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Mr. Flannery with Citibank in Iraq spoke about them a year ago…the removal of obstacle of the free movement of the Iraqi dinar around the globe…

How else is the Iraqi currency going to move freely around the globe?

A guy that knows this…he said it. His employer…Citibank one of the largest financial institutions on the globe is working in conjunction with the Trade Bank of Iraq for the removal of the obstacles to the free movement of the Iraqi currency around the globe.

I’ve said this so many many times I have it memorized.

[The Iraqi dinar is not going to move freely around the globe at 1184.]  No. Here’s why.

If you were the owner of that currency as the Central Bank of Iraq is… would you want to give away 1,200 of your currency for every equivalent of 1 dollar…of course you wouldn’t want to cause you’re giving away 1,200 too much that you believe you can support the value at something much more valuable…

The less and less and less that you have to use of your money to transact something means that yours is that much more valuable.

1200 to 1 is not very valuable.

1000 to 1 is more valuable.

500 to 1 is more valuable.

1 to 1 is 1200 times more valuable.

This smells of exactly what we want.

This is the final pieces being put in place.