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The IMF announced 3 weeks ago a new MoU with the CBI and expectation of Iraq re-entering the economy markets prior to the first half of 2016.

Regardless of 90 days or no 90 days…the IMF has already stated what their expectations are…that Iraq is going to do something during the first part of 2016.  Done, done and done.

The IMF would never open their mouths…state what they expect Iraq to do unless they have a solid reason to do so.

Of course…if the CBI is in concert with the IMF everything that we are seeing is headed towards those expectations

With all of this said…what is needed by the CBI to “re-enter the economy markets during the first half of 2016?

Answer: a currency that Iraq can conduct international commerce…to do what? Conduct business.

And IMO…this is truly where we are today…we have been told what to expect by the IMF.

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