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The United States allocates $ 110 million to oppressed minorities in the Middle East

US Vice President Mike Pence has announced that the administration of US President Donald Trump has allocated $ 110 million to help oppressed Christians and minorities in the Middle East.

“The administration will not rest until the resources and support that Christians and oppressed communities across the Middle East need to rebuild their communities and recover in their home countries,” Bens said in a speech at the annual conference of Southern Baptist Churches in Dallas, Texas.

He added that he and Trump were affected by the suffering of these people, especially the Middle East.

This is the first time that the United States has directly supported non-governmental organizations concerned with Christians and oppressed communities in the Middle East, the vice president said.

In addition to allocating these funds, Bens said there was more work to be done, adding that Mark Green, who heads the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will travel to Iraq within the next few days to continue efforts.

In a previous statement, Pence noted that Trump instructed the government to stop using “slow and ineffective” programs for the United Nations and to begin distributing aid through USAID to provide quick and direct assistance. Source