X22 Report Episode 2773

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Watch the Corrupt Politicians Actions, Trump and Patriots Built a Weapon


Ep. 2773a – Watch The Corrupt Politicians Actions, Trump Calls Out Biden, It’s Over

Ep. 2773b – Trump & The Patriots Built A Weapon & They Are Ready To Unleash It, MAGA King Returns

X22 Report
Published May 12, 2022



BLS reports that the PPI has hit 11%. Gas prices are at an all time high and [JB] cancels the oil gas lease sale in Alaska and the Gulf Of Mexico. Watch the actions of the corrupt politicians. Baby food is given to illegals before American citizens. Trump calls out [JB], the people see the truth.



The [DS] is now scrambling, the plan has been accelerated, the people are seeing everything play out. Irrefutable election fraud evidence has been released and the [DS] apparatus is in shambles. Trump and the patriots built the most powerful weapon and they are ready to unleash it against the [DS]. [JB] helps Trump and calls him the MAGA King so Trump uses this to his benefit. The MAGA king is about to return. Game Over.