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Episode 2664: Fed Exposed, Economic Truth Emerges, The Pandemic is Fake, The War is Real


Ep. 2664a – [CB]/[JB] Exposed For All To See, The Economic Truth Emerges

Ep. 2664b – The Pandemic Is Fake, The War Is Real, The Stage Has Been Set, Panic

X22 Report
Published December 29, 2021


The [DS]/[CB] are pushing forward with the green agenda. Germany is now shutting down nuclear reactors, this is the push to get the country to go green. Inflation is now picking up and wholesale prices are on the fastest pace on record. People can now see the economic truth.


The [DS]/Big Pharma are now panicking. The people are now waking up and they are starting to understand that the PCR test is flawed and cannot tell you if you have covid, flu or the common cold. The push to get everyone vaccinated is now on, if this fails, which it will it is game over for the them. The stage has been set, the [DS] was blindsided and their fake science policies are not making any sense. Panic all over the place and the fake news is now trying to back track. Enjoy the show.