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The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been selling its most valuable asset, its gold, in order to buy currency off of the streets.

If the CBI was going to LOP/strike the zeros from its own currency why would they use their gold to buy the very notes from the citizens?

If the CBI was going to LOP it would just tell the world to forget it…the notes are no longer worth anything.

Stop concentrating on the size of the notes…again, when the smaller notes (LDs) finally arrive on the streets we will be long gone…when they are distributed, that means the change in value of the IQD has finally brought the costs of goods down far enough that they no longer need large notes and instead they need smaller notes to use.

25,000 IQD will always be worth ONLY 25,000 IQD inside Iraq. The IQD will change in value only outside the boarders of Iraq.

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