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The Washington Post describes the Iraqi elections as “the most important event” in the Middle East

The Washington Post, the Iraqi parliamentary elections held last Saturday, it was the most important development this year, amid the turmoil that ripple the Middle East.

In an editorial on its website Tuesday, the newspaper described the Iraqi elections as “competitive, fair” and largely free of violence, pointing out that this is a major achievement for Iraq, which has been waging a war against the terrorist “terrorist” organization for months.

The newspaper said the “favorite” and “surprising” candidate in the early results was a coalition led by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whom the paper described as “an old enemy of the United States” – but at the same time a “rival” for Iran’s domestic customers.

The United States reminds Sadr, the Shi’ite cleric, of leading a bloody insurgency against US forces more than a decade ago and still calls for the departure of US troops from Iraq, at a time when even some Shi’ite leaders close to Iran said they wanted the troops to stay. In order to continue training Iraqi forces, Sadr changed his political position, forming an alliance with “secular groups” including the Iraqi Communist Party, launching a “anti-sectarian” campaign and setting up an anti-corruption agenda aimed at local Iranian agents.

She said it was still too early to determine what role Sadr might play in forming a new government.

Negotiations are expected to last weeks and possibly months, and it is not clear who will lead the new government or what its position on cooperation with the United States is, the newspaper said.

Tehran would do its utmost to promote its interests, and Trump should do the same. Source