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Electoral Commission: Next Thursday deadline for receipt of appeals

The Electoral Commission (IHEC) has set the deadline for receipt of appeals for the results of the parliamentary elections on Thursday.

The Electoral Commission said in a statement that it “began to receive appeals for the electoral lists participating on the day of the ballot as well as candidates a few days ago and will end the period of receipt of appeals at the end of official working on Thursday, 31/5/2018.”

The statement added that “the Commission has begun to publish lists of candidates for winners and non-winners and the number of seats for the winning electoral lists in the House of Representatives and in the local newspapers (the new morning, the new evidence, Al-Zawra newspaper), and those affected by the results, whether lists or candidates to submit their objections Before the Electoral Judiciary in the Federal Court of Cassation.”

The UNHCR pointed out that “it began days ago to hand over photographs to the electoral lists authorized to participate in the electoral process through its offices in Baghdad and the provinces and those wishing to obtain those images brought down by the authorized to obtain copies of the pictures of ballot papers after reviewing UNHCR offices in the provinces and even On public holidays.”

“The Board of Commissioners looks seriously at all appeals submitted by parties and candidates and works professionally and impartially and stands at a distance from everyone,” the statement said. Source