Wolverine Saturday Morning

  In Wolverine 

Wolverine Saturday Update

All indications are saying that the RV is very close to get launch.

Lots of movement in Reno for the last two weeks and momentum is moving every day . Yesterday they have all been told to stay put as any day the gates are about to be open

All paymasters and redemption centres are on hold to get this started and they have all been told to stay put.

All paymasters have been paid in full. Bonds are starting to be paid off but there is no liquidity as of yet.

The UST have called most whales and have told them to stay put as any day they are going to have the gates open.

Everything is ready to go and we are just waiting for them to lock in the codes. As soon as the codes are locked in we can all open a bottle of champagne and celebrate and I can sing my opera.

Let’s all keep our vibrations high and not start posting negative comments as later on it spreads like COVID.

God bless everyone

The Wolverine

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