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Al-Abadi coalition is talking about a dangerous American-Iranian escalation!

The victory coalition led by Haider al-Abadi considered that the American-Iranian escalation is very dangerous and on the rise, and its consequences will be catastrophic for Iraq.

Coalition member Ayat Al-Mudhafar said in a press statement monitored by “Yassin Iraq” that “it is unacceptable that Iraq is an arena for settling international regional accounts, and the government should exercise its responsibilities and not only warn, it is charged with managing the country, and if the government is the one that (warns, denounces and denounces ) Who takes the measures to ensure the protection of Iraq ?! ”

A member of the Victory Coalition stressed that “keeping Iraq an anxious and tense arena will not serve stability in the region and the world, nor will Iraq alone pay the bill for a war of interests, and peace for the conflicting axes will neutralize Iraq and help it to neutralize, and the region will not tolerate a new fire ball, and it is now living outside financial and health crises. Out of control. ”

Muzaffar indicated, “The victory coalition stresses the policy of neutrality and spare Iraq from the repercussions of the Axis War. She said: The Abadi government succeeded in preserving sovereignty, securing national interests, achieving neutrality, and establishing balanced and positive relations with the opposing states with their interests, which is a possible issue if the political will is available today. Source