X22 Report Episode 2781

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Alternative Currencies are Gaining Acceptance, Deep State Deploys all Assets


Ep. 2781a – [JB] Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, Alternative Currencies Are Gaining Acceptance

Ep. 2781b – [DS] Deploys All Assets, ILS Approach Looks Good, Countermeasures Are In Place

X22 Report
Published May 23, 2022

Joe Biden says the quiet part out loud, they agenda is to get rid of fossil fuels and transition us into their new system. The Sen Sullivan calls out [JB] fuel agenda, says he is doing the opposite. The puppet masters have destroying the country where we need humanitarian relief. Alternative currencies are gaining acceptance.


The [DS]/WEF has no choice, they must push their plan forward and deploy all assets. The [DS] took the bait, what better way to show the people. The patriots are ready, the storm is coming ILS approach looks good, everything is on schedule. Buckle up the landing is going to get bumpy, the [DS] are struggling and fighting for their lives, they will use everything at their disposable. The patriots are ready with countermeasures.