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White Hats Auxiliary Information Briefing #155 Reader Comments 

whitehatsauxiliariessays:  July 18, 2020 at 4:35 pm  To date, WHA has received and approved 27,281 posts, and has replied to, or posted, 8,644 times.  We started simply because it was asked that we do something to help. There was no promise of pay, no compensation, no expectation of any reward at all. Nonetheless, time and capital was invested, and continues to be.

The work being done, as described many times, is real. We would not have bothered to do all this based on a guess, or on some mystical cosmic hunch. We deal with involved parties, and not intel chains emanating from a barrel of monkeys. Otherwise, we would just slap multiple ads on this site and promise you every week, we are “there”, and re-blog every guru out there and promise you NESARA.

In late April, John severed his former on line association, and several of you suggested we offer him a voice here at WHA. So, anticipating this, we did so.

He was offered generous latitude and assured of no editorial interference or restrictions of his commentary. He would be free to write as he wished, and, at his full and complete discretion, provide whatever intelligence on our subject mater that he alone would deem appropriate for release.

He consented to the offer, and commenced to participate with all of us in late April 2020.

Since early May, our monthly hit rate has doubled. We have you, our readers, to thank for this as it shows how much you value the time and effort we are putting forth to bring you information from several corners of the world, in addition to our main subject matter. The commentary from the readers has diversified, from digital assets, to health, politics, global issues and more.

You asked for more, and we have tried very hard to deliver.

Thank you all for your participation, and we are very hopeful that many expected events that are playing out on the stage of international financial and political intrigue will manifest as positive an outcome as possible. If so, we will endeavor to bring such news to you as soon as possible.

Strength and Honor  WHA

john2020says:  July 19, 2020 at 2:04 pm  While we can not, and will not, provide detailed client affair reports, what we can safely and discreetly allow is as follows, and you must use your own initiative to form your own judgments.

  1. Major Multinational Sovereign Bond and Cash platforms have started moving forwards again and Principals are reengaging for the next stage of validations. Real moves! Real people! If and when that clears, the Public have a path to follow.

It’s an expensive and wearing process. Stressful as hell. No one asked the Ambulance Chasers to free ride. Hold your nerves. So they either wait discreetly, or go alone. There’s progress.

  1. US Domestic Bonds are messy still. Political entities and the Cabal plus Treasury are still playing Denial, even though the Agency is now visibly up to its crooked neck juggling and re-positioning its decades of ill gotten gains, panicking how to get their visibly dirty Laundered funds re profiled as Bone Fide Proceeds of Trade to access the QFS. I’m sorry but, you can’t make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s ear.

Clinton married Rodham Clinton, Hilderbeast. How did that work out? QFS records the History of funds and how earned? That will be hard for the Bushes, Clintons, Romney. Soetoro Obama and bribe taking Bidens to clear Compliance. The Agency is probably the most powerful, corrupt and Criminal Government protected Crime Syndicate on the planet. Nothing is too corrupt or too dirty.

If it pays, they do it. Hollywood makes false legends out of Scumbags. It’s been the New Mob for decades. Now its own Dirty Money may become Monopoly Money. Compliance Officers face enormous Custodial sentences if failing to report or facilitating Proceeds of Crime.They have not seen this coming.

QFS can do a retrospective check for the last 50 years soon on all of this. How was it sourced and who was paid – Direct by Who, or Paid Off! Like Texan Deputy Governors or CIA agents. It’s coming home.

  1. Other Dynasty Elders are awaiting to hear the next DC/UN steps to determine how to at last redeem what is long overdue to them. They have UN backing at the trough for a snort! All one big trough.
  2. The Gold backed new currencies are coming, as is QFS. But, QFS will start with cleared decks, and a new base Fund, but it may prove hard for Crooked Agencies and Criminal Funds to get accepted in.

Also for Political Crime Family funds to convert. Once registered as a QFS asset fund, its history is then on Public Record, scrutinized by many, and every transaction will be tracked and monitored.

Every transfer is seen and validated. Proceeds of Crime will be seized and links traced. Irregular movements, if suspicious, will be flagged and reported. Once in the QF system, it can only move to QFS approved accounts and persons. Before you know it, funds not QFS cleared, will become difficult to use or move. Irregular funds not pre cleared will flag fast.

Offshore Banks face a torrid vetting process in future. Were the Funds Tax Paid, who is Audit Cleared and how did a c500K a year Public Employee like Soetoro Obama suddenly emerge with Billions for 8 crooked years in office and no record of business success anywhere? Bungs?

How does this Small Time Chicago Mediocre Union Organizer explain Billions? How and for what? This is where QFS will take them down if used correctly. None of their funds or fortunes stack up. Charges need to.

Will Trump and Barr take down Biden and Clinton? Or what do they have on him in this House of Cards?

The Systems have been kick started again. There is a need to suck seed. We are advised that appeals to Obama!

QFS is the Achilles Heel of corruption. Secrets will not stay buried. Fancy dress and dirty knickers is coming. Commeth the hour, Commeth the Can. Will Trump or Barr, be the Man?

Progress at what price? QFS is unforgiving. Nowhere to run or hide. Not quite what they anticipated.

Et Tu Brute?   (You too, Brutus?)

BBsays: July 19, 2020 at 2:45 pm  Nice I hope to hear some good news in the next couple months. Will the QFS correlate with the crypto system?

john2020says:  July 19, 2020 at 4:15 pm  There are 3 different alternating positions right now. Each independent of the other. Each pushing.  Let any play out one will be used by the others.

The basic problem is most the funds have been used by the Agencies or Syphoned by the Zio Trash.

The site of the new carriages and new FEMA Camp pictures may bring home to the Zios, No Mercy!

Arm Iran and Syria. Publicly film 500 Zios booted head first into the Rail cars, cuffed and booted hard, and it will focus minds. Even better if their Attorneys are cuffed to them. Military Trials. Treason! When the Hispanics and Afros take over, Zios will get what’s coming. With world support.

Things are progressing again thank God, but not the Zios version. That’s just Roach life.

Jaysays: July 19, 2020 at 3:02 pm  Trump just made a speech and said next 8 weeks will be history making and it starts this Tuesday? Connected?

HIWsays: July 19, 2020 at 3:08 pm John, What happens to Federal reserve notes in a drawer and in the bank?

john2020says:  July 19, 2020 at 4:18 pm  Held by who? History of Lawful Title? But the lying, thieving , predatory Scum will lie and deny as ever.  Appian Way the lot.