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MichelleL: ‹@chattels› ‹@chattels› ‹@chattels› hi! how are you this evening? and what is some yoyo mamma talking about on recraps – 13 cents for zimbabwe dollar? lol

MichelleL: and who was it who was going to give me .47 or 3.47 per vnd? ROFL this is more of a fairy tale group than a bible study one for sure

MichelleL: this keyboard didn’t work 10 minutes ago, my husband touched it, told me I was nuts and it started to behave

chattels: another ” miracle ” 🙂

MichelleL: ‹@chattels› I’d rather see the dong at 4.7 cents 😉

tourman: gotta love the bank stories. Get a real chuckle at the BS and bufoonery (sp)

MichelleL: BS is fun, at least we’re a grounded bunch in here 😉

tourman: I love the one where the dude is sitting at the Wealth Managers desk and he/she won”t show him the currency screen. bwahahahahahahaha

MichelleL: look tourman, i’m feeling very good about our investment this week – figured it out and at the xe price, if someone would pay it, I’m only down like 4k on all my currency purchases ROFL

chattels: ” We few, we happy few, we band of brothers ( and sisters ); ………… ”

MichelleL: isn’t that nice tourman? how about “its either 3.47 or .47”

chattels: St. Crispin’s Day Speech of Shakespeare’s Henry V.

tourman: take your pik… i would hold out for the .00045

MichelleL: I didn’t remember the “and sisters” part lol

tourman: ‹@chattels› Lets hear it sir!!

MichelleL: ‹@tourman› I’m talking dong now lol – we didn’t buy a lot, but we bought enough when we couldn’t buy any more dinar

tourman: with the VND we are waiting on the removal of the 15 zero project to start

tourman: ‹@MichelleL› almost bought some of that funny money too

MichelleL: tourman, you can take my cat, take my husband, take my kitchen sink, but stay away from my 15 zeros lol

tourman: :laughing:  😀

MichelleL: was cheap tourman, cheap and easier than the dinar
MichelleL: like lottery tickets

tourman: i bet, get a whole lot more paper for the buck

MichelleL: how are you feeling tourman?

MichelleL: not good paper, crappy paper with little plastic holes in them lol

{Recaps Note: the following is off topic of dinar / currency but felt some may enjoy the read}

tourman: full… at the Shrimp platter at Red Slobster this evening. Over all real good hun

MichelleL: lol i’m not a big red lobster patron – last time I had something there was in phoenix and it was late – we were a table of like 7 and the food tasted old to me

MichelleL: we ate at a new italian place this afternoon – i’m gaining weight for my husband’s vacation.

MichelleL: It was really good, I should tell Stash about it when I see him, he comes down here to see his son

tourman: it really depends on the restaurant too. Where is the vacation taking place?

MichelleL: we are taking our vacation at “firestone 600 dollar car repair” and “back yard that needs serious gardening” spa

tourman: ‹@chattels› Where are the notes from the “Wet Blanket Society” meeting this week?  :w00t:

tourman: ‹@MichelleL› Oh OK…… LOL

MichelleL: he’s retiring in a few weeks, we’re going to new orleans for my birthday

tourman: ‹@MichelleL› Thats cool. Love Nawlins

chattels: ‹@tourman› no quorum 🙂

MichelleL: so do I tourman, but I’ve not stayed in the city since Katrina, just driven past

MichelleL: lol chattels

tourman: ‹@chattels› hehehehehe

MichelleL: its only around 7 hours from here, more or less

tourman: ‹@MichelleL› ya, lat time I was there was in 1985

MichelleL: we had our first honeymoon there – we’re not the same people lol
MichelleL: i dont even know if I can do the stairs at the hotel anymore lol

tourman: ‹@MichelleL› What. you havent changed that much.  :w00t:  🙁  :ermm:
‘ MichelleL: so true 🙂 its a blessing my eyes have deteriorated with my waist, I don’t look as bad without being able to see

MichelleL: i gave my husband a pic of me a while back and its in his wallet – I saw it today and wondered why he had a pic of my grandma HAHAHAHA

tourman: Aint that the truth …lol I am going to see if my cardiologist will allow me to take homeopathic supplements to replace my statins.

MichelleL: tourman I do

tourman: what you take?

MichelleL: I actually don’t – I take niacin, time released – and its done miraculously on my cholesterol over the years

tourman: I think I remember you telling me that.

MichelleL: my good cholesterol is great, bad is not so bad – and coconut oil will make your good cholesterol even better

MichelleL: and do wonders for your blood sugar

tourman: I hear grape seed good

MichelleL: with my never ending dieting, I’m off coconut oil for a while now

MichelleL: check it out, let me know how you do – shame we need docs prescriptions to get blood tests

tourman: I just dont want my liver to be processing this crap for the rest of my life

MichelleL: I’m also currently taking sea buckthorn (omega 7) and I think I like it a lot, however, it takes a couple of months to really get to work your whole system

MichelleL: tourman, I don’t want statins – my sister and brother both take them, my numbers are better without

tourman: do you take is as a tea?

MichelleL: the sea buckthorn is like an internal moisturizer, and good for your skin too

MichelleL: nope, I’m taking sibu supplements – they’re on amazon, but you’ll find many varieties and brands there

tourman: just checking it out on webmd

MichelleL: ok, I think its good for skin elasticity, general well being

tourman: hmm. ok, I am going to run this all by my doc… just to see what his comments are. He is young, so I think he is not stuck on just the chems for his patients

MichelleL: one thing though, I actually went for a shingles shot today – I hope it works, but its only 50% effective at preventing shingles, and I took it today just because my insurance is changing on the first of the year and now its 100% covered

MichelleL: that is normally around 220 bucks

tourman: I take effient and its $350 for 60 tabs.. I have had two outbreaks of shingles on my left neck area. OUCH!!

MichelleL: but we’ve been talking about taking the shot for years – you should get the injection, maybe it will make it better

MichelleL: does it ever appear under the arm, on the trunk? my husband has a nasty rash going there right now

tourman: too late. once it manifests itself, you will have outbreaks no matter what

MichelleL: maybe lessen the impact of your outbreak

tourman: It can be anywhere. I knew a guy who had it in his mouth

MichelleL: no, they really say it may make it “not as bad”

MichelleL: I knew a family friend who had it in her eye 🙁

tourman: ouch
tourman: i have no insurance, but I know the shingles shot is cheap anyway

tourman: you said $220?

MichelleL: thats what it was, but it may have gone down

tourman: wow, I will check tomorrow, Have to go to CVS anyway

MichelleL: I think sams club was selling it for around 165 or so, we did both get the shot today, just because I wanted to have it done  —   cvs may be higher priced

tourman: RV please!!!!

MichelleL: the pharmacist said it works 50% of the time, and those who’re still going to get outbreaks should get milder ones

MichelleL: lol yup, pretty please!

tourman: that way i dont have to worry about shelling out $300 to $400 bucks. Pocket change  lol

MichelleL: tourman, i’m going to pm you

tourman: I will be getting my metoprolol and Atorvostatin up there

tourman: metaprolol
tourman: it keeps putting that smily face at the end of my drug name hehehehe
tourman: l o l
tourman: meto pro l o l

MichelleL: gotcha lol

tourman: ok, My doc did take me off of Bystolic cause it was really making me sleepy during the day
tourman: gotcha
tourman: you got it!!! Tired of massaging people too. I need a huge break from this job.

MichelleL: my cardiologist invited me to his christmas party this sunday
MichelleL: If I had rv money, I’d give that guy’s 9 kids secret scholarships

tourman: should be a nice wingding. 9 kids OMG

MichelleL: he’s great, wish he were my internist too
MichelleL: he’s a very good catholic lol – and very devout ROFL

tourman: i saw where cardio’s make a min. of $350g a year

MichelleL: not this one

MichelleL: this one is more into clinic work to tell the truth – he makes an ok living but nothing great

tourman: i guess it depends on what you want out of it too

MichelleL: and he volunteers and goes to bombay or whatever its called now, to work for free on his vacations every single year

MichelleL: he’s actually got a “calling” and didn’t get into this as a money making deal – believe me I haven’t met too many7 doctors like that in recent years

tourman: i have a really good doc too. That effient that is so expensive, he is giving me his office samples for now. He said he will do that until I get insurance

tourman: well, i am off to visit me mum. take care hun… Chattels, keep it real counselor!