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[What are your thoughts on things that need to happen prior to RV?]

I think [we] are seeing them…the CBI will not tell the world this is what they need to do before they change the value of the IQD.

However, back in March (March 3, 2015) the CBI told the world that the Delete the zeros project had the green light and it would be preceded by administrative and procedural issues…and that is what IMO we are seeing now.

[Do you think it will “cost” iraq anything to RV their currency?]

Iraq is NOT selling lottery tickets…it does not cost a country to exchange its currency with another country…they “exchange” one currency for another.

[Some people say, “they cant afford to RV” like give so much value...?]

It is the opposite if they do not…today if they continue it costs Iraq 1166 to 1 USD…that is murder…So if they don’t it will bankrupt them.

So revaluing is in their best interest.

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