X22 Report Episode 2722

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X22 Report — Episode 2722: People See the Truth, First Indictments will Bring Unity

Ep. 2722a – Biden Admin Blames Everything On Covid & Putin, People See The Truth

Ep. 2722b – [DS] Narrative Failure, Unsealing Of The First Several Indictments Will Bring About Unity

X22 Report
Published March 10, 2022



The people are seeing right through the lies, the Biden admin is blaming covid and Putin for the economic disaster, people now see it is the policies of the [CB]. The crisis is fake, the transition away from the [CB] is real.



The [DS] has lost the narrative. The fake news/Biden admin wouldn’t have to respond the bio lab stories if they were in control, since they tried to spin the stories it shows the world they do not have control of the narrative. Durham is on the hunt and is ready to release more indictments, Barr confirms that Durham will release more. Trump doubles down on Xi going in Taiwan, there is a reason for this, information is going to be produced and it will be damaging to the [DS]. Patriots have the leverage and the [DS] is panicking.