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“Exciting” statements by the United Nations representative .. Is the scene going to an “international plan” to create a new Iraq?

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blackshart, revealed the existence of a road map for a solution in Iraq that will be presented to the United Nations, while she talked about the farther solution to the crisis, stressing that the plan will create a “stable Iraq”.

“The Iraqi crisis is heading towards international intervention,” Blackshart said during an interview with CNN, stressing the existence of a solution map that will be shared with the Iraqi authorities and presented to the United Nations.

Blackshart expressed her hope that “everyone will support a plan that leads to a stable Iraq and not just a solution to the crisis.”

For his part, the head of the independent research group, Munqeth Dagher, considered, “This is in the second most important statement in the interview after the statement that the plan will be presented to the Security Council. It has confirmed that they are not only seeking to resolve the crisis, but rather to create a stable Iraq that will prevent the demonstrations from returning again.

The demonstrators recently began in Baghdad and Dhi Qar, to raise the United Nations flags in the squares of the sit-in as well as to send messages to the available nations in many languages, calling for international protection from the violence they are exposed to, as well as pressure on the Iraqi government to achieve their demands. Source