adoption of the financial budget of the state for the year 2016 before the end of this year. www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: Parliament ends its discussion of the budget and to raise its the eighth of next month www.alliraqnews.com/modul…

chattels: Waiting to hear from the Kurds on the budget, IMO

chattels: Good night all. Tomorrow is another day.