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Look closely at this latest activity, commercial laws, private sector, etc…IMO, this all points directly to what the IMF told the world 4 weeks ago:

“…he stressed that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.“

There is no need to ask when because the IMF has told us when the expect a change in the IQD.

Iraq IMO, will not wait until they enter the economy markets to do the things that need to be done either…in fact, Iraq/CBI/IMF are currently making those changes.

Iraq IMO, Iraq will not wait… Could be 30 June 2016…or 1 January, or 1 February…the point is…the IMF has given the world what their expectations are…and IMO, we are seeing activity directly related to those expectations.

We have never had the IMF do what they are currently doing for Iraq.

[I don’t think that Iraq wants us all to know exactly when this is going to happen!]

Seriously…Iraq wants the world to know what is coming….they want the world to look forward to great changes with their country…how else will they get investors to come into Iraq.

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