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Reference Millionday post:  “10-14-2015 Millionday Press report quote: “The Council of Ministers endorsed the reforms presented by Prime Minister Dr. pack. Haider al-Abadi, backed by vote of the House of Representatives unanimously” THE VOTE OF ECONOMIC REFORM LEGISLATION IN ITS ENTIRETY…

I do not believe that these folks are going through all of this NOT to activate these reforms.  the other part of this is that the GOI/Parliament are being taken by the hand and walked through this process.

All of these people have never lived in Iraq when they have needed monetary reform…the folks in the goi/parliament were just kids as far back as Sadaam and he determined all policy…nor the need to have foreign investors invest in Iraq.

They have never had the need until now…well, figure it out…they have never had the knowledge has to how to draft such laws.

This is why we are seeing these amendments being introduced into these laws at the last minute…they are being guided by folks outside of Iraq.

Also, this new investment laws actually started four years ago when Iraq hosted a huge seminar in London…100s of investors attended and gave recommendation to the GOI as to what would be needed in order for them to invest in Iraq…those countries, business, etc. that are helping Iraq with the drafting of these laws are doing it because of their interest in Iraq and its future.

The gulf region is naturally interested in doing business with Iraq…however, Western Europe as well as Russia understand how critical it is for Iraq to be successful in these reforms because they are now seeing first hand the effects of the area being unstable.

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