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chattels: Iraq Premier Abadi’s Precarious Situation

chattels: Abadi and other senior Dawa members, such as Walid Al-Hilli, Ali al-Alaq and Ali al-Adib, concluded that the insistence on granting Maliki a third term would jeopardize the party’s chance to maintain the position of prime minister.

chattels: Abadi feels that Maliki’s networks within the state are working against him, and Maliki’s alliance with the Iranian-backed militias is impeding his ability to act as an effective leader.

chattels: Abadi is facing a strong challenge as he tries not to officially split the SOL, because this will deprive him from the advantage of acting on behalf of the largest coalition in the parliament and the Shi’a alliance.

At the same time, he seeks to resist pressures from Maliki, who is still presented as the leader of SOL, and his allies in the coalition and Shi’a paramilitary groups.
chattels: Abadi saw in the protests an opportunity to build his personal constituency and to initiate the desperately needed reforms that became more urgent as a result of the economic crisis and decline in oil prices. It was also an opportunity to be released from the pressures of Maliki and his allies without having to make big concessions to other parties.

His first set of reforms were received enthusiastically by protesters to the extent that some carried Abadi’s pictures during Friday’s demonstrations that followed their announcement.

Many Iraqis liked the idea of having a strong leader who is willing to remove three vice-presidents and three PM deputies in one decision. The apportionment ‘muhassessa’ system is very hated by most Iraqis and is widely blamed for turning the state into fiefdoms of ruling parties.

Therefore, a leader who is strong enough to challenge those parties and stop their plundering of state resources would gain popularity. Let us remember that Maliki’s popularity among Shi’as was partly based on his promise to end muhassessa and form a majority government.

chattels: Abadi’s good days seem to be over. The protesters’ expectations were greater than his ability to deliver. This is not only Abadi’s problem; it is also the protesters’. Abadi needed momentum to make more drastic changes.

He needed to keep having what can be claimed as a ‘popular mandate’ to continue his reforms and embarrass reluctant parties. But when the protests lost their momentum, the ‘exceptional’ mandate given to Abadi by parliament was withdrawn.

chattels: Some of Abadi’s decisions, especially the sacking of Vice-Presidents, were not implemented and seemed to be unconstitutional.

chattels: he [ Abadi ] faces the choice between strengthening his ties with Maliki’s rivals, especially Moqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim, or trying again to work from within SOL which requires a rapprochement with Maliki.

chattels: in order to strengthen his [ Abadi’s ] position further, he will need to improve his relations with the Sunnis and Kurds. This means controlling the Hashd and finding a clear formula to integrate Sunni fighters in the military structure.

chattels: ” There is not much he [ Abadi ] can do by himself, ……………. ”

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chattels: Iraqi Forces scored a major victory on Tuesday reclaiming the Anbar Command center in Ramadi from ISIS forces. The operation to retake Ramadi was backed by US airstrikes and had been under ISIS control for the past 7 months. www.youtube.com/watch

Donnie: Residents of Slemani & Halabja province boycott Turkish products, buying Russian products instead.

Donnie: Ra’is Urafa Fayli ‏@Fayli_miabilmia 54m54 minutes ago @SlemaniTimes Baghdad, Misan, Slemani and Halabja are all boycotting Turkish economic trade now. Good job on removing their products.

Donnie: can you imagine if the US boycotted China’s products? We wouldn’t have much of a Christmas or be able to do much shopping at all.

chattels: ISIS militants stop Ramadi residents from reaching safety ahead of army assault

chattels: Thousands of Iraqi troops backed by heavy artillery and Shiite militia have surrounded the provincial capital of Anbar and inch closer towards the city proper, military sources said.

chattels: Iraqi troops announced on Thursday that they regained control of western Ramadi including two important bridges. Brigadier Abdulghani Al Asadi said that a number of families are stranded in Ramadi and they have been asked through leaflets to leave the city ahead of the final assault on to retake the Sunni city west of the country.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee… http://rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/11122015

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 1h1 hour ago #Iraq’s Shia clergy says foreign troops can only be present in Iraq on basis of “clear and frank” agreement w govt

chattels: announced that the Supreme religious authority, refusing to enter any foreign troops into Iraq without the consent of the Iraqi government, calling on the government to “protect the sovereignty of Iraq from any violation of its sovereignty.”

The representative of reference in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net in the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif, “It is well known that there are laws and international conventions governing the relationship between states and respect for the sovereignty of each nation and not to encroach upon the territory is explained as stipulated in international laws and conventions.”

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chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 10m10 minutes ago #Iraq Shia clergy comments on sovereignty intended for Turkey, but demand for clarity could theoretically apply to US, Iran presence too.

chattels: Turkish delegation agreed in principle to address his government to withdraw troops from Iraq :: 2015/12/11 8:42 • [Baghdad – where] the Turkish delegation expressed initial agreement to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory.

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chattels: Turkey announces the reorganization of its forces in Iraq to be withdrawn without reference :: 2015/12/11 16:04 • [Follow-where] The Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday that Ankara decided during talks with Iraqi officials “reorganization” of its troops at Camp Bashiqa, near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, after a dispute broke out with Baghdad because of the deployment of these forces.

The bureau said in a statement that an agreement was reached to start working to put in place mechanisms to enhance cooperation with the Iraqi government on security issues. The statement what that would involve the reorganization of forces process did not say.

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chattels: Macgork pointed out that “the United States focused on helping Iraqis achieve success and help their government to defeat Bdaash and help the Iraqi people regain their country from these terrorists.” He also pointed out that “the basic principle for us is the principle of the rule Iraq, and that all Manfolh here in Iraq is based on the consent of the Iraqi government and under the Strategic Framework Agreement ”

www.alliraqnews.com/modul.  http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=23808

chattels: ” …………. based on the consent of the Iraqi government and under the Strategic Framework Agreement ”

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 5m5 minutes ago Wildly different accounts of meeting btw #Iraq PM & Turkish delegation Thur. Abadi: Full withdrawal only solution pmo.iq/press2015/10-12-20… …http://pmo.iq/press2015/10-12-20152.htm

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 2m2 minutes ago Turkish accounts of meeting w/ Abadi seem to indicate belief in agreement on follow-up process re Turksih presence
www.ntv.com.tr/turkiye/ba… …


chattels: The saga continues.

Doug_W: so it seems “C”

chattels:  Deputy for the National approving the budget is likely next month

chattels: :: 2015/12/11 8:36 • [Baghdad – where] most likely deputy for the adoption of the budget year, the National Alliance for 2016 next month.

chattels: Said Abdul Hadi al-Khair Allah told all of Iraq [where] that “there are a lot of obstacles caused by the drop in oil prices and the adoption of Iraq entirely on income from oil and this will affect the investment plan,” adding that he “has re-budget to the government for the purpose of amendments around, is expected an increase in the popular crowd budget.

“He added that” political pressures exist and all the bloc hopes to increase the share of maintaining the budget, but I think NH will be passed in the next month and there are no problematic around the seriousness of the current phase experienced by the country.

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chattels: Deputy for the powers: the need to convene an international conference for the reconstruction of the affected areas :: 2015/12/11 10:29 • [Baghdad – where] Deputy for coalition forces, the need to convene an international conference for the reconstruction of areas affected by Daash terrorist gangs.

He said Mutashar al-Samarrai told all of Iraq [where], that “there is an urgent need to hold a conference for the reconstruction of areas affected by Daash.”

He added that “the situation has become larger than the government’s power in this budget deficit, so it is able to grab the reins fully and the need for international intervention.

​”He pointed Samurai that” when there is an international conference diagnosed disabilities and puts solutions and adopt the international community to find a solution to the problems, this is the correct way.

chattels: ” the situation has become larger than the government’s power in this budget deficit, …………. ”
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chattels: Apparently Iraqi sovereignty does not equate to independence from others in financial matters.

chattels: I get rather tired of ” selective sovereignty ” and the conflicted political agendas operating in Iraq. They are a needy and demanding bunch, but excessively prideful despite their obvious dysfunctional behaviors.

chattels: Optimism against all better judgment and prior experience makes not much sense to me, but I confess to allow myself to still hope.   chattels: I am in it until the end.

Stash: me too
Stash: Everybody that does not have a permit to carry, needs to get one and carry…..I never go anywhere without mine.

Stash: xe 1105

disciple7: not sure if this matters at all.. but xchange of America had an option to buy the 50K notes but that they were out of stock.. I just checked and they removed the option all together. im not sure what it means or if they removed it until 2016 but just thought it was odd.

disciple7: XE: 1103

Doug_W: they simply sold out  Doug_W: I have seen them on Ebay7 as well

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disciple7: Protesters provinces (time): the formation of a national front to coordinate and to demand reforms – DECEMBER 11, 2015 Tahrir Square protests resume amid diluted procedures Protesters provinces (time): the formation of a national front to coordinate and to demand reforms BAGHDAD – Mohammed Al-Salhi Tenseekiet demonstrations provincial plans to form a popular front and national reform to unite the anti-corruption efforts.

As hundreds of activists demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces came out to demand accountability of the corrupt and rejected foreign intervention. He said civil rights activist and member of the coordinating, speaking from Baghdad, Basra, Ahmed Abdul-Hussein (time) yesterday that (Altenseekiet held an expanded meeting in Basra includes representatives from the provinces to coordinate and unify efforts).

He said that (the meeting yielded the formation of a unified and comprehensive front called the National People’s Front for reform is made up of representatives of the protests in all provinces, including the cities of the province of Kurdistan, Mosul and Anbar)

He explained Abdul Hussein that (the first date for the meeting of the front is 31 this month in Basra and will discuss the main challenges and barriers against reform and study ways escalation peaceful sit-ins, including put options and civil disobedience Wi peaceful The last option).

He said (and a delegation from Baghdad Tenseekiet participated in a demonstration of Basra to confirm the legitimacy of the objectives of the demonstration and the people of the southern and northern regions in the expression of their rights).

He pointed out that (some of the parties and the parties in the government sought to stop these protests various pretexts, including Turkish interventions and security challenges and the inability to get out in the coming days). He said Abdul Hussein that (the eradication of corruption is more issues that are in favor of Iraq because the corrupt are caused in the fall of Mosul and wasting bi

disciple7: and wasting billions in armaments to the elimination of terrorism, they make Iraq back garden of Iran, Turkey and all neighboring countries and have been involved in hundreds of major corruption files which brought the country to what it is).

As said one activist in Baghdad Rana Khalid delegate (time) yesterday during a demonstration Tahrir Square, which saw the resumption of protests after a stop because of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him that the (recent violations of the sovereignty of the country was due to the affiliation of most of the politicians to those nations and defend its interests, because those countries are who brought them to power).

She said, adding that (the phenomenon of financial and administrative corruption has become a culture of all the political blocs and corruption deals became public, and any step in the whales corruption stumble those blocs accounting because it defends its members and the bargaining another block other files to Scott for those involved).

Noting that the (continuing in the demonstrations is a national duty to all the people to express the size of the injustice that has plagued the citizen as well as a claim supported by the army and the crowd in the popular counter any foreign aggression, whether from terrorist organizations or countries).

Several hundred people in Tahrir Square to demand accountability of the corrupt and reform the judiciary, denouncing the intervention of Turkish troops.

He noted the representative of the (time) that the demonstration was launched despite the deployment of large numbers of police and army forces and anti-riot and eased restrictions on the roads leading to the square, which saw some theatrical performances to represent scenes of the fall of Mosul and the volume of financial and administrative corruption to some corrupt, and raise the protesters slogans condemning the Turkish intervention Iran, rags on the border. In Babylon, dozens protested in front of the headquarters of the provincial council to demand the dismissal

disciple7: activating the reforms in Maysan Dozens of activists in the Tigris Street in central architecture and unfurled a banner reading whales corruption Accounting guarantee to maintain the country’s sovereignty.

The Committee on the inside of the Iraqi coordination forum for human rights organizations have announced they will continue peaceful demonstrations.

A statement by the Committee on the occasion of the lapse of one hundred days to the start of the protests received (time) yesterday that (the goal of peaceful demonstrations since the start of its launch and entry day percent is prompted to provide the necessary services and to hold corrupt and thieves of public money and the people’s livelihood and reforms in the state’s institutions of legislative, executive and judicial).

Adding (despite the insistence of the demonstrators to continue the demonstrations, but the basic Their demands have not been applied in government reforms package due to the reluctance and hesitation of the executive power on the one hand and the opposition have power and affected the other). Committee to government agencies and called (shoulder their responsibilities towards IDP’S

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OOTW: Allawi discuss with Iranian ambassador regional security & prevent foreign intervention wealthwatch.world/showthr… http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=3259

disciple7: its disgusting..

Doug_W: has anyone checked teh Rial exchange rate to see if it has changed any since samctions were lifted?     Doug_W: I did its 0.000033

Donnie: Over the past week: 4 Dec 2015 19:30 UTC – 11 Dec 2015 19:33 UTC USD/IRR close:30102.34 low:29855.00 high:30303.03
Donnie: $1 = 30,000 Rial

Doug_W: what does ur gut tell U Donnie  raise B4 teh Dinar?

Donnie: No idea. not even a guess.
Donnie: a lot of hoping though that one or both rise but i’m losing faith real fast in either of them. thus I try to stay away from the chat room

Doug_W: got ya  Doug_W: I just plod a long with my everday life

Donnie: yup. me too

chattels: Who Should Free Mosul? Iraqis Deeply Divided, Can’t Decide Between Kurdish, Russian, US Forces or Militias Iman Asaad Who would be the best to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State group? A survey of Iraqi opinions on NIQASH’s Facebook page received 900 comments and show just how deeply divided the country is. 10.12.2015 | Sulaymaniyah

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Doug_W: Hatred is a nasty thing “C”

chattels: UN: Iraqi judiciary not competent to handle genocide cases

Doug_W: too corrupt

chattels: NEW YORK–The United Nations advisor for the prevention of genocide said the Iraqi judiciary system is not “competent” to handle complicated cases of genocide such as the mass killing of the Yezidi community by Islamic State (ISIS) militants. “The Iraqi Judiciary doesn’t have the competency to handle the crime of genocide,” said Adama Dieng, UN Special Advisor on the prevention of genocide.

chattels: ” not “competent” to handle complicated cases of genocide ”

chattels: ” The main hurdle however, is that Iraq is not member of any international courts and Baghdad still refuses to join the International Criminal Court ICC.”

chattels: Incompetent, unconstitutional, political and add to the foregoing those that want the status quo perhaps to impede prosecution of themselves both inside and outside of Iraq, IMO.

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chattels: ‘One Iraq Policy’ once again challenged by US lawmakers By Rudaw WASHINGTON DC–U.S. lawmakers voted this week in favour of changing Washington’s stance towards the ‘One Iraq’ policy.

Currently all weapons allotted to the Kurdish Peshmerga must first go through the Iraqi central government in Baghdad. Those opposed to this policy see it as unnecessary and believe that it undermines the ability of the Kurds to effectively combat the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

They have, in turn, sought to vote the H.R. 1654 bill into law which would “authorize the direct provision of defense articles, defense services, and related training to the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

The bill also argues that the Peshmerga are overstretched and ill-equipped in terms of weapons compared to the Iraqi military.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has approved the direct provision of arms to the Kurds. However the bill has to be approved by several other bureaucracies before the White House finally approves it. The White House though has rigorously stood by the One Iraq policy.

chattels: In a statement, the Iraqi Embassy in Washington D.C. lamented the proposal and dismissed the possibility it will be passed while accusing proponents of the bill of seeking to promote “artificial divisions among Iraqis” which they contend can “only distract from the struggle against our common enemy.” The Embassy concluded that such a bill is “unwise and unnecessary.”

chattels: The foregoing congressional action is not helpful for Abadi according to a recent opinion piece.

chattels: See wealthwatch.world/showthr…

MrMiyagiDanielSan: Feeling really goos, I hope IMF means what they say
MrMiyagiDanielSan: Entering Market first half of 16?

chattels: ‹@MrMiyagiDanielSan> We shall see, eh ?

chattels: H.R. 158, the Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015: – Gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to suspend a country’s participation in the program if they fail to share counterterrorism information with the U.S. –

Denies VWP status to citizens of participating countries who have traveled to certain terrorist hotspots since 2011 – Requires all VWP countries use fraud resistant “e-passports” by April 1 – Allows for the suspension of high-risk countries from the program This legislation helps us close security gaps and is one more step the House has taken to strengthen our counterterrorism efforts.

chattels: Courtesy of Congressman Trey Gowdy

chattels: Currently, the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) permits citizens of 38 participating countries to travel to the United States and stay for up to 90 days without an entry visa.

These countries include our closest allies like Britain, France and Germany, and the program promotes tourism by providing reciprocal privileges to U.S. citizens and brings the U.S. important economic benefits. But we know ISIS is recruiting from many of these countries.

Thousands of Europeans have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS, many of whom are from countries that participate in the program. It is crucial to strengthen the VWP to combat terrorism, and one key is ensuring participating countries are sharing information to identify possible threats.

chattels: This week, the House passed legislation with landslide support to improve the security provisions in the VWP and add additional protections. H.R. 158, the Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015:

MGM: Apparently they have been able to create passports with a quality never seen by Interpol.Now what?

chattels: Requires all VWP countries use fraud resistant “e-passports” by April 1 : H.R. 158, the Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.

MGM: Not sure what e-passports are but “fraud resistant” sounds shaky.