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Black Swan Event: Bloodbath of Stock and Cryptocurrency Market Crash Fri.  November 26

“Global restart is imminent!”

Earth is now under Military Law, the largest military operation in history, with troops from 17 nations under the leadership of General Flynn fighting for the liberation of Humanity.

Judy Note: A momentous change was about to take place now.  Today Saturday November 27 trucks were seen moving in the White House, which turned green last night on Friday.  November 26

Green means go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The global currency reset actually started in earnest on Sunday, November 21, when the GCR’s kingpin, the Iraqi dinar, went international.  By mon.  the dinar was officially listed on world markets.  On Tuesday, the rest of the world currencies in the first basket were changed to their new values in Zurich and Asia.  By Thursday, the GCR had arrived in the US, and Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico traded on Friday.  November 26.  The whales were in position over Thanksgiving weekend to prepare for Level 4b trades and trades (us, the Internet Group).

The change of countries around the world from the Cabal government to independence would happen with a military takeover of the media via the newly installed Starlink satellite system.  The Armed Forces could then broadcast Real News to the world population and monitor new and transparent elections, the trigger of which was said to be dependent on a World Event, which was suspected to be a collapse of global markets, which appeared to happen on Friday.  November 26

By Black Friday November 26, the Stock Market had crashed, this time not likely to rebound as bankrupt Chinese company Evergrande Real Estate brought down the rest of the market.  The Dow suffered its worst trading day of 2021 and the three major US stock indices experienced their worst losses on Black Friday.

MarkZ on Saturday.  November 27, 2021: “The whales were still moving towards their place.  Level 4a was wrapping up to be ready for launch when level 4b (We, the Internet Group) launched so that everything happens at the same time. ”

The global resettlement of the currency was said to take place at the same time that republics around the world were restored to the concepts of the original United States Constitution.

GITMO was said to be full and the prisoners were being taken to Iceland and to an island off the coast of California.

Anon Observations from the Port of Long Beach, Ca. Nov. 27: “For more than six months, I have personally witnessed dozens of helicopter fights daily in and out of the Port of Long Beach.  My conservative estimate would place the numbers between 50 and 60 flights per day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  This is not an exaggeration.

The aircraft activities included ospreys, large tandem helicopters and other identified military helicopters.  Most, however, were not marked.  As of yesterday (Friday, November 26), for the first time in months all activities have ended abruptly and completely.  There was an eerie atmosphere of silence.  Maybe something big was coming?

  • I think the EBS / large military demonstration will come sooner rather than later.
  • I believe that the dawn of a new international era of spiritual health, emotional healing and financial fulfillment is upon us.


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