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Your Money & Your Affairs Post-RV

As a former financial planner and market strategist (equities, derivatives, FX, risk management), I would like to share my current thinking concerning managing one’s money and affairs post RV.

THESE ARE ONLY MY OPINIONS and contemporary CONCLUSIONS! I am not a licensed investment adviser and I am an amateur student of NESARA and its consequences.

This is not professional advice but rather my conclusions and thoughts developed over months of research, strategizing and thinking with my small group, and planning and consulting with existing banking and investment contacts. Please take this all as one person’s posture as of this moment in time. I hope it helps in even a small way.


Bank wealth managers will not only advise you but implement virtually everything you will need. That includes security (personal, home, digital) and virtually anything you need. White glove.


We won’t know until we see the timing of NESARA about taxes or investments. Were NESARA to be implemented any time soon after we exchange, it will change the landscape dramatically rendering many recommendations emanating from THIS reality either inappropriate or riskier than before. I will avoid the securities markets, including overnight short-term instruments in the days after exchanging and annuities (covered in another point below).


NESARA and the new technologies (energy, health) will change corporate structures dramatically. Entire industries may become obsolete with the sudden and welcome emergence of new health and free energy technologies. The new paradigm masters will not let you lose whatever you currently have invested in those markets, but don’t rush into them post RV. Wait and see. You’ll have time to observe and gauge.


Tax and legal advice may also change dramatically with NESARA. Professionals will have to receive all new training and education. I look for flexible minds who can grasp the new paradigm and learn the new rules quickly. The bank will have people on hand for you until you find someone you like.


Do ask about family offices. There are individual and multi-family offices. You can join existing family offices or form your own. Your wealth manager will know about these. There are minimums ($25-$50 million?), so check it out with your own Wealth Managers. No need to learn all about them now before the RV. So don’t think you have to educate yourselves right this minute


Look into private banks. They are already predisposed to handling the UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) individual and have dealt with most of your impending needs and questions multiple times. They hold your hands and spoon feed you. You have no idea how beautifully you will be cared for.


If you consider gold and silver, get the advice of an expert. I have already received an investment recommendation from such a resource that is also knowledgeable about NESARA. Their recommendations are specific and market savvy and even counter-intuitive. Inform yourselves.


Possibly no longer the panacea they’ve once been. They have been recommended as safe insurance products here and elsewhere by non-investment professionals; but the insurance companies can afford those handsome tax-deferred returns how?

By investing your money in the securities markets while counting on insurance contract premiums as backup. They used to be considered very safe tax-deferred investments that never defaulted. Will they still be? Will insurance companies’ premiums and the underlying markets continue to exist the way they do now? I do not know, but I will not consider these vehicles.


You won’t really need annuities anyway. Banks will be offering you +/- 10% for time deposits (ask for more that you are offered — the banks will receive 20-30 times the dollars they “give you” for your exchange when they turn around and sell your currency back, so they’ve got plenty of headroom). And if NESARA passes (maybe weeks after our RV?), taxes will be moot so tax-deferred income (usually lower) will no longer be a goal.


Keep tax money on hand (how hard will that be?) until we know for sure the tax treatment of our exchange. NESARA will obviate today’s high capital gains or investment income rates. But there could be a special tax — who knows? Be conservative until you know.


The new banks will not be run the same way as the existing banks. Overnight, the evil stepmothers go away and will be replaced by fairy godmothers. They will be new-fashioned, legal depository institutions, and loans and other activities will not entail risky, usurious, or profit-driven behaviors.

Interest is illegal (now) and will go away (NESARA). The banks will make plenty of money in this exchange and will be financially robust and designed to serve us. Who knows what they’ll actually look like? It will not be the way they look now.


Regarding Josef’s wise counsel about how much to negotiate for in terms of available rates, here are my thoughts. Most of us bought amounts of currency that we could afford and which would give us returns we felt fit our personal profiles, goals, and life situations.

That changed over the past few months as rates of exchange have skyrocketed as much as ten times (or more) our original expectations. Some have continued to purchase highly leveraged currencies that have also exploded in terms of exchange rates.

A millionaire has become a ten-millionaire; a ten-millionaire has become a hundred-millionaire, &c. This does change your profile in the post-RV world.

How do you even give that kind of money away to the people and projects you know about? What if you’re not well-connected in the investment world? What if you don’t know how to manage projects on your own to ensure success and to make sure your desired outcomes are indeed taking place?


As I posed this entire discussion via Josef (from a WingIt call) to my small group, I saw a “Housing First” video that freed up my own thinking. Big real estate projects like housing or new institutions — to help the homeless, the disenfranchised, the mentally ill, the co-morbidly ill (physical & medical), people with substance problems, single parents, poor children, people in crisis — need big funding.

The world is in need of huge infrastructure improvements and healing from pollution and earthly degradation. Projects such as these may seem beyond you to design, fund, and run. No need. You will be able to find and fund these projects via the family office system and new communities of project-sharing.

Other people can put together and run new projects that don’t even exist now, including your own pet ideas; and through your OWN NEW NETWORK of professional advisors, you can tag along.

Projects being proposed and funded at Landa China and Zap can give you a taste of what needs to be done in the world. You will not have to wake up at night and worry about how to distribute your funds. Projects will come to you. You will have the joy of directing your funds to projects you care about in your hearts without tossing and turning and going it alone at the drawing board.


Whatever you worry or think about in this sunset of the old paradigm may not even exist in the new paradigm, so don’t go nuts trying to figure it all out now.

Make your exchanges, receive good guidance concerning the construction of your account arrays at the bank, ask about family offices and professional (tax and legal) counsellors (flexible thinkers), park your money (probably just in the “new” bank for the immediate future), and give yourselves time for things to unfold.

The interest you’ll be earning immediately will pay for your wants, needs, and desires. Satisfy them first, and then help others. We are meant to be fulfilled.


Like the oxygen mask in the plane, put yours on first and then attend to your “children.” Our fulfillment is a prerequisite to being in the very best energy to best relieve and fulfill others — and the world.

Learn how to give and how not to give (see Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert, and consult your team). Giving large amounts of money outright to people can have unintended negative ripple effects.

Pay their bills, give them “gift amounts” ($14,000 per gift tax free to you and them, at least for now) that will make sense to them, and buy yourself some time to set up trusts, arrange for anonymity, get your own security in place, and learn how to help in appropriate and constructive ways.

No need to figure it out now. “Your people” will help and guide you, as will our ongoing community of sharing and comparing notes!


What will happen is what is intended to happen FOR you. Quell your fear and trepidation. Embrace and enjoy the ride. You’ll be helped all along the way. You simply haven’t had these privileges extended to you before so, again, you have no idea how beautifully you will be taken care of.


You’re prepared. You’re ready. You’ve done it. The relief you feel may wipe you out. Get used to your new status, take a vacation, buy your new home and car, take care of your health and that of others, address emergencies, and enjoy!

Once you’re in the new realm of wealth and communing with other similarly blessed people, you will adjust to your new mindset along with the beautiful intentions you each have to help the world. We will be here for one another.

Go get ‘em! I say take as much money as you can. Let your professionals smooth the way and do the work. You’re “Executive Producers,” providing the funding for the projects that others will propose, shape, and run.

There is nothing to fear, and there is no way to lose.

And, of course, if this all makes your heart palpitate and you are feeling the lower market rates are more your size, by all means, trust your inner guidance, your “withinity.” Your “withinity” — your higher self, your divine guidance, your God — is your true and constant partner and ultimate arbiter of all decisions.

Go into your heart. Be still and know you are God.Blessings to all of you, and gratitude for your intel, encouragements, and camaraderie!

Blessings to all of you, and gratitude for your intel, encouragements, and camaraderie!

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