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When you return from Europe with Euros, or when you return from London with the Great British Pound, or when you return from Japan with the Yen, and you go into a bank that accepts foreign currency, does that bank pull out a De La Rue machine to check your Euro, GBP or Yen?

No they don’t and they will not when you exchange the IQD either.

[When the IQD gets value all banks with foriegn currency will exchange it. Right?]

Not necessarily so…and here is why…go to St. Maarten and those banks accept the USD, Canadian Dollar the Euro and GBP…and why? Because there is a market (tourists).  They don’t exchange the Yen because no visitors from Japan…no market.  …banks choose what currency they want to exchange just like any other product.

[We just might have to travel some distance.]

I agree totally with you about that…may have to travel.

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